Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 25.

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This is the chapter in Chinese

Chapter 25     Comparing skills

Seeing Tang Chen about to strike, Xuan Luo couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious. He could tell, based on Tang Chen’s fists that he was either at ‘success’ or close to it; just like himself.

Tang Chen’s quan fa was not like his Tai Chi fist. The yin and yang of the Tai Chi fist made it seem like it had no strength, but really, it borrows other people’s strengths. Whereas, Tang Chen’s fists had an immediate threat and power to it. Xuan Luo was extremely startled.

Subconsciously, Xuan Luo’s heart sighed. If Zi Yang Palace had someone like Tang Chen, how did they end up like this?

But now was not the time to think. Tang Chen’s fierce attack was going to touch him at any second.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo used his ba gua steps and his body became like a mudfish; he easily slipped past and avoided Tang Chen’s attack.

His action impressed Tang Chen. Tang Chen smirked and changed his style position and headed for Xuan Luo once again.

Fists require you to get close to your opponent. It also required you to coordinate with your steps in order to have the best outcome. Before figuring out his own steps, Xuan Luo probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid the attack. However, currently, he could easily use his steps to avoid getting hit.

Tian Yu Zi had always emphasized the importance of steps. Yet, he personally didn’t teach Xuan Luo any. Instead, teaching Xuan Luo the Tai Chi fist was his priority. The reason being was that, when it came to steps, anything taught to you was never as good as anything you could figure out on your own. Personally, Xuan Luo had forgotten about learning about steps. However, he was gifted. It turned out whenever he was bored, his mind would automatically think of the Tai Chi fist style; how he should step out, pull back, and make his move. Slowly, he figured out his steps on his own.

As for Tang Chen’s steps, it didn’t seem at all related to his fists. However, it was still quite advanced. Evidently, his steps were taught to him. As he was using it, Xuan Luo could see a lot of flaws in between (like he could break through it).

“Right now is the time!” Xuan Luo silently thought to himself. All of a sudden, he no longer avoided; but instead, turned to faced Tang Chen’s fist.

Without hesitation, he hooked his wrist with Tang Chen’s wrist.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai felt a sense of dread as he watched from the side. He knew that the main purpose of Tang Chen’s fist was to get close enough to strike the opponent. Once he got close enough, the opponent was screwed. Therefore, seeing Xuan Luo willingly allowing himself to get striked, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai thought he was asking to get slaughtered.

But as Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was worrying on the side, the image in his mind did not occur. Instead, he saw Xuan Luo using his hands to push, and Tang Chen’s stance looked unstable.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was surprised. Xuan Luo looked like he didn’t use much strength, yet he was able to push Tang Chen back. He couldn’t believe it.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s style was taught by Tian Yu Zi. But most of the time, Tian Yu Zi asked others to work and does nothing himself. So when it came to questions, he usually had to figure things out on his own. Since Tang Chen had an unique understanding of the style, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai usually goes to him for help.

Tang Chen’s face expression didn’t look good. He felt like no matter what he did, he couldn’t use his powers. Each time he wanted to use his strength, Xuan Luo would shift his wrist, and easily spread apart his powers. Most importantly, it looked like Xuan Luo didn’t use any strength; yet he was able to push him back.

Xuan Luo started moving faster and faster. Right now, he totally forgot he was comparing skills with Tang Chen. He was totally immersed in his practicing state.


Xuan Luo pulled back his fists. He created a big separation between him and Tang Chen. It was clear that he had won. Xuan Luo suddenly snapped back to reality and an astonished expression appeared on Tang Chen’s face.

“Thank you for letting me win, da ge!” said Xuan Luo humbly.

Tang Chen loudly laughed, “You don’t have to be humble. You beat me fair and square. Looks like I haven’t practiced hard enough!”

“Haha!” Xuan Luo couldn’t hold back his grin. When someone praise him, he shall accept.

“Then, about the competition?” He asked.

Tang Chen sighed. “This competition is not as simple as you think. We focus on style, which can also be a disadvantage. But seeing your abilities, I am definitely a frog at the bottom of the well (idiom, meaning his view of the world is limited). Are you aware of Chun Yang Palace’s current situation?”

Xuan Luo wasn’t sure. “Da ge. Please, explain!”

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai looked at Tang Chen and instantly elaborated. “Haha, Xuan Luo. Basically, in Chun Yang Palace, the majority of their people are able to outer project their nei li. For us, since we focus on style, we have to get close enough in order cause any real damage. The problem is, how can we get close enough?”

