Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 24.

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Chapter 24     Tang Chen

The “Zhen fa for three” combined the Heaven, the Earth, and the Man. During the zhen fa, it required the Martial artists to be extremely compatible with one another; that was the only way if the goal was to attack and defend. However, once someone could see through the zhen fa, it will be destroyed automatically.

There were many zhen fa in jiang hu. The “Zhen fa for three” was one of the most basics of its kind, although it did have certain requirements. Since Zi Yang Palace focused on style, “Zhen fa for three” was the best zhen fa because it could substantially increase the power of the attack. The movements of the Heaven, Earth, and the Man constantly changes; which made it difficult for people to see and break through.

Xuan Luo was smitten by the zhen fa in his hands. He had never truly understood the concept of zhen fa until now. Seeing the zhen fa in front of him, he finally had the opportunity to understand the deep meaning within it.

Within a few hours, Xuan Luo felt as if he had achieved a speedy enlightenment. It was unfortunate that only Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was around. If not, he would have wanted to try and experience the mighty power of the “Zhen fa for three”.

“Duan Ai xiong, this zhen fa is so fascinating! In such a short time, I’m already able to feel and somewhat experience the mightiness of it. With this zhen fa and our combined team effort, we will definitely have an advantage!” Xuan Luo laughed; his face carried his confidence.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s smile wavered, “This zhen fa may seem relatively simple, but in order for it to work, all three people must be able to use it. In addition, Chun Yang Palace has this zhen fa as well. We are…aiii!”

“I see!” Although Xuan Yuan Duan Ai tried to lower his hope, Xuan Luo was still anticipating the battle. No matter what, he must help Zi Yang Palace earn back some face; even if it meant he must give it his all (*Face is a very important concept in Asia).

“Come on, let me bring you to the other guy!”

Behind Zi Yang Palace lied a forest. Many diligent disciples would come here to practice their gong fa and nei li. Regardless of location, the spiritual air was the strongest within the mountains. That was the reason why most jiang hu people choose a forest on a mountain to disappear to when they decide that they no longer wanted to meddle with the world’s affairs.

“Tang Chen shi xiong, are you here?” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai shouted into a cave; an echo could be heard.

Xuan Luo was extremely curious as he stared at the cave. Immediately, a radiant laughter could be heard, “Haha, Xuan Yuan, it’s you!”

No one had appeared yet, but the voice arrived first. Xuan Luo gawked at the entrance. Gradually, out came a figure.

The man was unattractive, but his eyes were bright and alert. He seemed likeable and kind.

“Tang Chen shi xiong, I came here to ask you in regards to…” However, before Xuan Yuan Duan Ai could finish, Tang Chen cuts him off.

“I already said, if it’s about the battle between Zi Yang Palace and Chun Yang Palace, drop it!” Tang Chen could tell Xuan Yuan Duan Ai wanted to convince him to join the competition again, and he was furious.

*cough cough* Xuan Yuan Duan Ai held back his words.

“This da ge, this battle will affect Zi Yang Palace’s reputation! As disciples of Zi Yang Palace, we need to protect it!” Xuan Yuan beamed as he looked at Tang Chen. However, Tang Chen’s anger had not diminished. Hearing Xuan Luo’s words, he glared at him.

“What do you know? Don’t talk shit when you don’t know anything!”

“As Wu Dang’s disciples, we should have a common enemy. But right now, it’s as if we are having a cold war amongst each other. Although I don’t know exactly what has happened to cause you to be like this, but it is clear how Chun Yang Palace is behaving. They are arrogant. They cannot be like this forever. Just because Zi Yang Palace is in a bad state right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean we will remain like this in the future. Tian Yu Zi is my Master, and no matter what, I will guard Zi Yang Palace to the best of my abilities. I don’t care about the outcome; as long as I try my best, it’s enough!” Xuan Luo declared righteously. The power of his tone was comparable to Tang Chen’s.

Tang Chen stared icily at Xuan Luo. It looked like he was carefully analyzing. His face showed he was in deep thought as he looked at Xuan Yuan Duan Ai.

“Tang Chen shi xiong, Tian Yu Zi directly taught him and brought him to us.” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai hurriedly stated, before things could escalate.

“Tian Yu Zi’s direct disciple, eh?” Tang Chen muttered as he gently rubbed his chin.

“Haha. Come here. Are you here to negotiate?” Tang Chen’s anger had turned into amusement.

“Yes. Duan Ai xiong said three of us need to work together as a team to represent Zi Yang Palace in the battle.” Xuan Luo paused, “Currently, the disciples in Zi Yang Palace have lost their fire. How many are actually still trying? Chun Yang Palace have killed our atmosphere. This is our chance! Even if we cannot turn the tables around, at least we can bring back some confidence. That should be our goal. Personally, I do believe Master Tian Yu Zi’s theory is correct. It’s just that before we can prove his theory, it requires one to put in tremendous effort. If we haven’t seen results yet, it’s because we haven’t worked hard enough!”

Xuan Luo didn’t know where his confidence came from, but he spoke with conviction. Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai and Tang Chen frowned; the boy spoke the truth.

“What? Have you achieved ‘success’?” Tang Chen joked.

“I haven’t yet, but I’m not too far off!” Under Tian Yu Zi’s strict expectations, Xuan Luo’s Tai Chi fist had already reached the border of ‘success’. He only needed a bit more opportunity to break through the layer.

“Humpt! You’re not afraid your tongue will fall off by stating such a lie? If that is the case, then show me what you got! If you can beat me, I will join you guys and compete in the competition!”

Tang Chen lifted his fist and headed for an attack.

“Tang Chen shi xiong!” Seeing this unravel, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai shouted as he was nervous.

Since Xuan Luo battled Tian Yu Zi daily, he was prepared. Seeing Tang Chen about to attack, he wasn’t worried. He could tell Tang Chen was still going easy on him.

“Da ge, if you’re not going to use all your strength, then there’s no point!” Xuan Luo grinned.

Tang Chen softly grunted as he increased the strength in his hands.



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  1. Just wondering is the success written as ‘dacheng’. I was wondering if it was success in the same context as other novels

    1. Haha, yes. It’s 大成 (dacheng), success might not be the only word u can translate it to. I just used it because it seems to be the closest word… The literal translation would be “great/big result”? It’s very hard to pick the right words.. What would you choose? Haha

      1. Yeh I think it has too much nuance that is lost on translation. Hmm other translations have used great success so I think it’s fine as it is. I think it’s one of those terms that you build a wordless understanding for the more light novels you read.

      2. I know. It’s really tough because a lot of the words used in the Chinese novels do not really exist in English. Either we make up a new word or we use something that is as close as the actual word.

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