Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 42.

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big wine pot
This is what the wine jug looks like. A jug with no handles.

Chapter 42     It’s Shen Tui Men again

“Bartender, bring me two jugs of good wine. To go!” Xuan Luo had arrived at the tavern, and loudly made his request.

Although Qian Deng Zhen was a small village, it had every type of entertainment; since the villagers had different preferences.

“Oh, is it Xuan Luo? Wow, you have grown so much in such a short time!” The boss teased and acted surprised as he gazed at Xuan Luo.

“Haha, Zhang shu, we all need to grow up, don’t we not? I’m no longer the little boy from before!” Xuan Luo joked.

“Yes yes! Okay, I’m going to get the wine right now. Wait a moment!” The boss was very quick. Within a few minutes, he was already back with two jugs of wine. He placed the two jugs in front of Xuan Luo, and took out a smaller jug from behind him and smiled, “This is something I secretly stored. Bring it back to Guan old man and both of you try it!”

Since Boss Zhang was being so courteous, Xuan Luo felt a little guilty.* However, he still accepted the small jug as a gift.

“Thank you!”

“Xuan Luo, Guan old man’s temper is overly good. In fact, in the village, no one can even say anything about it. But…aiii….” Boss Zhang suddenly brought this up as if a thought had came up.

Xuan Luo was a bit taken aback by what Boss Zhang said. He didn’t know what Boss Zhang was trying to get at. However, his Stepfather’s temper was definitely super good; not only was he one of the kindest person, he also never meddled in other people’s affairs.

“Zhang shu, what’s wrong?” Xuan Luo could hear the hint within Boss Zhang’s voice, therefore although he was smiling, deep down he felt slightly anxious.

After all, this was related to Guan Shan Jue; Boss Zhang would not specifically mention his temper for no reason.

“Ai! You know the Lee family? They have wanted your restaurant ages ago. Just yesterday, they called people and created chaos in the restaurant. Yet, Guan old man didn’t say anything. If something like that were to happen to me, I would definitely confront Old Lee!” Through Boss Zhang’s voice, Xuan Luo could hear the anger and frustration. The Lee family was clearly bullying others. Guan old man was merely a lonely old man trying to survive in the village; the restaurant was his only source of income.

Hearing this, anger flashed through Xuan Luo’s eyes. But it disappeared right away. He quickly smiled and said, “Zhang shu, thanks…”

“Why are you thanking me? I didn’t do anything?!” Boss Zhang gave Xuan Luo a sloppy look.

Xuan Luo knew Boss Zhang didn’t want to meddle in this muddy water, but nonetheless, he was thankful that he spreaded the news to him. From what he could recall, the Lee family wasn’t that greedy. Why were they so ambitious now? Xuan Luo couldn’t figure it out.

This was such a small village, and the restaurant business wasn’t big either. Why would they look for people to go after it? Xuan Luo was getting more confused by the minute. However, he wasn’t going to let the Lee family get away with this. He would never let anyone get away with bullying his Stepfather. Plus, they made it extra obvious.

As Xuan Luo carried the wine jugs home, he slowly approached the limestone pathway. Deep down, he had already came up with a plan to deal with the Lee family.

“Let me go, you scoundrel!” All of a sudden, a feminine voice interrupted Xuan Luo’s thoughts.

As he looked up, Xuan Luo could see a guy attempting to assault an ordinary dressed girl. Xuan Luo recognized the girl. She was Xiao Fang and Xuan Luo remembered Xiao Fang had a crush on Bai Tian. It was one sided though. Bai Tian didn’t feel the same. As he thought of Bai Tian, Xuan Luo couldn’t help but worry again. It had already been two years, but he hasn’t heard anything from him.

“Li Shao Miao, can you stop being so shameless!?!” Xiao Fang directly slapped Li Shao Miao in the face. The slap was loud and crisp to the ear.

Xuan Luo didn’t expect Xiao Fang to be aggressive. She looked like a very weak girl.

“Haha. You can’t tell good from bad!” After the slap, Li Shao Miao had a devilish grin on his face. “You can’t tell what’s good and bad. I’m now part of Shen Tui Men. I follow the eldest dang jia and I can get anything I want. I want you, that is your luck. I’ll tell you the truth. Dong Fang Yu has already been captured by our dang jia. Why are you still working for her? You might as well follow me!”

Xiao Fang looked absolutely disgusted at Li Shao Miao. But there wasn’t anything she could do. Within these past two years, Shen Tui Men’s reputation was well known amongst the villagers…and it was nothing good.

Originally, Xuan Luo was ready to rescue Xiao Fang. But hearing the news about Dong Fang Yu being captured, how could he not be anxious? Thinking back, if it weren’t for Dong Fang Yu’s appearance, he wouldn’t have gotten out of danger at the time.

Xuan Luo rushed straight ahead and striked Li Shao Miao, causing him to fly across the ground. Xiao Fang did not appear to be fazed by this. Her eyes were still filled with disgust as she remained in silence.

“You alright?” Xuan Luo asked.

“I’m okay. Where’s Bai Tian?” Xiao Fang looked at Xuan Luo and seemed to burst with joy as she thought of Bai Tian.

Xuan Luo dreaded answering this question. He had no idea where Bai Tian was.

“Umm… Bai Tian… he is still learning martial arts at the Clan!” Xuan Luo foolishly responded.

“You dare to hit me? Shen Tui Men is going to help me get revenge!” Li Shao Miao pointed his finger at Xuan Luo. He flew in a rage out of humiliation.

Xuan Luo looked at Li Shao Mao and smiled. He lightly said, “Go and tell your family that my Stepfather’s restaurant is not something you can dip your fingers in. Since you guys took action, now you will have to deal with my rage!”

Although Xuan Luo’s voice was light, it was hidden with fury. Hearing this, Li Shao Miao’s face’s expression changed. The slap he had endured consisted of at least a hundred and twenty jin. Xuan Luo was definitely too strong for him. Li Shao Miao was too afraid to fight Xuan Luo one on one.

“Hmm! We’ll see who wins!” Li Shao Miao said in spite.

A wise man knows not to fight when the odds are against him. Li Shao Miao was clearly that kind of guy. If he didn’t have Shen Tui Men backing him up, he definitely wouldn’t be so fearless; openly creating problems in the village.

Honestly, Xuan Luo wasn’t planning to do anything to the Lee family. He somewhat assumed that the Lee family had behind the scene supporters backing them up. Yet, it turned out that it’s also related to Shen Tui Men. Not only that, Dong Fang Yu was in their hands as well…

Xuan Luo said goodbye to Xiao Fang and rushed home to drink with Guan Shan Jue.

Three jugs of wine weren’t too much, but within a short time, both of them had finished. Xuan Luo didn’t drink too much, Guan Shan Jue finished the majority of the wine…

Guan Shan Jue was drunk. The drunken Guan Shan Jue seemed to be mumbling something. But paying closer attention, Xuan Luo could hear “wu wu” (sobbing).

Seeing Guan Shan Jue like this, Xuan Luo’s heart soured. These past two years must have been very difficult for him…


Xuan Luo jumped onto the roof and looked up at the night sky. He watched the stars twinkle all around him. Suddenly, his aura changed and he stated with determination, “Shen Tui Men… I’m going to get you back for all the pain you have caused us.. both new and old.”

The corners of Xuan Luo’s eyes revealed darkness that has never been seen before…


*In the Chinese culture, it is normal to say you feel guilty for accepting gifts (especially if you are not giving something in return). But despite that, the person would usually accept the gift because it is considered rude to reject. So it would be something like, “Oh I feel so bad!” *takes gift* LOL


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