Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 11.

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This is the Chinese version of this chapter.

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Chapter 11     Bummed out

Xuan Luo was bummed out. He didn’t know what type of clash he had; perhaps he should have looked at the calendar beforehand. (This is related to superstition. Chinese people follow a lunar calendar and it will tell you which days are lucky or not).

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My observations of men and women (In general)

men vs women

Disclaimer: This is based on my experiences. There are definitely people who do not fall under what I say as well. Please do not be offended.

Throughout my years, I’ve noticed some extreme differences between guys and girls.

Here is what I have noticed about guys:

They tend to be more logical. For example: If taking Route A will get them to their destination without issues, they will continue taking Route A from now on.
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