Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 30.

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Chapter 30     Ridiculous turn of event

“Hummpt! All these years, we have never truly fought a proper match. Come! You think I’m afraid of you?!” Tian Yu Zi provoked as he pointed obnoxiously at Wu Ya Zi; he wouldn’t shut up.

The audience did not expect this scene to take place. Originally, they came to watch the competition. Now, they were just dumbstruck by what had happened. They didn’t know what was going on.

However, Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi’s fight disagreement was definitely ruining their reputations. As Wu Dang’s elders, they were supposed to behave in a certain manner (respectable and serious). Yet, their current behaviour was unacceptable.

However, their actions were giving the audience a new and fresh feeling.

Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi were already on the stage; the fury had been ignited.

Don’t underestimate Tian Yu Zi’s old silly face; when he was provoked, he definitely got to work. With a blink of an eye, he disappeared on stage.

Wu Ya Zi immediately tensed up. When it came to understanding Tian Yu Zi, he actually knew more about him than Zhang Men did. The reason being was that in the past, something entwined them together. It was because of this issue that both of them quarreled; leading to the creation of Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace. Of course, that was something to be explained later.

Xuan Luo was astounded to see this side of Tian Yu Zi. He had never actually seen Tian Yu  Zi show all his abilities. Thus, his admiration for Tian Yu Zi subconsciously went up quite a few levels.

“Impressive!” Xuan Luo praised.

In an electrifying moment, Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi had already battled dozens of rounds. As Xuan Luo watched from below the stage (how did he end up below the stage? I thought he was already on the stage. -_-” Jeez, author. Make up your mind!), he basically couldn’t see Tian Yu Zi’s figure. Very rarely would he slow down; but immediately he would disappear again.

Tian Yu Zi’s speed was incredible. Compared to him, Wu Ya Zi was much slower. As a result, everyone focused their attention on Wu Ya Zi.

Currently, Wu Ya Zi’s situation was not favourable. Tian Yu Zi was indeed too fast. Within a short period, he had already been attacked by Tian Yu Zi countless of times.

At that moment, Wu Ya Zi could not hold back anymore. He loudly roared and accelerated straight ahead. Because he was too quick, only a distorted figure could be seen.

The audience’s eyes and jaws were dropping all over the place (an expression, not actually dropping lol). Xuan Luo felt a ripple through his heart. Is this the potential of a true Martial Artist? When calm, remain still like a mountain; but once the cover is off, the speed could not be seen by the naked eye.

Now, no figures could be seen on stage. But everyone knew those two were still battling on stage. It was just that they were invisible.

Perhaps people wanted a confirmation; as the audience were staring frantically at the stage, a banging explosion that shook the Heaven and Earth could be heard.

It was as if the air exploded around everyone. A shapeless hurricane blew onto the audience’s faces and caused it to sting.

Then, two figures revealed themselves in midair. Both Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi’s clothes were torn as they both grabbed hold of each other; neither willing to let go. They looked extremely comical and ridiculous.

“Haha! You didn’t expect this, eh? Your true qi bomb didn’t own me!” Tian Yu Zi teased and chuckled.

Tian Yu Zi looked pretty worn out, so it was quite difficult for others to applaud him. But in such a situation, he was still joking around and being silly. He was truly Tian Yu Zi…

“Pssh, don’t be so sure of yourself! My true qi bomb hasn’t been mastered yet. When I am truly able to project all my nei li, you will be left without your skeleton!” Wu Ya Zi was agitated by Tian Yu Zi’s smiling face. Hence, he had to refute.

“Hmmpt! Come! Who’s afraid of whoooo?” Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi were no longer making crazy moves on each other. Instead, they were fighting with physical strength (like wrestling?)

Now, it was clear that Tian Yu Zi had the advantage over Wu Ya Zi. Clearly, they had both exhausted their energy (Wu Ya Zi must have ran out of nei li). If not, what had happened earlier would have continued.

Now, Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi were acting like two children as one would punch and the other would kick. At times, they would try to squish each other.

Such an amazing fight suddenly turned out like this… what a ridiculous turn of event!

Seeing this, Zhang Men and the zhang lao in charge looked at each other and laughed. Then, the zhang lao in charge stood up and flew towards Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi. With each hand on an elder, he tried to separate the two from fighting.

“You smelly feet guy! I’m not done with you!” Tian Yu Zi shrieked as the zhang lao in charge grabbed hold of him.

Likewise, Wu Ya Zi wouldn’t back off, he shrilled, “How dare you call me smelly feet guy? I’m not done with you!”

Just like that, the two started fighting once more…

Chun Yang Palace and Zi Yang Palace had been having issues for a long time now. But no one really knew what had happened between Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi. It hadn’t been revealed because both were experts in their field (As a translator, I’m confused right now…why can’t it be revealed? huh)

As Xuan Luo watched Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi, his mind was going wild. Earlier, the two’s conflicts were very obvious. But now, they were acting like childhood friends; fooling around.

But at that moment, seeing Tian Yu Zi so worn out, Xuan Luo felt slightly sad inside. He didn’t care about Wu Ya Zi, but Tian Yu Zi caused his heart to feel something.

It seemed as if Tian Yu Zi and Wu Ya Zi’s battle was finally coming to an end. The intense battle from earlier, however, will have a lasting impression on the disciples’ heart forever.

As for Zi Yang Palace, many disciples were now more confident about Tian Yu Zi’s theory.

Remember, Wu Ya Zi was the boss of Chun Yang Palace; his nei li was definitely way more advanced and powerful compared to the other disciples under him. Although no one truly knew what that explosion sound was, some disciples could tell it was nei li that was outer projected.

Only those who had reached a certain state could outer project their nei li. At the beginning stage, even releasing nei li at the appropriate time was tough. Outer projection of nei li was way beyond that. It takes a lot of control before it can happen…


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  2. Haha when you felt the need to explain the Idiom for their jaws dropping it took me by surprise because it immediately made me think of it literally happening. Every Wudang disciple suddenly became a zombie in my imagination. xD

    1. Lol! You are so funny!!! Haha. Actually, the actual translation was more like, eyes widened mouth widened. But it’s very exaggerated (the expression), so I changed it to jaw dropping because if I said eyes and mouth widened, it would be too weak. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose the right word to use. Sigh. My chapters are only about 90% accurate.

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