Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 12.

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Chapter 12     Oppressed

In regards to Tian Yu Zi, Xuan Luo didn’t know what to think. First and foremost, Tian Yu Zi was way too lax with his image. He did not act like his status at all. Although Tian Yu Zi gave him a friendly vibe, as a Master, he should be more serious.

Back when he learned Martial Arts at the Martial Arts building, it was only Bai Tian and him. Hence, Master Li was quite strict with them; they did not receive any special treatment.

Seeing how badly Xuan Luo wanted to fight him, Tian Yu Zi giggled. He remained where he was, having no intentions of making a move (The previous chapter said he was about to make a move…don’t blame me! I’m only translating! Anyway..).

Xuan Luo knew that he was no match for Tian Yu Zi. Deep down, he knew that Tian Yu Zi wanted to get a better idea of his abilities; in order to develop the best training plan for him. But on the flip side, since he was a newbie, Xuan Luo didn’t think Tian Yu Zi would take him seriously and use all his strength. Tian Yu Zi was definitely going to go easy on him.

Hence, although Xuan Luo had openly stated how he does not accept Tian Yu Zi as his Master, secretly, his heart had somewhat already accepted him.

Seeing Tian Yu Zi just standing there, Xuan Luo pounced at him like a fierce tiger.

Compared to those around his age, Xuan Luo’s speed and power was definitely one of the finest; especially since he practiced nei li, the nei li in his core had been changing his entire body.

Since the distance between Xuan Luo and Tian Yu Zi wasn’t far to begin with, within a second, Xuan Luo’s fist had already arrived in front of Tian Yu Zi.

The punch consisted of all Xuan Luo’s brute strength, except for nei li.

As he released his punch, Xuan Luo was secretly delighted. But then he noticed something was wrong. It didn’t seem like he striked anything. Tian Yu Zi had disappeared!

Xuan Luo didn’t really know how to react. He definitely underestimated Tian Yu Zi.

“Wow, that punch was pretty aggressive! But I wonder, do you only know brute force?” Somehow, Tian Yu Zi ended up behind Xuan Luo.

Xuan Luo quickly turned his feet, and began to attack again.

He already reacted quite briskly, but Tian Yu Zi was even faster. He continuously tried to punch Tian Yu Zi, but again and again, he missed.

“Your response time is not bad. But your attack needs work! Give me all you got!” Tian Yu Zi wisely said. At that moment, Xuan Luo’s image of Tian Yu Zi changed. He no longer seemed like the silly old man, but rather, a man full of wisdom.

Hearing those words infuriated Xuan Luo, though. He wasn’t able to relax.

“Forget it. I won’t avoid anymore. Use all the moves you have on me!” Seeing how frustrated Xuan Luo was, Tian Yu Zi decided.

Xuan Luo got closer and started quickening his hits. In addition, he used his legs as well.

But Tian Yu Zi remained where he was, and blocked everything using only one hand.

Xuan Luo could not take it anymore. He bellowed and all of a sudden, his power level changed!


His attack unintentionally released nei li. As a result, he made the air around him move and swooshing sounds were created.

Tian Yu Zi was slightly shocked by the force. Nonetheless, he used his palm to block Xuan Luo’s punch.

Then, he grasped Xuan Luo’s right hand, and Xuan Luo was unable to move any longer.

“Hmm..this punch was a lot stronger than the previous ones! I sense internal energy. Not bad.” Tian Yu Zi reverted back to his childlike behaviour; giggling like a silly old man.

Tian Yu Zi released Xuan Luo’s hand, and Xuan Luo fell down limp on the ground; with sweat covering his forehead. He had never used so much strength before. He didn’t even know how he managed to go on for so long.

Tian Yu Zi acted like it wasn’t a big deal though. He just remained standing where he was, and told Xuan Luo what his strengths and weaknesses were.

Thinking back, Xuan Luo was a bit confused about his last punch. Somehow, he felt like the nei li from his core ended up in his fist suddenly.

Xuan Luo sat on the ground, unsatisfied with his defeat. He looked up at Tian Yu Zi and said, “Old man. What other weaknesses do I have? You can say it. I can handle the blow!”

The attack used up all of Xuan Luo’s strengths. Right now, he had nothing left.

Tian Yu Zi was pondering over Xuan Luo’s last punch. Based on Xuan Luo’s current strength, it was definitely something out of his league. At that moment, he felt the nei li from within.

“Hey little guy, have you been practicing a xin fa?”

If Xuan Luo was already practicing a xin fa, then other xin fas would not work on him. But based on experience, Zhang Men had way more than he does. How could Zhang Men have missed this possibility?

Xuan Luo felt anxious. He didn’t tell anyone about him practicing nei gong xin fa. He wanted to avoid trouble, so he lied, “I just used more strength. That’s all. There’s no xin fa!”