If a person was able to outer project his nei li, it meant that his nei li had reached a certain level. This made it more difficult for those who study style. If you cannot touch your opponent, then your skills were useless.

“Oh I see!” Xuan Luo nodded. He did have a little understanding of nei li’s outer projection. After all, he could cultivate nei li, and he had practiced nei gong xin fa. For some reason, although the ragged book doesn’t have a name, he was confident that his xin fa was not inferior to Wu Dang’s.

“Can’t we think of a way to break through?” Xuan Luo questioned.

“Right now, we have no solution. When we are in a battle, both sides are releasing energy. Their energy can harm us. If we cannot get close enough to harm them, then we are already defeated.” Tang Chen sadly shook his head.

Actually, in terms of potential, Tang Chen definitely held the number one spot in Zi Yang Palace. Before Xuan Luo’s arrival, he had participated in every competition. However, each time he was always defeated; and he was doomed to be defeated from the start. Although he had some confidence in Tian Yu Zi’s theory, after being defeated again and again, his faith had wavered. Hence, he no longer wanted to meddle with Zi Yang Palace’s affairs. Instead, he went to the back of the mountain and isolated himself to practice on his own.

“Ai, da ge. This time, Zi Yang Palace is going to win this competition!” Xuan Luo stated with determination. His eyes shone with boldness.

Seeing how strong willed Xuan Luo was, Tang Chen could feel his inner soul coming alive again. He smiled and said, “Yes, this time we will win!”

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai didn’t know what to say, but his inner soul was coming alive again as well. At this moment, all three of them looked at one another, each showing their will to win.

“Yes. We must win in the individual competition as well as the team competition!” Then, Tang Chen suddenly recalled, “Oh, Xuan Luo. Have you practiced the zhen fa yet?”

“Yes. I have learnt the ‘zhen fa for three’ ” Xuan Luo nodded.

“Good. We’ll start practicing now. We don’t have much time left, so we must make use of what we have left. We have to combine the zhen fa, or else it will not be able to work.”

“Ha!” All three of them called out together. Then, they stood in their position.

Heaven, Earth, and the Man (I know, it sounds so weird when I translate it..-_-). Each of them holds a position and beings to practice.

For every time they rotate and attack, their bonding connection became better and better. Soon, the moon was hanging in the night sky.

Xuan Luo and Tang Chen both lied on the grass with their hands behind their heads. As they looked up the starry sky, the smiles on their faces were bright as well.

Night time. It was calm. The calming feeling causes one to feel at peace. Whenever Xuan Luo had time, he would look up the great big sky. The sky of the Wu Dang mountain was amazing. It was so good that Xuan Luo didn’t know how to describe it. The feeling just felt awesome. His mood was fabulous….the sky was so pure. Even if a cloud tried to block the stars, within a few minutes, the wind will scatter it.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai lied on the grass as well, “Haha. I have a bit more confidence in the competition this time!”

“Yes. This time, Zi Yang Palace might actually win!” Tang Chen agreed.

“No, Tang xiong, Xuan Yuan xiong. This time, we will win!” Xuan Luo yelled. He pulled out his two hands from under his head and lied like a 大 (the shape of the Chinese character).

Tang Chen and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s smiles were awkward as they both said in unison, “You are way too confident!”

“Having confidence is good! No matter what, for this competition, we will show Chun Yang Palace what we at Zi Yang Palace are capable of!” Xuan Luo shouted.

At that moment, Tang Chen and Xuan Yuan Duan Ai both smacked Xuan Luo’s head.

“Ow, don’t hit my head!”

“Hey! What are you trying to do!?”

“Ahh! Don’t! I’m ticklish!!”


Just like this, the three of them playfully fought one another. Their feelings/emotions for each other had gone up substantially. Originally, they all had a barrier against each other. But now, their hearts were linked. All three of them had the same goal; which was, Zi Yang Palace must win this competition.



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  1. Thank you for your hard work in translating this novel. I really appreciate all you have done. I really do like this novel so far and look forward to it. Thank you thank you.. You are awesome in my book.

  2. obviously i read the series (to date) in one sitting, with breaks for comics, fb and other distractions, the translation is solid, easy to read and soforth, i can’t comment on whether or not you’re getting all the subtleties and nuances or whatever, but it’s easy to read and you’re doing it, at which point i’m not complaining, thanks for your work so far

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