Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 29.

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This is the chapter in Chinese (Remember, I didn’t translate word for word. Some phrases are impossible. And I skipped a few lines if it’s just a repeat of what the author had mentioned many times before)

Chapter 29     A sudden event

Xuan Luo looked up onto the stage as well. He had fought with Tang Chen once before, so he was aware of Tang Chen’s potential; aside from having some flaws in his steps, everything else was fine.

“Haha. You didn’t participate last time, eh?!” Zhan Feng Hua seemed to recognized Tang Chen. (I thought he participated in every competition before Xuan Luo came…the author needs to make up his mind. -_-)

Currently, Tang Chen was twenty five years of age. Even Zhang Ri was twenty four. This meant that Tang Chen had been with Wu Dang for a very long time. Most of the disciples entered a Clan at the age of seven or eight; some even at five or six. Each Clan was located at a different area. People’s choices may differ as well. However, Wu Dang was the most popular because it was closest to Du Cheng.

Other Clans were located in faraway provinces. It could take months to arrive at a Clan (which would require a lot of money). Hence, the reality was that only those who came from affluent families may choose the Clan of their choice. Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 29.”