Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 72.

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Chapter 72

Lin Shan swallowed and carefully walked inside. The moment she entered, the stone entrance shut behind her. Gui Mei lit a candle and the room instantly brightened. Lin Shan realized she was surrounded by eight bronze mirrors (like an octagon).

On the stone table in front of her were all sorts of dresses made from gold and silver silk. They looked dazzling and elegant. The colours were so bright; it was literally a feast for the eyes.

“Young Miss, please choose one.”

Wow, although the witch is cruel, she’s sure generous!

Lin Shan randomly picked up a dress and couldn’t help but admired the exquisite details.

I bet even the Palace can’t compete with the luxurious items from here. Ji Hong Lin’s abilities to accumulate treasures is phenomenal!!

“Please change into the dress, Young Miss.” Gui Mei stated from the side.

“Stop calling me Young Miss left, Young Miss right. Can’t you see that I’m being forced?” Lin Shan was annoyed as she rolled her eyes at her, “Leave the room. I am going to change now.”

“Your subordinate will stay and watch Young Miss change.”

Lin Shan was irritated: “Umm, what I have, you also have. Why do you have to watch me? Go look in the mirror and admire your own!”

The corner of Gui Mei’s mouth twitched. However, she didn’t say a word.

“What? Unless I have what you don’t have!” said Lin Shan as she looked at Gui Mei’s chest. Immediately, she came to a realization. She patted Gui Mei’s shoulder with sympathy: “I can understand how you feel. At one point, I didn’t have anything either. Each day, I would stare at other women with envy. That was an awful feeling….”

Gui Mei finally crumbled. She responded: “Your subordinate will wait for Young Miss outside.” Then, she quickly vanished.

“Hey! Wait! I’m not doing talking! Actually, small has its benefits. When you’re pretending to be a man, you don’t have to do much. Do you know how hard it is to disguise as a man when your chest…..hey!!?”

Since Gui Mei left, Lin Shan stuck out her tongue. She started humming as she changed.

Honestly, Lin Shan couldn’t remember the last time she dressed as a woman. She had to fiddle with it for awhile before she was able to take her “breast strip” off.

With great difficulty, she finally managed to changed into the dress. Lin Shan twirled around once and decided she must take advantage of the old witch. She inserted a pearl hairpin into her hair and took a high quality looking jade bracelet as well. After slipping the bracelet onto her wrist, her eyes greedily scattered for more.

Suddenly, she noticed a jade buddha by the corner of the room.

Ohhhh! That looks expensive!

Lin Shan’s eyes shone as she excitedly went over to lift it. But the jade buddha wouldn’t budge. However, Lin Shan was determined. She tried lifting it a second time. It still wouldn’t move.

Lin Shan was now angry. She forcefully twisted the sculpture, and heard a sound. Suddenly, the secret door behind the buddha slowly opened.

Woah! Is this the legendary secret entrance?! Lin Shan was delighted. Since Gui Mei was still outside, she decided to go in and take a look.

Behind the secret entrance was a small tunnel. Lin Shan followed the tunnel and felt colder and colder as she kept going. When she got to the end, she realized it was an icy warehouse. Inside the room were huge pieces of ice. It was so cold that she couldn’t stop shivering.

Psssh, I thought I found a secret exit. What the heck is this place?

Lin Shan was a bit irked and decided to head back when she suddenly noticed a refined jade case in the middle of the room. It was sparkling and translucent. The carvings were also very outstanding. It was definitely a Grade A item.

Looks like I didn’t waste my time after all!

Lin Shan was thrilled. She quickly went over to the jade case and stroked the delicate carvings. Then, she opened the case to see what was inside. It turned out it was two white worms rolled up together. It looked disgusting.

Eww, gross!!

Lin Shan wanted to throw up and instantly dropped the case. The two worms fell out and the female one landed on top of her foot. Lin Shan screamed as she forcefully kicked her the worm off of her. There was a crunch sound and the female worm had perished.

“What are you doing?” At the same time, Ji Hong Lin’s angry voice was heard.

Lin Shan lifted her head and saw Ji Hong Lin’s twisted face. She knew she had gotten into big trouble. Lin Shan frightfully took a step back and coincidentally stepped onto the male worm.

There was another crunch sound, and now both the husband and wife were dead.

Ji Hong Lin’s face was colder than ice. It took her a moment to react. Then, she hysterically shrieked: “Tie her up. Tie her up!!!”

Lin Shan was now tied up. Even her fingers were tied. It was comparable to a crab that was caught. Seeing her like this, Ji Bai Yu smirked.

“Song second lady probably never thought she would end up like this, eh? How does it feel to be tied up?” He looked amused.

“Ah pah!” Lin Shan grinded her teeth as she scowled, “You act like you’re superior in front of me, yet when your mother forced you to marry me, you didn’t even dare to fart. Are you a man?!”

Lin Shan’s words caused Ji Bai Yu’s face to darken. His eyes revealed his killer aura as he grabbed her by the collar. Their faces were very close to each other and Lin Shan could see how furious he was. He definitely wasn’t faking it. She was honestly scared but beneath the surface, she was a strong woman. Hence, she stared back and refused to back off.

The two of them glared at each other for a long time. Just when Lin Shan was about to quit, Ji Bai Yu gave her a peck on the cheek.

Lin Shan was stunned by this gesture. Wow, he was playing me? She was raging on the inside. Just as she was about to yell, Ji Bai Yu spoke up and interrupted her: “If you’re wondering whether I’m a man or not, you’ll naturally find out on the night of our wedding.” Ji Bai Yu smiled mockingly at her. He looked completely different from his vicious face a moment ago.

Since he was so blunt, Lin Shan’s face turned red. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and frustrated. She opened her mouth again, but someone knocked the door.

“Young Master.” A subordinate entered and whispered into Ji Bai Yu’s ears. Ji Bai Yu’s expression immediately changed and he got up to leave.

“Hey, if you have guts, don’t leave!” Lin Shan opened her mouth and a cotton cloth was stuffed in her mouth.

“You’re so annoying. You’ll see whether I have guts in a few days!” Ji Bai Yu glared at her as he walked out.

Ji Bai Yu left for a long, long time.

Since this place was underground, there was no sunlight. Lin Shan couldn’t tell whether it was day or night. She just knew she was so hungry that her mind was spinning.

The servant girl who delivered food to her untied her. Her arms and legs were numbed long ago. In her mind, she went from a crab to a chicken suffering from avian flu. She lied on the table for a long time before she had any strength to move.

Deep down, Lin Shan cursed the mother-son pair for being so cruel. At the same time, she no longer cared about her image as she clasped the bowl with both hands and gobbled the congee that was in front of her. She didn’t care whether it was poisonous or not. Under these circumstances, she’d rather be a full ghost than a starving ghost.

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  1. Li Shan should have forced off the jade Buddha statue off the corner still and used her original clothes to fold the dresses and tie them up While also taking the empty jade case onto her body. While the jade Buddha statue became her weapon.

  2. wow this got dark fast not that i didn’t predict something like this lol well I’m dropping reading too depressing. can definately see why the updates were slowed down.

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