Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 29.

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This is the chapter in Chinese (Remember, I didn’t translate word for word. Some phrases are impossible. And I skipped a few lines if it’s just a repeat of what the author had mentioned many times before)

Chapter 29     A sudden event

Xuan Luo looked up onto the stage as well. He had fought with Tang Chen once before, so he was aware of Tang Chen’s potential; aside from having some flaws in his steps, everything else was fine.

“Haha. You didn’t participate last time, eh?!” Zhan Feng Hua seemed to recognized Tang Chen. (I thought he participated in every competition before Xuan Luo came…the author needs to make up his mind. -_-)

Currently, Tang Chen was twenty five years of age. Even Zhang Ri was twenty four. This meant that Tang Chen had been with Wu Dang for a very long time. Most of the disciples entered a Clan at the age of seven or eight; some even at five or six. Each Clan was located at a different area. People’s choices may differ as well. However, Wu Dang was the most popular because it was closest to Du Cheng.

Other Clans were located in faraway provinces. It could take months to arrive at a Clan (which would require a lot of money). Hence, the reality was that only those who came from affluent families may choose the Clan of their choice.

“Stop with the crap and let’s battle.” Tang Chen coldly responded; he definitely didn’t give Zhan Feng Hua any face.

Seeing Tang Chen act this way, Zhan Feng Hua felt humiliated. In Chun Yang Palace, he was one of the most respected disciples. Other disciples would do anything to please him. Therefore, how could he not be angered right now?

Zhan Feng Hua pulled out his sword and pointed it horizontally at his opponent. As he stood on stage, everyone could feel the intensity of his demeanor.

Tang Chen did not initiate an attack. He knew he was at a disadvantage since he was using fists. An inch long, an inch strong (LOL HAHAHAHA. WHO TALKS LIKE THAT? HAAHAHAHA. He means, the longer the inch, the more advantage the person has!). Regardless how strong a body may be, it cannot face a weapon force with force. Although, in jiang hu, there were some skilled martial artists who could use their body strength to suppress the strength of weapons.

Tang Chen closed his eyes and deeply inhaled. Since he was representing Zi Yang Palace, he was under tremendous pressure. Aside from Wu Ya Zi’s constant provocation, his age also played a factor. By his age, he should be going through jiang hu and experiencing life. However, he had never left the mountains because he wasn’t able to reach ‘success’ yet. In addition, he stayed for Zi Yang Palace…

As a disciple of Zi Yang Palace, Tang Chen didn’t want to see Zi Yang Palace continue going on a spiraling downfall. However, a mayfly cannot shake a tree (Tang Chen is implying he was a fly compared to Chun Yang Palace, which is “the tree”). After all, he was not a God. He was only human. Plus, Chun Yang Palace’s reputation was steadily expanding; while Zi Yang Palace just kept on deteriorating. Aside from the very few disciples, they basically had nobody.

Zhan Feng Hua didn’t move either. He remained standing where he was, looking at Tang Chen. They were both staring at each other.

Both of them looked at each other; with fire in their eyes.

But as they exchanged glances, Tang Chen and Zhan Feng Hua had already exchanged numerous rounds. The surprising thing was, they were using their spirits to fight.

Each person was born with a spirit. There wasn’t a fixed method on how to cultivate the spirit. Instead, it was an unnoticed transformation. Currently, Tang Chen and Zhang Feng Hua were using their spirits.

Xuan Luo looked at the stage, and was confused. “Duan Ai xiong, why are they not attacking each other?”

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s eyes were fixed on the stage. He solemnly whispered, “They have already started to measure up against each other. I just can’t tell who is the stronger one.”

When it came to the spirits fighting, it didn’t merely test a disciple’s physical strength; it also tested a disciple’s mental understanding of Martial Arts. Sometimes, the battle of the spirits were more fierce than the battle of the bodies.

Xuan Luo stared intently on the stage. Suddenly, he was shocked to discover that he could see the battle scene!

He didn’t know how it happened, but he could see the two fighting ferociously in the air. Tang Chen’s attack was intense; his steps were fitting too. But Zhan Feng Hua was fighting equally as well. But suddenly, Zhan Feng Hua’s nei li increased rapidly; he wield his sword and produced a stream of qian qi which blasted its way towards Tang Chen.

“Tang da ge is going to lose…” Somehow, the words came out of Xuan Luo’s mouth.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai looked at Xuan Luo as if he was a strange beast. Most people cannot see the battle of the spirits; instead, they only see two people looking at one another. Yet, Xuan Luo seemed to be able to see who was winning; clearly he was not normal.

Right after Xuan Luo made his prediction, Tang Chen spat out a mouthful of fresh blood; and his face turned as white as paper.

“I lost….” Tang Chen quietly accepted his defeat. He had no more strength to continue talking. He walked to the edge of the ba gua stage and hopped off.

Xuan Luo rushed to his side, “Tang da ge, please rest. It’s my turn. I will try my best.”

Tang Chen weakly smiled at Xuan Luo.

Zhan Feng Hua’s condition was not much better than Tang Chen’s. Tang Chen only lost because he wasn’t able to avoid the last hit. The speed of the qian qi was too quick.

But just like that, Zhan Feng Hua’s nei li was now empty.

Unlike the other contestants, Xuan Luo didn’t directly leaped onto the stage. Instead, he walked to the side of the stage and went up the steps.

This stunned the audience and Tian Yu Zi couldn’t help but smacked his forehead.

Wu Ya Zi smirked, “Tian Yu Zi, this is the disciple you brought up? Wow….”

“You have no right to judge my disciple!!” Tian Yu Zi roared. Tian Yu Zi’s voice caught the attention of all the audience, and everyone turned towards the platform.

“What? You can’t accept it? Then do something about it! I’ve already told you, your shitty theory doesn’t work! You just won’t believe me. It has already been so many years, and your strongest disciples from Zi Yang Palace is comparable to our average disciples at best. What are you going to do about it, huh?!?” Wu Ya Di definitely wasn’t going to allow this opportunity to slip. Rarely would he have the opportunity to make Tian Yu Zi look bad in front of all the disciples.

Xuan Luo had just gotten on stage, but he overheard everything due to their booming voices. He mumbled, “Old man…”

Xuan Luo knew the existence of Chun Yang Palace and their current potential was causing Zi Yang Palace a lot of stress; and all the stress was directly falling onto Tian Yu Zi.

Zhang Men and the Zhang Lao in charge did not try to stop the bickering. After all, they were both the elders of the Clan. In addition, they knew their personalities.

“Humpt! If you got skills, then let’s battle! You smelly feet guy! I’m not done with you!” Tian Yu Zi exploded like lightning.

“Let’s battle then! I’m not afraid of you!” Wu Yai Zi’s posture was definitely not weaker than Tian Yu Zi’s. They started fighting on their platform.

Zhang Men wanted to intervene, but unexpectedly, Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi fought and flew their way onto the ba gua stage.


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  1. Nice very nice. Been reading other stories and gotta say its a first time the two instructors fight in the middle of a competition. Hope it ends up with a good fight.
    Thank you for another good chapter and thank you for your hard work too.

    1. Thanks for reading!!! Hehe! Please check out my other translations as well! ☺️☺️☺️ Zui wu Dao was my first project and I am still not done editing! Lollll I kept getting confused with the tenses 😣😣

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