Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 21.

To my dear readers,

I struggled so much with this chapter. In fact, I couldn’t translate all the sentences. It wasn’t that there were many new terms, I just don’t know how to translate it from Chinese to English.

Ex. 因祸得福 means something bad was supposed to happen, but instead you gained something out of it. But how the heck do I put that within a sentence? There are so many meaningful phrases but they appear in the middle of a sentence, which makes it nearly impossible for me to translate it correctly. *sigh*

It is so hard and frustrating. And by the way, it turns out that I make $0.00105 for every impression I get from ads. That means, if you views my page 10 times, assuming you don’t have adblock, I would get a penny. A PENNY. How sad is that? They don’t even make pennies in Canada anymore (because it cost more than a penny to make a penny, haha).

Life of a poor translator. *sigh* (yeah, I’m in a bad mood. And this chapter is not that interesting either)

Anyhow, here is this chapter in Chinese.

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Chapter 21     Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace

“What is it?” Xuan Luo halted. During the past two years, aside from when Tian Yu Zi was coaching him, Tian Yu Zi usually had a mischievous smile on his face. Therefore, whenever Tian Yu Zi became serious, he really paid attention. Even if he had questions, he will wait until Tian Yu Zi was finished.

“Do you recall when you first arrived, I told you that Wu Dang has been separated into two different groups? This is what I want to talk about.” Tian Yu Zi continued, “The two groups are Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace; Chun Yang Palace focuses nei li, while using style to assist. Whereas Zi Yang Palace focuses on style, while using nei li to assist.

Xuan Luo felt a little uncomfortable hearing this. In fact, he had heard other disciples mentioned Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace before. However, it was during a time while he was practicing behind the mountain. He accidentally heard about it, so he didn’t asked for details. But since Tian Yu Zi brought it up, it must mean the issues between the two groups were very prominent.

“I’m actually the elder that represents Zi Yang Palace. Three days from now, Zi Yang Palace and Chun Yang Palace are going to hold a competition. This competition only happens once every three years.” As Tian Yu Zi spoke, he intently looked at Xuan Luo. “Nowadays, Martial Artists just want to be fast. Hence, they all want to choose the path to practice nei li. There are very few who would support my path because I focus on outer strength. The type of pain you have to endure from my path is not what most people can handle. Everyday, I make you do the same movement a thousand times. Most think it’s boring and senseless. On the other hand, for nei li, as long as you calm your heart down and meditate, you will see results in a matter of days. That’s why Zi Yang Palace has so few disciples. Our people are less than one percent of Chun Yang Palace ‘s. It’s definitely lonely here.”

Tian Yu Zi deeply sighed. Although everyone was from the same Clan, the separation was extremely huge. He couldn’t do anything about it either.

“As a result, each time we have a competition, Zi Yang Palace always loses. Originally, I wasn’t going to tell you this. But your talent is excellent, and your natural abilities are great. Initially, I thought it would take you at least four years to reach ‘success’ for the Tai Chi fist. Yet, within two years, you have already hit close to it. And it’s funny how the time coincidentally matches with the competition. That’s why I am telling you this now. I hope you can represent our Zi Yang Palace to compete in the competition.”

Once Tian Yu Zi stopped talking, Xuan Luo loudly exclaimed, “Old man, are you serious? You want me to participate? Are you sure you don’t have a fever?”

Xuan Luo’s joking tone caused Tian Yu Zi’s forehead to show more wrinkles. Tian Yu Zi knocked on Xuan Luo’s head.

“Prepare for the competition. You’re my disciple I brought up on my own. No matter what, you have to give me face! Or else, don’t even think about learning the sword!” Tian Yu Zi grumbled.

Hearing this threat, Xuan Luo whined, “Noooo. Old man. You can’t do this to me!”

“It doesn’t matter what you say! I have decided!” Tian Yu Zi firmly retorted. He was not going to allow Xuan Luo to even think about it. “In terms of the competition rules, I will let you know when I bring you to Zi Yang Dian later.”

Xuan Luo was sulky. Originally, he thought he was going to finally learn the sword. Instead, Tian Yu Zi was giving him another hard task. But what can he do? Tian Yu Zi was his Master. Although he always forced him to do things, he was used to it. After spending so much time with him, he had gotten attached to Tian Yu Zi. No matter how much he may argue with him, in the end, he will still accept and do as he wished.

As a matter of fact, according to the evaluation, Xuan Luo wasn’t able to demonstrate nei li when he was being tested by Zhang Men. Therefore, he would have only been able to learn wai gong; which was under Tian Yu Zi anyway. But there are very few who are as naturally gifted as Xuan Luo is. Hence, Tian Yu Zi decided right off the bat Xuan Luo would be his disciple (I don’t know why the author keeps bring this up, I get it! You said it like 4 times or something). Surprisingly, it turned out that Xuan Luo could learn nei gong xin fa. But alas, they were going to continue this wrong path.

