Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 70.

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Chapter 70

At this moment, Ji Bai Yu had already gotten up to introduce the dishes: “You see this white poached chicken? I have placed a colourless liver gut decay powder in it. After you eat it, your intestines will slowly rot. Eventually, everything will decompose from within.”

Lin Shan: “…..”

“You see this cake right here? Inside, I put in our special formula from Red Phosphorous Hall. It’s called, “the death of the half step”. After you eat it, you will die the moment you take half a step. Not only that, there will be a smile on your face.”

Mother! Isn’t that the “smiling half step crazy pill”? Lin Shan thoroughly lost hope.

“You see this plate of spare ribs? After you eat it, your muscles will slowly start to disintegrate. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell. But ultimately, you just need to lightly tug, and the entire skin will….”

“Stop!” Lin Shan cuts him off. She felt like she was going to go insane. “Don’t tell me anymore! Just kill me. Get straight to the point!”

Ji Bai Yu shook his head: “That’s not happening. I’m not done playing yet. Why don’t we start off with the spare ribs first?” Then, he used a pair of chopsticks and was about to stuff it down Lin Shan’s throat.

Lin Shan was so scared, she felt like her soul left her body. She tried to fight Ji Bai Yu with all her might, but he easily confined her from the lower waist. The chopstick was about to go in, when suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Gui Mei came in.

“Young Master, Mistress wants you to see her immediately.”

“Ok.” Ji Bai Yu said in a moody tone. He finally released her. The moment he let go, Lin Shan quickly hid under the table. Lin Shan traumatically gasped for air.

“You’re no fun.” Ji Bai Yu rolled his eyes at her as he fixed his attire and left.

Gui Mei spoke up from outside the room: “Young Master, Mistress says to bring Song second lady with you.”

At that moment, Lin Shan clearly saw the disgusted look Ji Bai Yu had on his face.

The Red Phosphorous Hall was located underground. It was very complicated to get to. In addition, there were many hidden secret traps. Ji Bai Yu led the way, and Lin Shan followed. Behind her was Gui Mei. She couldn’t run even if she wanted to. Lin Shan was definitely a captive.

At this time, they had arrived at the entrance hall. Little by little, the stone door opened. A strong fragrance slapped Lin Shan right in the face. The fragrance was so heavy that she nearly choked.

Is this place liveable? Lin Shan thought to herself.

Behind the stone door revealed a very big stone room. There were fresh flowers all around the room. The flowers were still blooming despite the fact that there was no sunlight in the room. However, the colour looked slightly abnormal.

When Lin Shan took another glance, she felt the cold sweats returning. Oh God! Behind the flowers were tiny snakes. The snakes were about the sizes of her pinky finger. Lin Shan stared wordlessly at them. Based on the amount of flowers in the room, there had to be at least a couple hundred snakes.

At that moment, Lin Shan felt sorry for Ji Bai Yu. What type of messed up place is this? No wonder he turned out the way he did. He had no choice!

The moment they entered, the stone door closed. The woman who was standing in the middle of the room also turned around. Lin Shan secretly took a peek and was instantly shocked by Ji Hong Lin’s beauty.

Originally, she thought Ji Hong Lin was Ji Bai Yu’s mother; therefore, she should be at least forty or fifty years of age. Surprisingly, the lady looked around seventeen eighteen. She had red lips and white teeth and her skin appeared to be youthful. It was totally different from her imagination. She was even doubting whether that was the actual Ji Hong Lin.

Ji Bai Yu politely greeted the young lady: “Mother.”

What the f**k? A twenty years old man calling a young lady mother?! That was messed up! Lin Shan stood behind Ji Bai Yu and didn’t dare to utter a word. Thoughts were racing through her mind.

Wasn’t the Heaven child governess something like this too? Seventy or eight years of age, yet still looked forever young due to practicing devil magic? Ji Hong Lin probably belonged to that category.

As expected, the moment Ji Hong Lin said, “You may rise.”, it revealed her age. She sounded like an aged woman. Even if she wasn’t sixty, she was at least fifty.

Wow, if this technology existed in modern salons, it would be so popular! Lin Shan thought to herself.

At this moment, Ji Hong Lin focused her attention on Lin Shan.

