Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 16.

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This chapter is simple, but it took me FOREVER because the sentence structure is totally backwards in Chinese. I mean, it’s usually backwards anyway but this chapter was extra backwards. =____=” Ugghhhh. It takes so long to make it sound as normal as possible.

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This is the chapter in Chinese

Chapter 16     Martial Arts Dream

“Master! I have brought a pervert. He dared to come into our female territory!” The woman angrily glared at Xuan Luo as she spoke to an old man.

“Aaaii…Zi Yan, what happened?” The old man calmly responded.

“Master. This guy came to our residence acting all secretive. He also caused shi mei to fall!!”

“Okay, Zi Yan. Xiao Xue is the victim here and she hasn’t said anything! Whereas, you, say too much. I don’t know what to do with you!” This old man was used to Zi Yan’s behaviour. As a result, he didn’t question Xuan Luo’s intentions.

Seeing this old man, Xuan Luo felt very strange. He didn’t know why, but the vibe he felt from the old man caused his heart to feel very heavy.

The moment he saw the old man, he felt this way. Perhaps the man was too prestigious.

The truth was, the old man was the one in charge of the courtroom. Thus, there was a powerful aura that surrounded him.

It was something that had developed as time went by. As a result, disciples who had to face him actually suffered from more stress than when they had to face Zhang Men.

But the old man had a soft spot too. Like Zi Yan. Sometimes, Zi Yan acts like a spoil child around him.

The old man looked at Xuan Luo, “You’re the new disciple of our Clan, right? Tian Yu Zi just left. I’m surprised to see you here now!”

The old man spoke calmly, but Xuan Luo could still feel his powerful aura. He was impressed.

“Huh? The old man came by?” Xuan Luo was surprised.

The old man looked at the belt around Xuan Luo’s wrists and chuckled. He turned to Zi Yan and exclaimed, “Zi Yan! If this xiao xiong di wanted to escape, you seriously think this thin belt could control him? Clearly, he is letting you have your way. You!!!”

Zi Yan was in denial. She pouted and whined, “No! It’s because I beat him. That’s why he’s tied up!”

The old man did not want to argue with Zi Yan. Instead, he lifted his finger in the air and the belt slit off. Xuan Luo was amazed. The man used no weapons, yet he was able to slit the belt without hurting him from such a far distance. He was definitely a highly skilled expert.

But what Xuan Luo didn’t know was that the technique is actually quite simple. As long as one can master their nei li, he/she will be able to do it. Xuan Luo could do it too.

Zi Yan was pouting and was extremely unhappy with the outcome. However, she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Okay. Xiao Xue, bring this xiao xiong di back to Tian Yu Zi’s residence!” The old man could tell Xuan Luo had gotten lost. He had arrived at the female’s residence by mistake. Hence, the old man did not see a need to punish Xuan Luo.

“Master!!!” Zi Yan angrily stomped her feet.


With Xiao Xue’s help, Xuan Luo finally arrived back at Tian Yu Zi’s residence.

“Um..sorry about that..” Xiao Xue mumbled. “Shi jie is like that.. please don’t mind her..”

Xiao Xue spoke very quietly, but Xuan Luo heard every word. He had a weak spot for cute and shy girls like her.

“Don’t worry about it. I accidentally came into your territory and caused you to fall! I should be the one apologizing.” Xuan Luo smiled awkwardly.

“You’re back!” Tian Yu Zi came out of his house.

Then he noticed the girl next to Xuan Luo and joked, “Wow! Impressive! You went out for a walk and brought back a girl!”

Xiao Xue immediately turned red. She looked down and didn’t say a word.

“Old man! Don’t say that! I was lost. She brought me back!” Xuan Luo was irritated.

“Okay. You guys talk. I’m going back inside!” Tian Yu Zi laughed.

“Umm..I’m going to go now…” Xiao Xue whispered.


“Old man! When are you going to start teaching me Martial Arts??” Xuan Luo impatiently asked.

Ever since he watched the battle between Wu Di and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai, his desire to learn Martial Arts had gone up even more.

While he was in Qian Deng Zhen, he had no exposure to any Martial Artists. All the villagers used brute force to fight. When they fought, they had no rhythm or style. They just striked whenever they could.

It wasn’t until now that he had arrived at Wu Dang did he know the importance of style. Every movement has a purpose. Also, he has learnt he could combine different styles together. Depending on the situation, the style can contribute to a different outcome.

Tian Yu Zi did not reply. After pondering for awhile, he asked, “What is Martial Arts to you? Why do you want to learn it? What is your goal?”

Xuan Luo did not know how to respond. Thus, Tian Yu Zi decided to give Xuan Luo some time and space to think about it. He left the house and headed to cool off under the shade of a tree.

After hearing the three questions, Xuan Luo went into a state of deep thought.

Yeah…why do I want to learn Martial Arts? What is my motive? And what is Martial Arts?

Xuan Luo kept repeating these questions in his heart, but he still could not find the answer.

Suddenly, his mind wandered off and he felt as if he had arrived somewhere else. Everything was dark. The only thing he could see was his body.

He really wanted to escape, but he couldn’t see where he was going. He walked aimlessly in the dark…

It’s as if there was no end. He had no idea when he will arrive at his destination.

Martial Arts. What is it? Why do I want to learn it?

Finally, his mind flew to Qian Deng Zhen; the day when Guan Shan Jue was covered with cuts and bruises.

“That dream. My dream! That incident…yes! I need to find out about my past. I need to have the ability. I need to become strong. That’s the reason why I want to learn Martial Arts!”

Xuan Luo bellowed, loud and firm, “My dream! My Martial Arts dream!!”

Then, he opened his eyes. Determination shone through.

Tian Yu Zi could hear Xuan Luo from where he was. He smiled.


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