Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 15.

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Chapter 15     Lost

Xuan Luo had no idea how big Wu Dang truly was. As a result, he actually got lost. He had no idea where he was.

Aside from a couple of striking objects/locations, Wu Dang’s architecture looked very similar. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that Xuan Luo had gone the wrong way.

Honestly, it wasn’t surprising for a new disciple to get lost on these mountainous roads the first couple of months. However, usually after a month or so, this will no longer occur. Even if a person had terrible memory; after constantly walking the same path hundreds of times, he will remember it by heart.

Shi mei, walk slower!” A woman’s voice appeared out of nowhere. Xuan Luo analyzed the voice; although there was a bit of frustration in her tone, he could also hear the love and care from it.

Shi jie, come chase me!” Another voice could be heard. This one sounded very playful and sweet.

“Ai ya!” Suddenly, the girl yelped.

The female disciple wasn’t watching where she was going, and she collided right into Xuan Luo. The impact caused her to fall down. Xuan Luo was slightly shocked and a bit shaken by the surprise.

“Shi mei, are you alright?” The other female rushed over as she helped the girl up. Then she furiously turned to Xuan Luo and blasted, “What’s wrong with you? Couldn’t you stepped aside when you noticed my shi mei?”

Xuan Luo was taken aback by the female’s reaction. He didn’t even do anything. Plus, he wasn’t wearing the robe that belonged to Wu Dang.

The female noticed that as well, and started to develop suspicion on Xuan Luo.

“Shi jie, I am okay. I just fell down. I was careless. Don’t blame him!” The girl tried to defuse the situation.

But the explanation was not good enough for the lady. She glared at Xuan Luo, her eyes filled with spite.

Xuan Luo did not know what to do. His mind felt clouded. He honestly did not do anything!

“I’m sorry. When I saw you running over, I wasn’t paying attention.” Xuan Luo sincerely apologized; although he knew that regardless of what he said, the lady was not going to accept it. But then again, he was a little at fault.

The thing was, the girl who fell down had an oval shaped face; her eyes were big and bright, pink lips, and was extremely pleasing to the eyes. Based on what he could tell, this girl did not have one bit of countryside vibe to her. Instead, she seemed more exceptional. Hence, Xuan Luo was too mesmerized and did not pay attention.

“Don’t…don’t worry about it.” The girl stuttered. She wasn’t sure how she should react to Xuan Luo.

“Shi mei. You are too kind. We don’t even know where he is from; whether he is good or bad. You can’t go to easy on him!” The lady scowled as she continued looking at Xuan Luo through her accusing eyes.

“Shi jie, I don’t think he’s a bad guy!” The shi mei whispered. But when she saw the way her shi jie was looking at Xuan Luo, she no longer dared to utter another word.

Seeing this, Xuan Luo was fed up with the shi jie’s attitude. He had already apologized. What more does she want from him?

“Sorry, miss. I didn’t make her fall down on purpose. Please accept my apology.” Xuan Luo tried once more.

“Look at you pretending. I bet you’re from a different Clan…trying to steal our information!” The lady sharply retorted.

“Shi jie…”

“I have already apologized. And this lady here has accepted it. What more do you want?” Xuan Luo couldn’t take it anymore. This lady was way too picky. Yes, he knew deep down he should be more careful since he was a new disciple, but he also had a temper. He wanted to avoid trouble, but this woman kept pushing his buttons. He couldn’t hold back anymore. His face darkened.

“Hummpt! This is the area of Wu Dang’s female disciples. Male disciples can only come here during unusual circumstances. I can tell based on your face you’re up to no good!” With that, the lady reached out her arm to grab onto Xuan Luo.

Xuan Luo finally realized why the shi jie was treating him so badly. He was in their territory! He avoided the lady’s attack and smiled awkwardly, “Oh, I’m so sorry about that. I don’t know the rules of Wu Dang. I just arrived yesterday!”

Xuan Luo explained himself immediately because he didn’t want the situation to escalate.

But the lady refused to listen. She continued to aim for Xuan Luo.

The attack continued for quite awhile, but Xuan Luo avoided every hit.

The shi mei tried to intervene, but her attempt had no effect. Thus, she could only watch from the side; as she nervously stomped her feet together.

Xuan Luo came to the realization that the situation was not going to end until he was captured. Therefore, he decided to avoid no longer. He allowed the lady to grab hold of his hands.

“Ha! You little pervert! You will see how I deal with you!”

“Shi jie, I don’t think he came to our territory on purpose. You didn’t even ask and you…” The shi mei hurriedly countered; her eyes were brimming with tears.

“Shi mei! Let’s go. We’ll bring him to the courtroom and see whether he will confess his crimes!” The lady tried to grab onto Xuan Luo’s hands, but they were too big for her. Thus, she took off her belt (think of it like a scarf/cloth), and tied it around his wrists.

But honestly, if someone wanted to fight back, the belt would have been useless. She only managed to grab onto Xuan Luo because he had allowed her to….


The courtroom was where Wu Dang punished those who went against the rules of the Clan. The courtroom existed because rules were not enough to control everyone’s behaviours. For example, if someone were to take off his/her clothes in public and was seen, he/she would be sent to the courtroom. The courtroom was considered a special institution of Wu Dang.


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