Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 2.

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In Chinese, there are a lot of 成语. That means, within a few characters (usually 4), it tells us a whole story. Chinese is a very meaningful language, and I am proud to say I’m Chinese…BUT IT MAKES TRANSLATING SO HARD. UGGGHHHHHHH. Okay, sorry for the rant. My brain hurts.

Oh, some of you guys read my THE SECRET post from last time!! This is the follow up 😉 HOW TO GET FANS . Hehe. Thank you! ❤

Here is the Chinese version of this chapter.

Chapter 2                   Hand it over

Xuan Luo’s attacking sequence was far too simple. If it weren’t for his nei li, he would not be able to fight back at all.

He was not born with God-like power, and since he was only thirteen years old, his strength was limited. But for the past couple of days, the overflowing nei li had spread throughout his body. Hence, it had silently raised his strength.

But Xuan Luo did not know any fighting style. Although Master Li gave him a book, he barely had time to go through it. That was why he could only use simple fist moves. But his simple techniques were quite useless. The man’s style was way too intense. The man moved like the cloud and water (idiom). The stress on Xuan Luo increased substantially. It was as if the man wanted to get rid of his shame (how he was defeated from before). Facing Xuan Luo, the man was giving it his all.


After just a few rounds, Xuan Luo was struck and crashed into a nearby tree.

Xuan Luo’s face redden. He did not expect the man to have so much strength. Likewise, he never thought he would be unable to fight back.

Each time he was about to get hit, he tried to block. But that hasn’t been working out very well; because the moment he makes a move, his opponent’s fist changes again. Xuan Luo couldn’t even see what was happening; that was why he got beaten so badly.

“Ha! You think you can defeat me? I, Hu Han, have never been afraid of anyone. You’re just a doll. If I wasn’t careless last time, you would have never won!”  Hu Han sneered at Xuan Luo. His tone was full of arrogance.

The fallen Xuan Luo struggled to get up. But that doesn’t mean he has given up. Since practicing nei li, he had become much stronger.

There is a very clear line between Martial Artists who have nei li and those who don’t. Many of those who are able to cultivate nei li becomes jiang hu‘s powerful people.

Not everyone can cultivate nei li though. It depends on one’s innate talent. Without the innate ability, it wouldn’t matter how many thousands of nei gong xin fa books are in front of you. The spells would be like garbage, because there would be no impact.

Xuan Luo stared at Hu Han; thinking, if only I could come up with a full sequence, then I can definitely change the outcome.

But he had only briefly skimmed through the book Master Li had given him. He could use it, but first of all, he definitely lacked the practice; and secondly, even if did he use it, his opponent could probably see right through it and defeat him.

At this moment, though, he didn’t have any other choice. It’s either do or die.

Xuan Luo closed his eyes. The sequences flashed through his mind. In his mind, there appeared to be a person showing him each and every move.

He was standing still. He was trying to figure out which moves he should lead with and how he could break his opponent’s sequence. Within a matter of seconds, Xuan Luo opened his eyes again.

Hu Han was still standing at the same spot. Seeing Xuan Luo on the ground, he had lost the golden opportunity to strike. From now on, he no longer has an advantage.

With great speed, Xuan Luo charged at Hu Han. His fist knew what to do now; it has come alive.

Hu Han was shocked by Xuan Luo’s sudden outburst. He took a step back and quickly tried to block.

Although the quan fa only flashed through Xuan Luo’s mind, his foundation in Martial Arts was very good. Hence, he was able to quickly get into the right mindset to fight.

Gradually, his attacks became faster and faster.  Hu Han’s defence was getting weaker and weaker.


Xuan Luo struck Hu Han with an uppercut and he flew. The fist was powered by nei li, and it was much more powerful than before…

Hu Han spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He looked at Xuan Luo in disbelief. Originally he thought he was just careless, but now, there was only astonishment in his eyes.

Hu Han was in his thirties. He had been in jiang hu for quite some time now. There were things that he could see very clearly, and at this moment, he could only describe Xuan Luo as a genius.

A witch or devil type of genius. Hu Han didn’t want to admit it, but that was what it seemed like to him.

If Xuan Luo was capable of such sequence, why didn’t he use it earlier? Why was Xuan Luo using such simple attacks before? He didn’t show any of this beforehand. Is he hiding something? Or…

No. It’s not possible.

He’s probably just a genius.

At this moment, a laughter echoed through the air. “Haha! Hu Han! I was wondering who it was that defeated you? It’s this little boy, eh? Your skills must have deteriorated!”

Hearing the laughter, Xuan Luo’s face immediately darkened. Although he could’t tell whether it was a foe or friend; based on his context, the man was probably part of Hu Han’s group.

As he came closer, Xuan Luo could see that the man was also in his thirties. He looked similar to Hu Han, but his physique was far more superior.

The man approached Xuan Luo and jeered, “You little doll. You have quite some power. You managed to beat Han lao san!  Bright future ahead of you!”

The man patted Xuan Luo on the shoulder; his face was still wearing a smile. But Xuan Luo doesn’t feel the same. Although the pat appeared to be light and friendly, it actually hurt his shoulder. If his physique had not improved, he would have fallen apart.

“You…you are part of his group?” Xuan Luo asked the man. His eyes showed no signs of weakness.

“Ha!” The man laughed. “I guess so! He is my younger brother. But, I do see a lot of potential in you. Your quan fa is quite profound!”

Xuan Luo knew what he wanted now. This man wants his quan fa.

“If you hand me the quan fa book, I’ll let you go! If not….” The man intently stared at Xuan Luo.

Just as he had expected…

Xuan Luo absolutely hated being threatened. Since he was only thirteen, he wasn’t exactly mature yet. Things can easily irritate him.

“Ha! You think I would hand it over? If you want to fight, then fight!” Xuan Luo said angrily. With a back flip, he separated a distance between him and the man.



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  1. I’m just checking out before because the title is similar to a manhua I like, but this story seems promising too.. I will be tag along from now~
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