Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 1

To my dear readers,

I am going to be translating a Chinese internet novel called Zui Wu Dao due to demand. I will be posting a translated chapter twice a week. This is just for leisure and for me to practice my Chinese/English skills. The original content can be found here

The author posted his book on multiple Chinese sites because he wants more viewership. The book is free to read online for anyone who is interested in Wuxia novels. By translating, perhaps both of us can also get more exposure. Anyhow, this will not affect my weekly Monday post. Feel free to read and give me suggestions.

P.S. It takes me about three to six hours to translate a chapter because my Chinese is not that great (I suck T___T). Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.

By the way, the story doesn’t start getting better until after you finish reading the first 10 chapters. So keep reading, or you will be disappointed!!! 

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