Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 14.

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Chapter 14     Xuan Yuan Duan Ai

Seeing how there were so many people surrounding the ba gua stage, Zhang Ri frowned.

“Let’s go. I think something happened!”

Zhang Ri did not try to conceal his concern, thus, the two quickly ran towards the stage.

Usually, there were not this many disciples here. For some reason, today, the number of disciples have dramatically increased. It was obvious that something had happened.

Once they got closer, Xuan Luo could see two people battling. No wonder, he thought; people wanted to be entertained.

“Come, look! Isn’t that Wu Di xiong?”

“Who is battling with him?”


Voices could be heard everywhere, but no one knew what truly happened. Xuan Luo had a very tough time pushing through the crowd before he was able to get a clear view.

The two disciples were “practicing”, but the atmosphere felt very strange. It didn’t seem like they were practicing at all. Tension could be felt.

Zhang Ri finally managed to squeeze through the crowd as well. He asked the disciple next to him, “What’s going on?”

The disciple looked at Zhang Ri and politely responded, “Shi xiong, I have no idea. When I have arrived, they were already like this.”

This caused Zhang Ri to crinkle in thought. Usually, disciples were not supposed to battle within the Clan. Practicing was the exception, but the current scenario didn’t seem right…

“Look, they are moving!!” A random disciple spoke up. The whole atmosphere changed once more. Everyone was staring intently up at the stage; watching the two men.

On stage, there were only two guys. One was a man named “Wu Di”, and the other one was an unknown person. The other person looked extremely solitary; he looked like someone who distanced himself from people.

Suddenly, Xuan Luo’s heart thumped. For some reason, as he looked at the cold man, he could feel that there was something frozen inside his heart; similar to what he had felt when he passed out in Qian Deng Zhen long ago.

The two men stood as straight as a tree, each holding a sword.

“Hey. Is that all you’ve got? Bastard will always be bastard. Come and get me!” mocked Wu Di. Although his voice wasn’t loud, everyone could hear him.

The cold man did not respond. He remained where he was, with the sword in his hand. His eyes, however, were deadly.

“Prepare to die!’ Wu Di hollered as he lift his sword.

Xuan Luo could tell that the jian fa Wu Di used was soft and calm, just like water; it didn’t look very powerful, but he was proven wrong immediately.

The slow dance of the sword actually created crackling sounds in the air.

It was at that moment that Xuan Luo truly experienced what a “style” was. It was incomparable to his attacks. Thus, Xuan Luo watched very intently at every move the two were making. He did not want to miss a thing.

Wu Di straightened his arm and headed straight to stab the cold man. But the cold man had no reaction. He calmly remained where he was.

Just as the tip of the sword was about to reach him, the man lifted his sword and turned his wrist; it was as if the sword in his hand had a life of its own.

Originally, the audience thought the man was a goner, but instead, they were shocked to see how the twirl of the sword caused the sword from Wu Di’s hand to bounce away into a different direction.

Everyone was speechless.

“Wow! That was an amazing move to dissolve his attack!” Zhang Ri could not hide his astonishment.

But the battle was not yet over. The two continued on.

Ching! Ching! (sound of the swords hitting against each other lol)

The sound of metal clanging against each other was loud and clear in this quiet setting.

Another crossover happened, and once again the swords clashed. The cold man’s face remained emotionless, but the sword in his hand was shaking. Clearly, this defence was no easy task.

“Ha! You insignificant talent!” Wu Di was boastful as he was pleased to see the impact his sword had against the cold man’s. Suddenly, Wu Di shifted his arm and swung his sword around and straightened it to strike the man again.

Obviously, the cold man was not going to stand and get stabbed. He also straightened his sword, and the two swords collided. Both of them had very skillful jian fas. The whole stage were lit by the reflection of the swords, and repeated sounds of striking metal could be heard. But all of a sudden, Wu Di flew out and crashed onto the ground.

Xuan Luo was dumbfounded. He had already watched very carefully. He barely even blinked but he couldn’t see how Wu Di got hit!?

The cold man pointed his sword at Wu Di, “You can joke around, but you need to know your limits.”

The man then turned to leave. Everyone was still confused by the downfall.

“Wu Di, are you alright?” Zhang Ri quickly flew to Wu Di’s side.

“Zhang shi xiong, I am okay. Sorry for the embarrassment!” Wu Di forced a smile, but his eyes showed hatred.

“What happened earlier? How did you fly out?” Zhang Ri was confused as well.

“I don’t know. I just felt a very strong force all of a sudden. It headed for me and it pushed me out!”

“Okay. Okay, let’s practice then.” Zhang Ri lifted Wu Di to his feet and they began to practice together.


As the cold man was leaving, Xuan Luo silently followed him.

“Da ge, wait for me!!” Xuan Luo waved his arm and ran towards the man.

The man stopped and turned around. He looked annoyed, “Why are you following me?”

“I want to get to know you!”

“I’m busy.” The man had no intention of talking to Xuan Luo. He quickly turned and walked off.

“Hey! Wait for me! I just joined this Clan. Da ge, how did you make the guy fly out at the end? What move is that?” Xuan Luo was curious, and wasn’t going to let the guy get away just like that.


Xuan Luo really had thick skin. After pestering the guy for a long time, he finally got his name. The man’s name was Xuan Yuan Duan Ai.

When Xuan Luo got back to Tian Yu Zi’s residence, it was already noon. But Xuan Luo was very agitated. When Xuan Yuan Duan Ai told him his name, it was as if something opened inside of his mind. He couldn’t stop repeating, “Xuan Yuan….Xuan Yuan….” (OMG THAT IS HIS FIRST NAME… maybe Xuan Yuan Duan Ai is his LONG LOST BROTHER?!?!?!)


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  1. I’m thinking of being the person to spar with personally to learn his skill, while getting a new friend within the clan. While not getting occupied with that event of meeting Tian Yu Zi.

      1. I sent them a private msg via contacts. But I just submitted a feed request at the forum section. Thanks for all your help!!

        P.S. Are you the translator for 天珠变?? I’ve stumbled across your translations and I was like, damn, so good.

        If you are, I feel honoured lol

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