Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 22.

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Remember, it’s never 100% accurate. I would say 90%.

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Chapter 22     Cold and Empty

Zi Yang Palace

Zi Yang Palace rested on Wu Dang’s northeast direction, while Chun Yang Palace was on the northwest direction. The two palaces were quite far apart from each other. Wu Dang was known for their balance of Yin and Yang. Therefore, even the architectures here had to be balanced. However, the ba gua diagram could not be totally balanced (since it is round).

Xuan Luo did not realize Zi Yang Palace was in such a bad shape until he had arrived. However, he had never seen Chun Yang Palace either; so it wasn’t like he had something to compare with. But this sight alone was already blinding to his eyes.

Old and rusty. Everything was covered in dust. It seemed like no one had bothered to sweep the place. Xuan Luo fixedly gawked at Tian Yu Zi. He was able to understand though. After all, Tian Yu Zi was a sloppy man. The place a sloppy man looked after must be sloppy as well. Unconsciously, Xuan Luo’s respect for Tian Yu Zi went down a couple levels.

“Hi Master!” As Tian Yu Zi walked inside, the disciples acknowledged him. At the same time, their tone sounded very feeble. Xuan Luo saw a familiar figure at the corner.

Zi Yang Palace’s courtyard was much bigger than Tian Yu Zi’s. But the place was cold and empty. It was quite likely that the few people that were present were all these was.

Tian Yu Zi was appalled by the disciples’ attitude. There were no fire within them. They weren’t even practicing their daily routines. He angrily stormed, “What the f*** are you guys doing? We have a big battle up ahead and you guys are just slacking?!?!!!” (I added the swearing to make him sound more angry, haha)

Tian Yu Zi was honestly enraged. Even Xuan Luo had never seen him this angry.

No one was practicing in the courtyard. But it wasn’t like they were slacking either. Instead, everyone just looked unmotivated and weak; as if they had suffered from a trauma of some sort.

“Master, Chun Yang Palace’s people came again. We are no match for them!” A disciple stepped up and helplessly stated.

“Yes, they bully us whenever they feel like it. But…” Other voices started chirping in.

Tian Yu Zi could feel his anger boiling up inside of him. They already had such few disciples, yet the other group still came to pick fights!? It was intolerable. He could already tell who was behind all this. The conflicting views between the two groups had been here for ages. Neither side was willing to budge or back off.

“It’s Wu Ya Zi, the old bastard, isn’t it?” Tian Yu Zi bitterly screeched.

The disciples did not know how to respond to their Master’s question, and thus, did not utter a word.

At that moment, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai stood up from his corner. “Wu Ya Zi didn’t come. But Wu Di came. For the past two years, he frequently comes to pick fights!”

Wu Di and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s hatred towards each other began two years ago. As a result, whenever he had an opportunity, Wu Di would come to Zi Yang Palace to create chaos. He especially targetted Xuan Yuan Duan Ai.

However, based on the Clan’s rules, disciples were not allowed to kill each other. But, if you harm a disciple during a contest or practicing, that would be considered “an accident”. Hence, Wu Di found every reason to fight Xuan Yuan Duan Ai; which ended up affecting the whole Zi Yang Palace.

“Hehe. Xuan Yuan xiong! Long time no see!” As Xuan Yuan Duan Ai got up from his corner, Xuan Luo smiled and he approached him.

Clearly, Xuan Luo recognized Xuan Yuan Duan Ai. However, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai seemed to have no recognition of Xuan Luo. He was confused. “Me? Do I know you?”

Xuan Luo wanted to bang his head on the wall. Acting like a dogskin plaster, he pressed, “Don’t you remember? Two years ago… you were fighting Wu Di at the Ba Gua stage! I approached you afterwards…”

“I do not remember.” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai coldly replied.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s attitude caused Xuan Luo to feel discouraged. That day, when he first saw Xuan Yuan Duan Ai, for some strange reason, his heart felt a tingle. The tingle wasn’t something that occurred between a man and a woman. Instead, it was as if they have some type of relationship (I swear, it’s his long lost bro. lol)

“Wu Ya Zi doesn’t even know how to properly discipline his own disciples! I am so mad!” Tian Yu Zi exploded like lightning, with exaggerated movements.

“What really happened, Duan Ai xiong?” Xuan Luo disregarded Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s reaction towards him. He could understand a bit through Tian Yu Zi, but he still wanted a more thorough explanation.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai rolled his eyes at Xuan Luo and ignored him. It wasn’t that he was pretending not to remember Xuan Luo though. He honestly could not recall at first. However, after Xuan Luo prompted him, his mind faintly remembered who he was.

