Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 68.

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Chapter 68

At that moment, Lin Shan was boiling angry.

“You f**ker, don’t you have any face? You’re so old and you’re still gambling? Your mother gave birth to you and worked so hard to support you, yet this is how you repay her? You’re a terrible human being. Gamble when you were ten, twenty, thirty…and now you’re freaking seventy!  You should be ashamed of yourself. Even a dog has a life more meaningful than yours!”

Lin Shan’s uproar definitely caused quite a sensation in the busy city. Not only was the old man stunned, but the gamblers around were astonished as well. Originally, they were planning to secretly gamble in the middle of the night, but the young lad’s words were quite true. They were now hesitating.

Furthermore, even the ladies from the brothel across the street wanted to join in the fun. They found it very manly of Lin Shan to yell at the gambler so openly on the streets. Their young hearts started to stir.

Soon, more and more people surrounded them. It created such a commotion that even the boss of the casino noticed. The moment he heard a young lad was yelling at a gambler outside of his casino, he was enraged.

F**k! No wonder I have no business today. It must be your fault! How dare you come and ruin my business!? Are you tired of living?

The casino boss came out with a group of strong men. He stormed through the crowd and harshly grabbed onto Lin Shan, whom, at this moment, was lecturing very passionately. The casino boss yanked Lin Shan by the collar and threw her onto the other side.

Obviously, Lin Shan’s small body was no match against the big casino boss. She felt herself losing balance and was about to crash against the wall, when suddenly, a hand wrapped around her waist and embraced her from harm.

“Wow, another one who’s not afraid to die? How dare you guys ruin my business. You want to die?” The casino boss shrieked as he approached them with his men.

The person who saved Lin Shan lightly laughed. Clearly, he did not take them seriously.

The laugh sounded familiar and Lin Shan looked up. But the face she saw was a face she had never seen before. From the side, he looked approximately twenty. His eyebrows were dark and sharp like a sword, his eyes were bright like stars, and the bridge of his nose was quite straight. Overall, based on appearance, he was of high quality. But his eyes were honestly too arrogant. They were even more arrogant than Du Hao’s!

At this moment, the casino boss and his people were infuriated by the young man’s grin. Without a word, they charged straight at them.

The man didn’t seem to care. It wasn’t until the group of people were in front of him before he started waving his fan around. It turned out he had concealed weapons hidden from his fan. With a blink of an eye, all his weapons accurately striked the opponents. All the men were now howling on the ground from pain.

Seeing how they were no match for the guy, their opponents immediately ran. As for those who were watching, they were also afraid of meddling in the wrong affairs. Therefore, everyone instantly left. In a matter of seconds, only Lin Shan and the young man remained. At the moment, he still had his arms around her and she couldn’t move.

Lin Shan breathed out a sign of relief as she tapped the guy on the shoulder: “Hey…thank you for helping me, hero. I am truly thankful. Could you release me?”

The young man made a sound but ignored her.

Lin Shan was confused. She thought she wasn’t being sincere enough. Therefore, she included a smile: “As the saying goes, ‘you pull out a blade when you see injustice’. Brother, I will never forget your kind deed as long as I have teeth. Please release me, brother.”

The young man continued to ignore her.

By now, Lin Shan couldn’t take it anymore: “Hello!? I told you to let go. If people see two men hugging each other, they’re going to misunderstand!”

The young man finally reacted. He looked at her with disdain and snorted: “You consider yourself a man?”

Lin Shan was shocked. Umm…. this guy saw right through my disguise? She was about to say something when she felt a pain striked the back of her neck. She lost consciousness.

Right before she passed out, she heard the man boastfully say: “I told you. One day, you will be under my control.”


Lin Shan woke up from hunger. In a daze, the smell of delicious food went up her nose. She wanted to follow the smell, but discovered she couldn’t move a single step. It was then she abruptly opened her eyes.

There was a table in front of her, and a man sitting leisurely beside it. The man was wearing a red outfit. The red was the colour of blood, and at the corner of the lower hem was a black tree peony. It looked exceptionally enchanting.

