Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 69.

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Chapter 69

Lin Shan was stunned by the man and the dog. She immediately shrank back like a quail as she mumbled to herself: You are not interested in beautiful women nor men. What do you like then? At this moment, her glance landed on the fierce dog. She froze.

Woah, bro. Your taste is too strong!

The way Lin Shan looked at the man caused him to feel goose bumps all over his body. He yelled: “Song Luo!”

Lin Shan was about to say something, when the dog barked in response. Then, the dog obediently went back to its corner.

Lin Shan was flabbergasted. It took her awhile to react. But when she finally did, she looked super pissed: Are you kidding me? You named your dog that? Couldn’t you at least find a decent looking one? Oh my goodness! This one is a tragic sight. A tragic sight, I tell you!

Just as Lin Shan was steaming from anger, the man suddenly smiled cunningly at her: “Miss Song, are you hungry?”

This smile caused Lin Shan’s danger radar to beep. Despite being very hungry, she refused like an honourable woman: “Not hungry!” But at that moment, her stomach started to growl. The sound was so loud, it drowned her voice.

Lin Shan was so embarrassed that she looked down and pretended to be dead (not literally).

“I’ll let you eat if you want.” The man lightly laughed and waved his sleeve. Somehow, the thick rope that was around Lin Shan’s wrists came loose. Lin Shan rubbed her sore wrists as she stared oddly at the man.

“Eat. Aren’t you hungry?” A bowl of red braised pork was pushed in front of Lin Shan. It had just the right amount of fat on it. The sweet aroma went up her nose and caused Lin Shan to feel a strong craving.

Usually, under these type of circumstances, Lin Shan would think to herself, “I’m going to die regardless I eat or not. So why don’t I just eat and fill my stomach first?” But for some strange reason, this time, her mind decided to casually ask: “Did you add poison to it?”

“Of course.” The man actually nodded. He looked at her expectedly.

Lin Shan’s chopsticks froze in mid air as she gawked at the man. Her face looked troubled: Bro, are you toying with me? If there’s poison, why are you telling me? If you tell me, do you think I would eat it?”

“You’re toying with me, aren’t you?” Lin Shan said with a stiff face.

“I told you there’s poison in the meat, yet you think I’m toying with you. What if I told you, there’s poison in the wine, and all the dishes? Even the seat you’re still on has poison on it. Do you still think I’m toying with you?”

Lin Shan trembled and the meat from her chopsticks fell onto the ground.

“Song Luo” instantly went after it and swallowed the entire piece. Immediately, “Song Luo” fell over and started throwing up white foam. It started to twitch and struggled for a few seconds, and then took its last breath. The entire incident happened within five seconds. Lin Shan’s eyes and mouth were wide opened from shock.

“You…. monster!” She nearly jumped out of her seat as she pointed at the man, “Although the dog was ugly, you didn’t have to be so cruel. Are you human?! You….”

“Don’t worry.” The man calmly responded, “It will be your turn next. Calm down.”

Right away, Lin Shan stopped talking. Tiny beads of sweat started forming on her forehead. Her heart started to beat furiously. Oh God, does this person really plan to kill her? What would he gain from it though?

Just as she was panicking, the man murmured: “What? Are you afraid? If you want to die a better death, why don’t we do an exchange?”

By now, Lin Shan’s back was drenched from fear. Yet, she pretended like she was fine: “You… what do you want?”

The man absentmindedly smiled: “I heard the Emperor bestowed you the Heaven stone?” He said this in a very casual manner. He was entirely different from the monster he was a second ago. In addition, he was tapping the table with a rhythm.

At this moment, a shocking thought appeared in Lin Shan’s mind. She didn’t even think twice as she blurted out: “Du Jing? You are Du Jing!”

When her accusations came out, the man looked astonished for a moment. But he quickly composed himself. The smile deepened on his face: “Not bad. You could still tell. I guess I have no choice but to kill you….”

Lin Shan’s gut feeling was correct. Based on his actions and words, plus his split personality, it was totally aligned with Du Jing. Furthermore, this guy even admitted it himself. Therefore, it was definitely Du Jing. But how come his face looked different?

“Confused, eh?” The man looked amused, “Have you heard of the technique of face changing?”

Lin Shan nodded to show that she had.

“Then have you heard of the world’s best face changer? Jiang Hu’s hundred face scholar, Ji Bai Yu?”

Lin Shan shook her head.

The guy raised his eyebrows: “What?”

Lin Shan was so scared that she quickly nodded: “Yes I have. I have…”

The man looked satisfied as he continued: “That’s right. I am the young Master of the Red Phosphorous Hall, Ji Bai Yu!”

To be honest, Lin Shan had never heard of the name Ji Bai Yu. However, she had heard of Red Phosphorous Hall from Xiao Lu numerous times. Apparently, the Red Phosphorous Hall was a secret organization that had recently appeared in Jiang Hu. Those from this organization were poison experts and their martial arts were also very unique.

The most well known figure was the Mistress of this place, Ji Hong Lin. Although she was a woman, she was vicious and merciless. She practiced all sorts of poison martial arts and had killed many martial artists. Even the Clan leader of Shaolin was once injured because of her.

At this moment, Lin Shan realized how dangerous her situation was. This was not simply a personal issue between her and Ji Bai Yu. Instead, it was much deeper than that. Somehow, she got involved with the legendary monstrous Red Phosphorous Hall, and there was most likely a huge conspiracy behind this. Whatever it was, it had something to do with the shitty rock she almost threw out.

Mother! It’s a piece of shitty rock. What kind of secret could it hold? Lin Shan honestly couldn’t think of anything.

The only thing she was sure of, though, was that Ji Bai Yu went all out for it. He even disguised as Du Jing in order to get it. This meant that the Heaven stone meant a lot to him. Based on the fate of the dog, he would probably kill her right after he found out the location of it. For her life’s sake, Lin Shan decided to lie.

“I don’t know.” Lin Shan stated.

“I knew you would be tight lipped.” Ji Bai Yu had clearly anticipated this result. He smiled, “That’s why I have prepared these dishes for you, Miss Song.”

Lin Shan looked at the dead dog and broke into cold sweats.

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  1. I remember a book, it is written that the value of something based on the people itself….
    you want a rock that is used to cover mouse hole?!
    ckckck! pity you, i have many in my home lol

  2. Wait… Du Jing from the beginning was Bai Yu… Then… The real Third Prince is dead? Or is it simply that Du Jing has kept his other identity as secret from his family while the people of the Jiang Hu don’t know his identity as Prince??

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