Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 26.

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This chapter was very awkward to translate towards the end. You will see what I mean. It sounds really strange because no one would talk like that in English. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.

By the way, I was actually recruited to translate for a team last month. I told him I needed some time to think about it, and I am supposed to give my response soon. Honestly, I don’t know. I feel like it’s a good opportunity because I would be able to work with other people and perhaps meet other translators as well. But at the same time, the thought of translating daily is horrifying because of how difficult it is. I only do two per week and I go partially nuts. Obviously, I want to get paid for my time.But I have already figured that’s probably not going to happen unless my readers are all addicted. *sigh*. And even so, who wants to pay when you can get it for free? lol I would never pay to watch dramas online.

I am still thinking. I want to finish this first though.

Anyhow, this is the chapter in Chinese

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Chapter 26     To provoke

Today, the atmosphere in Zi Yang Palace was different from the usual. Everyone’s attention was centralized on Tian Yu Zi.

“Xuan Yuan Duan Ai, Xuan Luo, and Tang Chen will be representing us for the competition.” said Tian Yu Zi sternly as he stood in the centre of the main hall.

The disciples honestly didn’t have much confidence in regards to the competition. Of course, that didn’t include Xuan Luo and them. Xuan Luo believed he was prepared for the competition.

“Old man. Why are you talking so much rubbish? You’re making this too serious!” Xuan Luo pouted. He said it bluntly despite the occasion.

Tian Yu Zi glowered at Xuan Luo; as if he was trying to say: Young man, give me some face! We are in a public place with numerous people.

Actually, it wasn’t surprising for Tian Yu Zi to act this way. Usually, Xuan Luo did not address him like how a disciple should. Instead, they called each other by their nicknames (lol is ‘old man’ considered a nickname? Haha).

Don’t underestimate Tian Yu Zi for being a zhang lao; when he played, he was crazier than everyone else. But when he was serious, he was able to act in a leading position.

Clearly, Xuan Luo didn’t care about these small details. He chuckled and smiled, “Don’t worry about it! It’s no big deal!”

Seeing how Xuan Luo and Tian Yu Zi were acting, all the disciples stared in astonishment. Their expressions were very exaggerated, but the most exaggerated ones were Xuan Yuan Duan Ai and Tang Chen. They knew Xuan Luo was being taught by Tian Yu Zi directly, but they didn’t expect their relationship to be at this level.

*Cough cough* “This time, all three of you must extinguish Chun Yang Palace’s arrogant attitude. If not, you know what to expect!” Tian Yu Zi said with obscurity. However, Xuan Luo could definitely sense the coldness in Tian Yu Zi’s tone. Subconsciously, his whole body quivered with excitement.

“Okay…” Xuan Luo responded and turned towards Xuan Yuan Duan Ai and Tang Chen. All three of them placed their palms on top of each other. Just as they were about to separate, Tian Yu Zi placed his old wrinkly hand on top as well.

They looked at each other and loudly hollered, “Add oil!” (Add oil really means keep going. Chinese people like to say that a lot. I guess it’s because you can keep going if you have oil? LOLLLL okay I will stop now)

Ba Gua Stage

The ba gua stage was one of Wu Dang’s most unique features. As a result, most competitions or practicing took place here.

In addition, the ba gua stage was very close to Tai He Dian. Those who made decisions for the Clan only needed to stand from the back window, and they would be able to see everything that was happening on stage. The ba gua stage was located behind the Tai He Dian in a big public square. It could fit nearly a thousand disciples at a time. Practicing was alright, but battling, not so much. Hence, usually very few would battle on the ba gua stage.

As Xuan Luo approached the entrance that led to the ba gua stage, he sensed some familiarity. He quickly asked, “Duan Ai xiong, we’re not battling here, are we?”

“Yes, why?” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai turned around and looked at Xuan Luo in confusion.

“Nothing…” Xuan Luo muttered.

Actually, there was a reason why Xuan Luo asked. He was aware of the conflicting views amongst the two groups. Therefore, he knew that Chun Yang Palace was going to think of ways to take their people away from them. This competition was one of their methods. Originally, Zhang Men would have taken him in if he could demonstrate nei li; Tian Yu Zi just got lucky.

