Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 3.

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Here is the Chinese version of this chapter.

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Chapter 3                   Ling Hu Jiu

What Xuan Luo said thoroughly angered the man. How dare he, a mere child, say that to him in such a harsh tone?

He looked at Xuan Luo with disdain and headed straight for an attack.

Xuan Luo had already endured a lot of injuries from his fight with Hu Han. Not to mention, the quan fa from Master Li was only possible due to his insight. He was rusty, and needed to practice. In addition, this man was also a lot more powerful compared to Hu Han. Hence, he was in big trouble.

With great speed, the man headed straight for him. With a blink of an eye, he was already behind Xuan Luo. Xuan Luo was baffled.

The man whipped his leg behind Xuan Luo’s back and caused Xuan Luo to spin through the air. After a few twirls, he landed on the ground. Blood spilled out from the corner of Xuan Luo’s mouth and his face turned white. At this moment, he had no strength whatsoever.

At this moment, an echo of laughter was suddenly heard through the sky. “Ha ha ha ha! Who would have thought, the 2nd dang jia, Shang Hua, would pick on someone so young? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” The laughter was very sharp and crafty; it gave the listener an unique feeling.

Hearing her voice, Shang Hua and Hu Han‘s face expression immediately changed. Actually, Shang Hua was somewhat fine, but Hu Han was not; this woman was a powerful lady.

This woman was Dong Fang Yu. She has some type of influential power in Qian Deng Zhen, but she doesn’t care much for fame or power. She had her own restaurant business, and it was doing quite well. It was considered one of the more well known restaurants around Qian Deng Zhen (and maybe even in Du Cheng).

“Haha. Oh, it’s Miss Dong Fang? What brings you to this mountainous field?” Shang Hua asked; he had already recovered from his shock.

“This doesn’t look like Shen Tui Men‘s territory either? But even if it is, I can come whenever I want. What are you going to do about it?” Dong Fang Yu laughed. As she laughed, she covered her mouth with her hands; only her eyes were revealed.

Any man would be mesmerized by her.

Xuan Luo stared admirably at Dong Fang Yu.

“Beautiful…too beautiful!” Xuan Luo thought to himself.

Shang Hua must admit, Dong Fang Yu was definitely a beauty. But since he was an adult, he was able to somewhat disregard her beauty and looked straight into her eyes, “This is my family issues. Please don’t butt in!”

Shang Hua was sincere, but it didn’t matter to Dong Fang Yu.

“You, Sheng Tui Men, are in my territory behaving badly. Do you honestly think I would let you go so easily?” Dong Fang Yu raised her eyebrows, looking slightly irritated.

Sheng Tui Men energetically settled in Qian Deng Zhen last year. Originally, most parts of Qian Deng Zhen belonged to Dong Fan Yu; but Sheng Tui Men’s arrival has threatened her business. Most importantly, Sheng Tui Men’s actions were very aggressive. It was as if they wanted to be the King of the land. A mountain cannot have two tigers (idiom- It pretty much means, there cannot be two owners/powerful leaders in a certain area. Only one can rule.). Although Dong Fang Yu didn’t care about that so much, she will definitely not allow her villagers to get picked on.

Dong Fang Yu leaped in the air and pushed her palm on Shang Hua’s chest. Shang Hua’s body immediately slid backwards. Although Dong Fang Yu’s hand looked gentle, it consisted of nei li.

“Ha. Tell Lu Han Shan I don’t ever want to see people from Sheng Tui Men in my territory picking on my people. If I do, I’m going to pay you guys a visit!” Dong Fang Yu’s tone was heavy. She was definitely serious.

“Dong Fang Yu. I am not going to forget this!” Shang Hua angrily looked at Dong Fang Yu. He cannot outfight her, thus, he had no choice but to let go.

Hu Han and Shang Hua left, but from their eyes, it was obvious that they wanted vengeance.

Xuan Luo continued to stare at Dong Fang Yu. But his eyes indicated his pure intentions. Looking at Dong Fang Yu, Xuan Luo said, “Jie Jie, you are so beautiful!”

Hearing this, Dong Fang Yu turned around and took a look. She realized that Xuan Luo’s eyes were clear and innocent; unlike those who normally looked at her like a prey.

Dong Fang Yu helped Xuan Luo up. Smiling, she said, “Wow, little guy! You’re quite brave. You dare to fight with them? You have a bright future ahead of you!”

Dong Fang Yu was being sarcastic, but Xuan Luo didn’t realize it. He thought Dong Fang Yu was praising him. Foolishly, he smiled and shook his head, “Nah…”

Dong Fang Yu didn’t know what to say. Children sure like to be praised…

“Oh yeah, why are you here?” She suddenly asked.

I want to go to Du Cheng and hear/learn more about the different Clans. I want to learn Martial Arts and get a proper Master!” Xuan Luo smiled and responded without a thought.

“Haha! Wow, you are a brave and righteous soul. I have a friend in Du Cheng. You can go find him. Just tell him I’m the one who sent you!” Dong Fang Yu gave Xuan Luo an address.

“Thank you, jie jie..”Xuan Luo was thankful. At least, now he had someone to turn to.

Xuan Luo suddenly remembered the girl he had saved. The girl had not said a word. The girl didn’t look too pleased as she stared at Xuan Luo and Dong Fang Yu. She stared intently at Xuan Luo, and then turned away.

“Okay then. I’m going to go now. If you need anything else, come find me in the restaurant!”

Dong Fang Yu’s smile was very beautiful. Xuan Luo looked spellbound as he stared at Dong Fang Yu’s figure (it sound so inappropriate when I translate this, but he’s just looking at her walk away)…

“Hey! You saved me. You are responsible for me now!!!” The little girl said to Xuan Luo. Her pout was very cute. Although her face was dirty and her clothes were torn, one can see that the girl was a pretty one.

“Ah… what are you saying?” Xuan Luo was shocked.

Responsible? Is she nuts?

Although Xuan Luo was only thirteen, he understood what she meant. He cannot believe the girl would ask that of him.

Suddenly, the bush nearby swayed, and out hopped a person. Looking at Xuan Luo, he loudly said, “What are you doing?!”

The person was Bai Tian. He saw Xuan Luo running straight ahead; after chasing for half a day, he finally caught up to him. But the moment he popped out, Xuan Luo was very close to the girl’s face.

Xuan Luo recognized that voice. He got up and turned around, smiling in Bai Tian’s direction.

“What took you so long?!” He almost risked his life, and Bai Tian was nowhere to be seen! But seeing Bai Tian now, he cannot help but smile.

“What were you two about to do?!?!” Bai Tian pointed his finger at the girl next to Xuan Luo, then he made both his thumbs bend towards each other.

Right away, Xuan Luo realized what Bai Tian’s hand gesture meant. “It’s not you think! Come on, let’s go. Let’s try to get to Du Cheng before it gets dark…”

“Okay. Let’s go!”

They seem to have forgotten about the girl as they linked shoulders heading forward.

“Hey! Don’t leave me behind!” The girl loudly called. She got up and followed Xuan Luo and Bai Tian.

“Hey, little girl, what’s your name?” Bai Tian asked.

“Ling Hu Jiu!”

“Oh…why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here? I came out to play!”

“Uh..whatever. Let’s go!”

Looking at Bai Tian, Xuan Luo was speechless. He didn’t know what to think. Oh well, with the inclusion of Ling Hu Jiu, the trip became a lot more interesting (because she talked a lot)…



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