Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 34.

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Chapter 34     Leaving the mountain

As he walked down the mountainous road, Xuan Luo’s eyes looked bewildered. It was clear that he was frustrated and annoyed. He grumbled, “I can’t believe I’m told to leave the mountain to complete a task. Ugh! I haven’t even started learning the sword yet!”

It wasn’t surprising that Xuan Luo felt this way. In regards to Zhan Feng Hua, neither Tian Yu Zi nor Wu Ya Zi were willing to back off. Coincidentally, Tian Yu Zi found out from the information department that Zhao biao tou was having some issues in Du Cheng. He needed help, so Tian Yu Zi arranged Xuan Luo to leave Wu Dang to assist him.

In regards to this, Xuan Luo couldn’t understand. Clearly, it was an accident. So why was this the conclusion? But with frustration aside, at least he wasn’t the only one leaving the mountain; luckily he was accompanied by Xuan Yuan Duan Ai and Tang Chen.

“Xuan Luo, just let it go. We all know Wu Ya Zi’s temper is the worse in Wu Dang. Master Tian Yu Zi is telling you to leave because he wants to shield you from harm.” Hearing Xuan Luo’s frustrations and complaints throughout their journey was causing Tang Chen to laugh. Although Xuan Luo could be very comical at times, there were still some differences between him and Tian Yu Zi. Under different circumstances, sometimes his words could shock you.

“Yes. Stop dwelling yourself in this. Most of the time, we’re not allowed to leave the mountain even if we wanted to! You already got a good deal. So quit complaining!” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai added.

Hearing this, Xuan Luo didn’t say anymore. He knew that Tian Yu Zi was doing this for his own good.

Zhang Men, the one in charge, Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi discussed for half a day and ultimately decided that this was the best outcome. If Xuan Luo were to stay in Wu Dang at this time, he would definitely become Chun Yang Palace’s sworn enemy. There would be lots of troublesome issues arising, since Xuan Luo had damaged one of Chun Yang Palace’s best disciples.

But, this was something that couldn’t be helped. How would Xuan Luo have known that his strength was this enormous? He did not use any nei li, yet he still shattered Zhan Feng Hua’s core. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

There are always going to be unpredictable factors in a competition. However, Chun Yang Palace was way too unreasonable; it was alright if they hurt other people, but it was not alright if other people hurt their people. So arrogant.

“Um, Tang Chen xiong, Duan Ai xiong, I want to go drop by my home. I haven’t been home for two years.” Xuan Luo looked up at the azure sky; his gaze looked distant.

Seeing Xuan Luo like this, how could Tang Chen and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai not understand? The path of a Martial Artist had always been tasteless and tedious. Compared to Xuan Luo, they have both entered Wu Dang at an earlier age. They have certainly experienced the loneliness.

But when Xuan Yuan Duan Ai heard the word “home”, his eyes revealed a bit of anguish. Although it quickly disappeared, it was definitely revealed.

“Sounds good. I also have some issues I need to deal with. We shall meet in Du Cheng!” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai thought about it, and decided.

“Okay. Let’s meet in Du Cheng then! We’ll meet at Zhao biao tou’s store!” continued Tang Chen. “The reason why Master told us to come down is to help Zhao biao tou. Apparently he has been having some trouble.”

“Okay. It’s been decided!” Xuan Luo and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai spoke in unison.

Then, the three of them separated.

These past two years of practicing Martial Arts had made Xuan Luo’s body much sturdier compared to the time when he had left Qian Deng Zhen. The only thing that didn’t match his body was his skin colour. During his time in Wu Dang, his original bronze skin colour had became sparkling, smooth and exquisite.

If Xuan Luo wore a feminine hairstyle, he would definitely attract many loafers…

As he walked on the path towards his home, Xuan Luo felt some excitement as well as another feeling he found difficult to explain. One of the stronger emotions he was experiencing was discouragement. Bai Tian went missing, and from that day onwards, he had never seen him again. Originally, he thought Bai Tian would have gone to Wu Dang on his own, but clearly that didn’t happen. Although during the past two years he had spent most of his time practicing, it didn’t mean he had never thought of Bai Tian.

After some time, the sky began to slowly darken and Xuan Luo’s stomach also started to make noises.

Fortunately, there was a small village nearby. Xuan Luo could stay there for a night and grab a bite. The small village was called Xia Luo village. He remembers this village from his past. Once, he had lost Bai Tian within the mountains; it was the people from this village that helped save Bai Tian. Also, it was during this time that he stumbled across the ragged book.

Subconsciously, Xuan Luo’s mind went back to that very day.


Underneath the grey misty sky, the sound of rain could be heard. It splattered across the ground and shattered the silence as it striked against the window ledge of the houses. There was no prior indication that it would rain so hard.

“Damn it. Why are we so unlucky? We’ve only been out for a short time, and now it’s raining so hard. How depressing!” Xuan Luo couldn’t help but moan at the rain. Fortunately, both him and Bai Tian found a broken unused house between the mountains to avoid the rain.

Bai Tian smirked as he looked at the grouchy Xuan Luo. He mischievously teased, “Xuan Luo, you haven’t showered for many days. Your body smells. This rain is good. It’s forcing you to shower. See, God treats you well!”

Hearing this, Xuan Luo smiled and countered, “Bai Tian, how dare you say that about me? What about you? I think you haven’t showered in awhile too! The rain is specifically prepared for you!”

Then, Xuan Luo nodded and pretended to think deeply. Seeing Bai Tian’s expression, he laughed out loud.

Bai Tian didn’t say a word, but it appeared as if he was blushing. Xuan Luo probably spoke the truth and managed to hit right on the red target.

At the time, Xuan Luo was only eleven and easily bored. Therefore, Xuan Luo and Bai Tian decided to go exploring behind the mountain. They were also going to hunt for food, since they were both capable of killing most average beasts.

“Bai Tian, we’ve been lost for two to three days now. At this rate, a wolf is going to find our remains and gobble us!” Xuan Luo looked outside the window and sighed. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but who would have thought something like this would happen?

“Fortunately, there are edible fruits here. If not, what you said will probably come true. I think if we could hang on for a couple more days, perhaps someone will be able to find us and rescue us.” Bai Tian sat down on a pile of straw as he played with a rice straw, and sighed.

“When is this rain going to end?” Without thinking, both of them asked the same question at the same time. In a split second, they both looked at each other and smiled.

Xuan Luo and Bai Tian’s clothes were drenched from the rain. Luckily, there were scattered branches and straws in the broken house. Therefore, Xuan Luo and Bai Tian gathered them up and created a small bonfire.

The two of them took off their clothes, and only left their underpants on. Using long branches, they hung up their clothes near the fire so it could dry up.

If they kept the wet clothes on, they could catch a cold.

After awhile, the sky finally cleared up and the fire had been extinguished. Within the broken house were two young lads embraced together while wearing only their underpants; sleeping soundly.

“Bai Tian, get up! We need to strive to find our way home today!” Xuan Luo had woken up and already changed back into his dried clothes.

Bai Tian was still dreaming and reluctant to wake up. It took him quite awhile before he slowly put his clothes back on.


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