Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 11.

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Chapter 11     Bummed out

Xuan Luo was bummed out. He didn’t know what type of clash he had; perhaps he should have looked at the calendar beforehand. (This is related to superstition. Chinese people follow a lunar calendar and it will tell you which days are lucky or not).

Zhang Men gave him the simplest Wu Dang xin fa. It was created so that people with satisfactory abilities would still be able to handle it. Xuan Luo was extremely disappointed because he felt like his natural talents were quite good. In addition, he had already attained some nei li on his own. In the past, he would take out the ragged book and reread it. But now, he doesn’t need to do that anymore; he has memorized the book from open to close. Now, he goes right ahead to mediate when practicing nei li.

But Xuan Luo was a total novice in Martial Arts. Although he was big and tall for his size, deep down, he was still a child. He didn’t realize that the nei li he has been practicing was the reason why he could not unleash the xin fa Zhang Men had given him.

Wu Dang’s main purpose was to calm the heart and mind though. Even if one cannot practice Wu Dang’s gong fa, it could still help freshen in the mind. Hence, Xuan Luo quickly felt at peace.

“Hey. Old man! Where are you taking me? Being pressed was a terrible feeling; especially when he was seven che tall. It was somewhat disgraceful to be so helpless around such an old man.

“You will find out soon enough!” Tian Yu Zi responded. Looking down, he could see Xuan Luo being squeezed in between his armpit. He smiled. Imagine a man smiling with wrinkly skin and hair that looked like a bird’s nest. Xuan Luo felt a little sick.

But he knew he could not fight back. Hence, he decided not to think about it.

At that moment, Xuan Luo’s nightmare appeared in his mind. The fiery sky; a young child stumbling without direction; tripping over a curb; the child became conscious of his surroundings and turned back to see the looming fire.

Unconsciously, Xuan Luo became afraid and his body became rigid. Tian Yu Zi was able to feel the change. Originally, Xuan Luo was actively squirming about, but all of a sudden, Xuan Luo became as stiff as a rock. Tian Yu Zi didn’t know why, but he quicken his steps towards his residence.

This moment felt very familiar to Xuan Luo. He felt like he had been carried like this before. He didn’t know why, but it felt very familiar.

Xuan Luo’s face turned white and there was no colour on his face. Sweat appeared on his forehead and started dripping like rain drops.

Finally, Tian Yu Zi stopped and dropped Xuan Luo on the ground. He realized that Xuan Luo’s whole body was twitching, and his face looked like he was suffering. Tian Yu Zi became super concerned and hastily asked, “What’s wrong? What happened to you?”

Xuan Luo totally ignored Tian Yu Zi. At that moment, he had lost all his senses.

Tian Yu Zi had no idea what happened, but from Xuan Luo’s expression, he could tell Xuan Luo was suffering a lot. Seeing him react so badly, Tian Yu Zi’s face became solemn as well.

Xuan Luo’s condition continued for quite some time. By now, the moon has appeared and it is night time. Since they were on a mountain, the night air of Wu Dang was quite chilly; the contrast was quite drastic.

But those who practices Martial Arts were usually not affected by the change in temperature. After training at a certain level, even if it’s snowing, a thin layer will still do.

Xuan Luo slowly opened his eyes. Everything looked unfamiliar. He didn’t know what to say.

“Water….water…” His eyes looked lost as he murmured.

Tian Yu Zi quickly poured a cup of water and placed it next to Xuan Luo.

Xuan Luo struggled to sit up as he drank the cup of water. He finished it in one go.

“What happened to you?” Tian Yu Zi anxiously asked.

“Nothing.” Xuan Luo calmly replied. Although he wasn’t too fond of Tian Yu Zi, he was slightly touched by his caring expression.

“Nothing? Are you kidding me? I saw how you were earlier. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you had epilepsy!” Tian Yu Zi pouted.

“Leave…leave..” Xuan Luo rushed Tian Yu Zi out of his room.

Tian Yu Zi exited and shook his head. Then he quietly said in an undertone, “That was my room, how the heck did I get kicked out?”

The night ended very briskly. Soon, it was already morning and the bright Sun shone across the land.

Xuan Luo was already awake. During these recent years, he had developed a very good habit of waking up early to practice Martial Arts. Each day, he wakes up around the time when the Sun comes up. It was natural.

As he exited the room, he realized everything was unfamiliar. Then he smacked his head and remembered he was no longer in Qian Deng Zhen. This was Wu Dang.

Outside of the house was a huge courtyard. There was a tai ji ba gua image on the ground. It took up most of the space.

Standing in the middle of the image was Tian Yu Zi. He was practicing his quan fa. Xuan Luo’s lips curled as he stood aside to watch.

Tian Yu Zi’s quan fa flowed smoothly like cloud and water. There was no pauses in between. Not only that, Xuan Luo could feel how orderly Tian Yu Zi’s breathing was. As Xuan Luo watched, he was amazed.

“He is simply practicing his fists, yet he is able to do it so well. Tian Yu Zi must be very skilled.” Xuan Luo thought to himself. Then he recalled how hard he tried to resist Tian Yu Zi the day before, and failed. He should have known.


“Hehe. What are you thinking about?” Tian Yu Zi’s face appeared right in front of him.

“Ah!!” Xuan Luo loudly yelled and fell backwards. There was a loud bang and Xuan Luo’s head striked the ground.

“What the heck!? You want to give me a heart attack?” Xuan Luo hollered.

“Hehe. It’s not my fault you were sooo distracted. Are you thinking of a girl?!?! Let me tell you, at Wu Dang, we have many female disciples. We also have female masters. Next time, I’ll take you and we can secretly watch them bathe!” Tian Yu Zi laughed.

Hearing Tian Yu Zi say this, Xuan Luo was furious. “What kind of Master are you? I don’t care. Even if you beat me to death, I will not call you my Master. I’ve never promised. You forced me here. Yeah, that’s right!”

“Pssh. If you weren’t thinking so deeply, I wouldn’t have said what I said!?” Tian Yu Zi grumpily replied. Then he pointed to Xuan Luo. “Starting from today, I am your Master. Come, let me see what you got.”

Tian Yu Zi headed straight for an attack. Xuan Luo was ready. He wanted to explode. Originally, he was already quite bummed out about what had happened. At this moment, he truly wanted to fight.

“Come!” Xuan Luo roared. He jumped up and was waiting for Tian Yu Zi’s attack.


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  2. Keep up the good work.

    Hopefully, now the story is past it’s initial world-building arc and we are at the Academy arc, the pace of this novel will pick up and you’ll get more comments.

    I think with many translation projects getting enough of the story out to entice readers to keep reading of the more grueling elements, but if you translate it, the readers will come 😉

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