“Song second lady?” Ji Hong Lin questioned.

Her aura was so strong that Lin Shan only dared to nod in response.

“Sure enough, you’re a beauty.”

Lin Shan was touched. Ji Bai Yu, your mom has better taste than you!

“Too bad. Regardless of how beautiful you are now, once you turn old, men won’t want you anymore.”

Ohhhh. A woman that had suffered from a heartache. She absolutely matched the villains from wuxia novels! Lin Shan was proud of her strong reasoning capabilities.

While she was thinking, somehow Ji Hong Lin ended up beside her. She lifted her chin and at that moment, Lin Shan felt like her acupoint had been struck. She couldn’t move at all. She had no control while Ji Hong Lin lifted and turned her face around to look from different angles.

After awhile, Ji Hong Li murmured: “You are beautiful, but not refined enough. There is still some differences between you and the bitch. Looks like the Du men’s tastes are deteriorating…”.

Ji Bai Yu stood on the side and didn’t say a word.

“Yu-er, you said Du Hao likes her?” Ji Hong Lin questioned.

“Your son has seen it with his own eyes. I know for sure he likes her.”

“Do you like Du Hao?” Ji Hong Lin suddenly turned to ask Lin Shan.

Lin Shan quickly shook her head: “No… I don’t like him!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHA…..” Hi Hong Lin laughed out loud, “Cheng Yun, oh Cheng Yun. You played around with so many women and even had a few children of your own. Yet, you are such a coward. This is your revenge!”

Wow. Not only was she hurt from a past relationship, but it was with Du Hao’s dad?

Lin Shan felt like she was being charred by lightning. She could totally tell where the story was heading. The Emperor must have dumped Ji Hong Lin and Ji Hong Lin’s love for him must have turned into hate. Now, she was twisted and wanted to get revenge on the Emperor.

But what Lin Shan didn’t expect was Ji Hong Lin to turn viciously at her: “No! This is not enough revenge! I’m unsatisfied!”

Lin Shan had a very bad feeling: Umm, aunty, what do you want from me?

“I want his offspring to suffer the same pain as me. Watching the one he loves marry someone else. I want him to suffer eternally. I want him to live a life of solitude!”

Lin Shan thought, oh no! This aunty is nutty!

Just as she expected, Ji Hong Lin pointed at her and Ji Bai Yu: “I want you to select a date to get married!”

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  1. LF? Hello? Anytime now, you can come on stage, okay?? But wow, the mom is also a shipper!! LOL!!

    Normal gutless submissive female protag: “oh noooo what do you want to do with meeee”
    Lin Shan: “Wow, this auntie is nutty!”

    1. AHahahahaahah… you’re so funny! Lian Feng will not be back until a few chapters later. ahahahahah.. but when he comes back, you’ll be happy! 🙂

      Lin Shan is so funny!! HAAHahahaha

  2. LOL Just make her marry the guy she actually likes, no need to go to these lengths since she would’ve cooperated to get some time with her man hohoho~

  3. “At that moment, Lin Shan felt sorry for Ji Bai Yu. What type of messed up place is this? No wonder he turned out the way he did. He had no choice!” “She could totally tell where the story was heading. The Emperor must have dumped Ji Hong Lin and Ji Hong Lin’s love for him must have turned into hate. Now, she was twisted and wanted to get revenge on the Emperor.”

    I love how savvy she is about this things. Hahaha.

    “Ji Bai Yu, your mom has better taste than you!”

    Pfft. Lin Shan, will you DIE if you don’t say something outrageously funny one chapter?

    That said… This is weird. Bai Yu doesn’t like her, so why is he going to marry her? It’d make more sense for him to have deliberately failed to capture her so his mother won’t force him to marry her…

    1. Ahaahaha. Yeah She is so outrageously funny! haahaahh.. ummm no spoilers. U will have to wait for the next chapter!

      (sorry, I’m so lazy.. I’ll eventually translate it..)

    1. Haha. I don’t think the aunty knows about Lian Feng. She just wants the Emperor’s sons to suffer.

      Actually if she knew Lian Feng was the emperor’s son, she probably would want Lian Feng to suffer as well.

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