Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 18.

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Thank you for being patient with me. I haven’t been feeling too well and on top of that, I just keep avoiding to translate because it is so hard (mentally draining). Even my mom is complaining I’m too slow (she reads my blog on a tablet). I told her, just read the Chinese version on your own! Haha. She cannot read English anyway, so she uses google translate to translate my blog into Chinese. Sometimes, the grammar is all over the place and she gets a headache. Haha.

Anyhow, here is Chapter 18. By the way, this chapter was very poetic. Some of the words like “似懂非懂” “形易学,意难懂”, sounds so much better/wiser in Chinese. When I translate it literally, “Seems to understand but not understand” It just sounds stupid. “Form is easy to learn, meaning is hard to understand” doesn’t sound good either. 😦

Here is the Chinese version

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Chapter 18     Practicing

In Tian Yu Zi’s opinion, Xuan Luo seemed to understand…but not really. However, compared to before, he was much better; originally, Xuan Luo was like a blank slate.

Xuan Luo still had doubt within his heart, but since Tian Yu Zi was asleep, he did not want to disturb him. Hence, he went off to the side to reflect on what he had learnt.

“A sword fighter should practice the fist first; the fist is part of our body, while the sword is an extension of our body’s outer strength…”

But Xuan Luo was conflicted. Why couldn’t he just go straight to practicing the sword? Why must he practice the fist first? The question remained unanswered inside Xuan Luo’s stomach.

Tian Yu Zi’s nap lasted the whole afternoon. By the time he awoke, it was night time. The night sky of Wu Dang had no firelight. There was only starlight. By now, most of the disciples had gone to bed. In the Clan, most of them were disciplined to wake up at 5am and go to bed by 9pm.

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