Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 27.

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Chapter 27     Single Elimination Open Tournament: Round One

“Old man…” Xuan Luo quietly murmured. Seeing Tian Yu Zi act like this, Xuan Luo felt an emotion he could not explain. Perhaps it was because they had spent two years day and night; his attachment towards Tian Yu Zi had deepen. Aside from Guan Shan Jue, Tian Yu Zi was the other person in his heart.

“You little monkey! If you don’t kick their ass, I’m not going to be done with you! I’m going to die from anger!” Originally, Xuan Luo wanted to comfort Tian Yu Zi; but his words shocked him. He was lying down and he still got shot? (He wasn’t actually shot. He just meant Tian Yu Zi was angry at him even though he didn’t do anything) What the heck.

It wasn’t surprising that Tian Yu Zi was so angry. He was fed up with Chun Yang Palace’s bullying.

“Forget it. Let’s go. This time, no matter what, we have to get Zi Yang Palace’s face back!” (The concept of face mainly has to do with pride). Xuan Yuan Duan Ai consoled on the side.

“Yes!” Xuan Luo and Tang Chen both agreed. Regardless, they must win back their face!

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