“Haha. It’s not like I’m going to punish you. From your punch, I could feel something internal; and the only way you can demonstrate internal energy is through xin fa.” Tian Yu Zi chuckled as he looked into Xuan Luo’s eyes. Then he dug his finger in his nose.

Seeing Tian Yu Zi act like this, Xuan Luo was speechless. Then, he decided to tell the truth.

But Xuan Luo kind of hesitated because he was worried Tian Yu Zi would steal his xin fa. But after thinking about it, he had already memorized everything. Since it was already in his mind, no one could take it away.

Tian Yu Zi could read Xuan Luo’s thoughts on his face. Smiling, he said, “Since you already have a xin fa, I’m not going to say anything else. You don’t have to be scared either. I’m already so old, there is no need for me to steal your xin fa. Plus, I practice Wu Dang’s traditional xin fa. Other xin fas are normally not good enough for me.”

Tian Yu Zi was correct. Wu Dang’s traditional xin fa was definitely one of the best there is. Hearing this, Xuan Luo felt relieved. “I was thinking too much!”

“Haha. But having a xin fa is useless if you do not know how to unleash it. By the way, each Martial Artist can only practice one xin fa during the lifetime. If you want to practice something else, then you will have to get rid of all the powers you have now. But there are risks to self destruction.”

Tian Yu Zi paused. “But based on what I saw, your xin fa is similar to our Wu Dang’s. They are both yin. Thus, it wouldn’t be against the rules if you practice our style. However, it looks like you haven’t been practicing for too long. Why don’t you just give this one up? There are different types of Wu Dang xin fa you can try. Want to give it a shot?”

Xuan Luo was comforted by this knowledge. But thinking back to the pain he went through the first time (when he first encountered the nei li), he refused to go through it again. Who knows whether practicing other xin fa would be worse? He spread out his hands and said, “Fine, old man. I’ll tell you the truth. I have practiced a xin fa, and the xin fa is something I found up on the mountain. At the time, I thought it was fun and I wanted to try it. I didn’t expect to actually create nei li from it. But now, I don’t want to remove it anymore. I have already been practicing it for quite awhile. I don’t want to start over. If I have so much time, I might as well use it to learn more quan fa instead!”

Xuan Luo was very clear. After hearing this, Tian Yu Zi nodded to show he understood.

Originally, when Tian Yu Zi first saw Xuan Luo, a special feeling popped in his heart. That was the reason why Tian Yu Zi didn’t care whether Xuan Luo was able to demonstrate nei li or not. He immediately treated Xuan Luo as one of his disciples.

But now, Tian Yu Zi felt like he got lucky. Although Xuan Luo’s xin fa was different from Wu Dang’s, the type is similar. The nei li was considered yin; just like Wu Dang’s.

There are two types of nei li; yin and yang. Yang is hard and violent (similar to brute force), whereas yin leans more towards technique.

“Haha. Okay. From now on, you’re going to be learning from me.” Tian Yu Zi patted Xuan Luo on the shoulder.

Xuan Luo, however, was not pleased. “You can’t do this. I never promised!”

“It’s not up to you. It’s up to me. Stop with the rubbish! Starting from tomorrow, each morning you will practice with me. I will guide you!”

Tian Yu Zi walked out of the courtyard.

In the courtyard, only Xuan Luo remained. But he had a grumpy expression on his face.

“What kind of Master is this?”


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  1. There are two types of nei li; yin and yang. Yang is hard and violent (similar to brute force), whereas yang leans more towards technique.
    Which yang supposed to be a yin? (one of yang is a typo)

    1. Ohh thanks for letting me know! I will go fix it. lol I just finished translating this chapter and I’m like o___O

      yin is more towards technique.

      Thanks for correcting me. ❤

    1. Aww thanks for your comment! Haha, you’re so cute. 😛 Zhang Men is not going to appear again for quite awhile. Probably like another 10 chapters later or something..

      lol aww, I’ll start translating Chapter 13 in the morning. Sorry for making you wait!

  2. Xin Fa is an Inner Skill, i think you better translate those by inner skill like others xianxia or wuxia book. Guan fa is outer skill.

    1. Hmm, the word “fa” actually has many different meanings depending how you use it. It’s like a method and kinda like a skill, but based on my experiences through TV shows, it is like a chant. The person has to say it out loud or in their minds before it will work. (so the body reacts to the words). That’s why I translated it as a “spell” instead of a skill.

      It is a skill that you develop, but because of the chanting part, it seems more like a spell to me.

  3. Hot damn, I just started reading the comic and was wonder if the light novel was available in English and as expected some awesome person is in fact translating this!
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    1. Aww thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!! I have a donate button but no one wants to donate to me. lol.. I would be grateful for any amount haha. ❤ .

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