“Elder, Chun Yang Palace’s people have always been like this. Our conflicts have been here for ages. You also know about this!” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai continued to ignored Xuan Luo and spoke directly to Tian Yu Zi.

“Humpt! I’m going to go find Wu Ya Zi in a bit!” Tian Yu Zi exclaimed. “You guys better help me win this battle that is taking place three days from now!”

Everyone stared blankly at Tian Yu Zi, and the atmosphere was quite awkward.

Win the battle? Was he nuts? Everyone knew Chun Yang Palace was a big group. Pretty much anyone who could cultivate nei li would join Chun Yang Palace. Each year, they had new blood coming in continuously. It was incomparable to Zi Yang Palace.

“The competition is just a one on one battle and a group battle. Why do all of you look so stressed and depressed? You seriously think we have no one to represent us?” Tian Yu Zi then pointed to Xuan Luo, “This is the disciple I directly taught. Tell him the competition rules. I don’t care, the battle that is happening three days from now, you better help me win even if you’re risking your life! If not, you guys know what is coming!”

All the disciples revealed their forced smiles and anxious expressions. Tian Yu Zi was furious. “Don’t give me that kind of face. We have already lost for so many years. We have to win at least once! This boy is yours!”

Then, with a blink of an eye, Tian Yu Zi disappeared.

“Oh God, help us!” The moment Tian Yu Zi left, Zi Yang Palace was no longer quiet. Cries could be heard everywhere.

“What’s going on?” Xuan Luo asked Xuan Yuan Duan Ai.

“Haha. You shall find out!” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai clearly did not want to say anything else. He forced a smile and went inside the building.

As for the disciples that were still outside, all of them had a stiff smile on their face. Their pain cannot be expressed through words.


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  1. So Xuan Luo going experience of getting bumps on his body with wooden training poles whacking back at him,or a booty trap obstacle course to deal with the Tai Chi fist coordination with the footwork?

  2. hey I just thought of an idea!!! why don’t you make a group!! Lets call it “Grace Translations”. It could reduce your work and irritation and we can communicate via google doc thread. I volunteer as tribute!!! lol I know i can’t do much but I’m sure I can be of help!

    1. Actually, I have been approached by someone who has a translation group. I told him to give me a month to think about it because I don’t know if I can handle this. I only translate two chapters a week and it’s already so tough for me.

      If I were to work with people, sure, it would make it easier, but I would have to translate at a much faster pace. I honestly don’t know if I want to continue after this.

      I don’t want to say I’ll do it and then back out. I’ll have to see…thanks for offering to help though.

      1. It’s good you are thinking about translating seriously. It’s a pretty big commitment and you’ve probably got a good idea of how much work is involved now.

        I think based on your comments, that a good aspect of having a translation team would be the mental support a group can provide. It can be tough to motivate yourself to do a fairly grueling job without people to give you feedback and encourage you at times when you are finding it tough but I completely understand that you might not want the added pressure of timetables and commitments joining a group would bring given you have some health issues, plus I assume you have other commitments to meet like the rest of us.

        All the best no matter what you decide and thanks for this (and all the rest of) the chapter(s).

      2. Aww, thank you for your long and thoughtful comment. Yeah.. I’m not sure right now. I think having a bunch of people to work with would definitely help mentally, but I already feel the pressure and I haven’t even started. -_-. It’s definitely a big commitment and I do not know if I have the ability to follow through.

        I shall see. Maybe I will give it a try. Haha, I need more time to think about it.

      3. That’s why I said your own translation group. In your time and pace. No pressure. Some people even do monthly translations. Its the same in the manga sites where you have your weekly updated and others monthly or even every so often in the whole year. Don’t turn this into a job where you have to meet a deadline. Just take it at your own interval. Remember why you made this blog in the first place! Everyone who reads your translation appreciates your hard work on bringing this novel into readable form for non-Chinese readers. Just the fact that someone is translating this into English gave me a sense of joy when I first found your blog. Heck I did not even start reading your translations but just the mere fact that it is in existence is F@cking awesome. So stick to your own pace and not anyone else. People can wait.

      4. Haha, I’ll see. Thanks for your thoughtful comment though, Enrico. I will continue translating this for now. I’ll see how I feel after that. Haha…

        Thank you so much for everything though. You’ve been so supportive and caring.

        As for the translations, the first couple of chapters are not that good. It gets better though. 😛 When do you plan to start reading? When I’ve translated most of it? Hahahaa

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