Lin Shan immediately thought of someone, but when she looked at him, the person was a total stranger.

Lin Shan couldn’t help but feel troubled. She had no money on her and she didn’t know the guy, why did he knock her unconscious and kidnap her?

That’s right. At this moment, Lin Shan’s upper body was bind to a seat. All she could do was watch the delicious food in front of her as her stomach rambled. It was torture.

The man sensed movement and his starry eyes looked towards her direction. He looked amused, which angered Lin Shan.

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? Let me go!” Lin Shan yelled. Sadly, she was too hungry. She had no strength when she yelled. It was definitely not persuasive at all.

The person laughed at her and ignored her questions. He started drinking wine. Not only that, he was drinking in a very carefree manner. Furthermore, there was a dog by the table. The dog was busy chewing on a drumstick and totally disregarded Lin Shan’s existence.

The fact that the dog ignored her was too much for Lin Shan. She started fuming. She started coming up with insults. You son of a bitch! You’re the grandson of a tortoise!

She said every nasty insult she could think of, but the man acted like he couldn’t hear her. He continued eating as if nothing happened.

Finally, Lin Shan had no more strength to yell. She quiet down and started using another method. She started chanting like a broken record: “What you’re eating is not rice; it’s cow shit cow shit cow shit. What you’re drinking is not wine; it’s horse pee horse pee horse pee. Ohhhh so nasty….”

Under this chanting, the man could no longer be calm. He smashed his wine cup onto the table and his complexion didn’t look good. He gritted his teeth and said: “Are you done yet?”

“No!” Lin Shan continued to mutter: “Cow shit cow shit cow shit. Horse pee horse pee horse pee…”

Poor man. He nearly spat out his wine. He was so disgusted that he reached out and striked Lin Shan’s acupoint on her throat. Immediately, no sound came out of Lin Shan. She was like a cassette tape that was stuck. All she could do was stare at him with hate and resentment. She could only speak through her eyes.

The man was probably a clean freak. He reached out his long and slender fingers and started rubbing her above the eyes. Lin Shan was so shocked that she immediately shut her eyes.

Oh my goodness, I have encountered a pervert! I’m doomed!!

Fortunately, it seemed like the pervert wasn’t too crazy. After awhile, Lin Shan didn’t sense any other movements so she secretly peeked. But she was nearly frightened to death.

Holy shit! Next time can you not stand so close to me when you’re wearing red? Even if you’re good looking, you will still scare me to death!

The person looked at her for awhile. Suddenly he frowned as he murmured: “Ugly woman.” Then he stood up and swung his sleeve across her. Lin Shan’s acupoint had been unlocked.

The moment Lin Shan noticed she could talk, she blurted: “Yes, I’m ugly. I’m soooo ugly! Sir, you shouldn’t kidnap such an ugly woman. It’s a disgrace to your taste. Why don’t you let me go and find a beautiful woman instead!?”

“I’m not interested in beautiful women.”

Lin Shan seemed to have came to a realization: “Oh, I know! You’re interested in beautiful men!”

“Shut up!” The person’s expression darkened. He furiously glared at her. At the same time, the dog that was resting by the table suddenly bounced up and started barking vigorously at Lin Shan.

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      1. Noooo. Du Hao is the Crown Prince. It’s Du Jing, the third Prince. You’ll be less confused in the next chapter!

        Thank you for reading! ❤️

  1. Normal women who get called ugly: FUUUUUUUUUU I WILL CHASE YOU DOWN AND END YOU

    Lin Shan gets called ugly: That’s right that’s right I’m ugly very ugly why do you even bother capturing me it’s an insult to your taste

    x’DDD I love LS.

  2. Cow shit cow shit cow shit. Horse pee horse pee horse pee…
    I have chants with more gruesome words to my friend like blood, fester, poop and so kn… but no reasult.. lol
    They are more stong than i imagine wkwkwk
    They say they already exercise since they were children so now they are immune to those things lol… 😅

  3. I know it’s the Third Prince because he’s the only one who said he wants her in his control (although Du Hao also wants that, we know it ain’t him).

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