This was actually the main reason why Tang Chen didn’t want to participate in the competition. However, since he wasn’t close to Xuan Luo, he only said they were at a disadvantaged; instead of revealing his true thoughts.

Since Zi Yang Palace focused on style, their nei li was quite weak (or nonexistent) in most cases. But that hadn’t stopped Chun Yang Palace from coming to Zi Yang Palace to recruit and steal people. Anyone who had the slightest abilities would be convinced to follow them instead. Yet, after they leave Zi Yang Palace, these disciples were treated terribly and given dirty tasks. Thus, Tang Chen hated Chun Yang Palace with a passion.

A long time ago, they had tried to recruit Tang Chen, but he rejected them. He’d rather stay in Zi Yang Palace happily than to be treated like a dog in Chun Yang Palace.

Sadly, each competition ended in defeat. Chun Yang Palace looked down on them and said very hurtful things. He wanted to fight back, but the Clan rule was clear: “Being a person is more important than his skill”. And it was true. Hence, Tang Chen started closing himself off to everyone. It wasn’t until he reached ‘success’ that he realized that Tian Yu Zi’s theory was possible. Thus, he participated in the competition once again. But the people of Chun Yang Palace were despicable. They never allowed him to get close. Hence, all his hard work went in vain. (Well, duh. Why would they let you get close if they want to win? That’s just stupid. lol)

“Oh, isn’t it Duan Ai? What? You want to get beaten up again so soon?” Xuan Luo heard a voice sneered behind him.

A bunch of people around them started snickering. Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s eyes darkened.

“You…” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was clearly agitated, but he held back.

“Haha. Zi Yang Palace should have been long disbanded. You might as well just join us at Chun Yang Palace. Maybe we’ll give you a role! Haha!”

Xuan Luo had enough. He was trying to repress himself, but hearing those words, he was furious. He turned to the man, “Two years ago, I remember I saw a man who was beaten by Duan Ai xiong. Wasn’t it you, Wu Di? Don’t think just because your name is Wu Di, you are wu di!? (Wu di can also mean invincible in Chinese if you change the intonation).

“You…” Wu Di shrieked as he pointed to Xuan Luo.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. I will put you in your place later. I honestly don’t get it. Why are some people such assholes? Are they born like that?” Xuan Luo mocked. At first, he wanted to bite his tongue, but Wu Di was just too much.

The competition hadn’t even began, but the atmosphere already smelt of gunpowder. At that moment, an old man walked out. His face looked like a red radiant light, and his hair looked like it had been wiped with oil.

“Doll, your teeth and mouth are as sharp as weapons, eh? We’ll see how you do later. Xiao Di, why are you wasting your time with these people? Let’s go!” This old man’s voice was sharp and highly pitched.

“You old feet man, our business is none of your business! You should take a look at your disciples. They have terrible conducts and morals. At least, our people from Zi Yang Palace are of much better characters than your people from Chun Yang Palace. And your mouth is like smelly feet!” Tian Yu Zi was behind them and oversaw everything. The rage on his face remained as he yelled at Wu Ya Zi, who was in front of him.

“Humpt! We’ll see who wins! Humpt! Let’s go!” It looked as if Wu Ya Zi felt slightly guilty towards Tian Yu Zi. When he looked at Tian Yu Zi, he didn’t do anything but ordered the rest of his disciples to head towards the ba gua stage.

“I am going to die from anger! Die from anger! I cannot tolerate their bullying!” Tian Yu Zi had never exploded like lightning before. Right now, he was about to shoot off.


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  1. Xuan Luo better use his steps to swipe the weaponry and toss them out, just like he did with the old man’s wine gourd. 🙂

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    1. Haha, I put a lot of effort into making it easy to read.Thank you for appreciating! Chapter 27 is going to be really good but it’s so hard to translate…-_-” I might start working on it tomorrow…I shall see. It does take a lot of motivation to keep translating. Sigh.

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