But Xuan Luo’s mindset was still quite flexible. He was able to agree with Tian Yu Zi’s theory. Therefore, he was willing to spend a vast majority of time practicing the Tai Chi fist. He was able to learn the true essence of Tai Chi. From being unfortunate to fortunate, he even figured out a footwork on his own.

Tian Yu Zi had mentioned many times about the importance of steps. In Jiang hu, there were rarely any books on steps. However, while they were practicing, they needed it. Because without steps, someone can easily see through the sequence and break it.

During these past two years, Xuan Luo didn’t purposely try to cultivate nei li. The only time he meditated was before he practiced the Tai Chi fist. He would meditate to control his breathing and calm his heart down. Yet, this simple action still increased his nei li substantially.

Xuan Luo had stopped going through the ragged book (the one from the forest, Chapter 1), but based on his gut, the ragged book was definitely not as simple as it looks. Perhaps Wu Dang’s xin fa could not even compete with it. Think about it, what type of nei gong xin fa would initially cause so much pain at the beginning?

Xuan Luo had memorized the xin fa from the ragged book. However, there was something that he missed. That is, the nei li has different levels. One time, as Xuan Luo was meditating, he remembered that the ragged book indicated that there were nine levels. Each time one reaches a level, his/her core would explode and restore once more. Each time it explodes, it was as if a butterfly is coming out of the shell of a caterpillar.

The first level trained the body; the muscles increase in strength and the outer power accelerates. This process was very obvious. The second level trained the bones. The strength of the bones accelerates. As for the third level, Xuan Luo hasn’t figured it out yet. But he knows, the answer will be revealed to him once he has gone through that level.

“Hurry and catch up with me. Zi Yang Palace isn’t that easy to find!” Tian Yu Zi said as he looked at Xuan Luo’s zoned out face.

“Okay…coming..” Xuan Luo sighed. He followed behind Tian Yu Zi, and headed towards Zi Yang Palace.


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15 thoughts on “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 21.”

    1. Hahaah… you’re welcome. Thanks for reading. Sorry I complained so much. I probably complain more than all the other translators and they are so much faster too. V__V

      I think he’s on the 3rd, but he hasn’t graduated yet. I think he doesn’t realizes what it trains until after the level. Once his core feels like it’s going to explode, he will be starting on the 4th.

      1. I don’t think you are alone in your frustrations over translation.

        RWX over at wuxiaworld posted a post a day or two ago talking about the difficulties of translating some of the brief 4 character sayings typical of most Chinese writing into English. You should read it – it will probably make you feel better knowing that you aren’t alone.

        A bunch of translators also have chat rooms they sometimes frequent and you can always ask about translation advice in the novelstranslation subreddit – a number of translators have done it for sayings or terms they are unfamiliar with or are having trouble translating.

        Thanks for the chapter. Keep up the good work.

      2. Thank you so much for your comment, Xandarth! I just read what RWX wrote. Haha, it does make me feel better to know that I’m not alone :P.

        Chinese is definitely a very poetic language, but very difficult to translate. 😦

        I have actually never used any chatrooms before lol (because I honestly suck so much. I have no idea how to use Reddit either. My friend created a template for me and each time I just copy and paste and change the link, LOL)

        I do, however, read other translators’ work though. Random chapters here and there. Haha.

  1. The reason that they repeat so much is because they have a mandatory word limit in a short time frame. As an example Er Gen (different author) writes 2 chapters a day.

    1. Wow. Thanks for letting me know. I was getting so fed up because the author always repeats himself and it makes my translations look stupid lollll

      I think having a mandatory word limit is a bad idea. Haha.

      1. I think it’s ta bad and good idea. The constant repeat makes it easy to pick up again if you forgot story

  2. ” Ex. 因祸得福 means something bad was supposed to happen, but instead you gained something out of it. But how the heck do I put that within a sentence? ”

    Ominous event…..turned experience…….

    umm grace try not thinking too much on the words but more on the feeling. Less is more…. but i suppose Chinese has 13464574573482824457245762482457425783567345645 words/characters to convey one word or feeling vs english. So I suppose it’s very frustrating for you but what the heck do I know lol.

    1. ahahaha yeah, it’s very tough 😦 . There’s so much meaning behind the Chinese phrases. V__V

      I’ll give you an example.

      In Chinese, we have a saying called, “Cup Bow Snake Shadow” (this is the literal translation). Pretty much, one time, a guy went to his friend’s house and he was drinking from a cup. He saw the shadow of the bow behind him in the reflection of his cup, and he thought he drank a snake/or a snake was behind him (I forget the exact story). He freaked out. So, the saying pretty much means, “You scared yourself”. But for me to just say, “You scared yourself” loses the entire meaning of the story. haha

      And the crazy thing is, that’s only 4 Chinese characters.

  3. or the ominous event had a twist of fate, “you’ve gained a new level!”
    or an ominous event turned fortuitous!
    Random fact!
    You know what’s cool about Chinese characters. Each character tells a story! So just make up a story as you read each character! At the same time try not to lose you mind from the many character combinations! The struggle is real! Do not falter! 😛

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