Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 8.

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I am trying to be faster!!! This chapter was a lot harder to translate than Chapter 7 because of the vocabulary the author used. 😦  It’s about 90% accurate. I hope you like it. I did my best.

Here is the Chinese version of this chapter.

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Chapter 8       Wu Dang

Wu Dang Mountain

After many days, with the help of Zhang Ri, Xuan Luo finally arrived at the borders of Wu Dang. But it was still going to take quite some time for them to arrive at the Master Gate.

The atmosphere of Wu Dang was mysterious and spiritual. The landscape was very charming and gentle. The peaks were sharp and dangerous. Everything felt very grand and majestic. This was how Xuan Luo felt as he looked up the mountain.

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When Kevin Won


This story is from Chicken Soup for the Soul. It touched me a lot, hence I decided to shorten it and share it with you guys. I hope you will like it.

Story is by: Janice M. Gibson (as told to her by Rev. Steve Goodier


If you had to choose one word to describe Kevin, it would probably be “slow”. He didn’t learn his ABCs as fast as other kids. Regardless of subjects, he was usually one of the students struggling.

However, Kevin was great with people. He was always smiling and his enthusiasm for everything was contagious. Everyone enjoyed being around him.  Continue reading “When Kevin Won”