What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast. Featuring Me!

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I’m back with another post! This time, I’m featured in my friend Kyle’s podcast!

WHAT KIND OF ASIAN ARE YOU? PODCAST is a podcast featuring conversations with Diaspora Asians (third culture kids) about their life, stories and experiences.

Through conversations, Kyle looks to explore Diaspora Asians’ views on culture, identity, family, and more. His inspiration for the podcast comes from his observation of the lack of representation of Diaspora Asians in the media and his desire to help highlight, amplify, and validate Asian voices worldwide.

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In the podcast, I talk about my conflicting experience growing up with Chinese values as well as western values. I also talk about my childhood, my parents, my autoimmune disorder, my blogging journey, as well as how I got into the translation community.

Last but not least, I talk about my struggles and my purpose. Continue reading “What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast. Featuring Me!”


Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 59.

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Firstly, I would like to thank Joanne Hee for her donation! Joanne has donated 4 times to me. I am so grateful. Getting a donation once is already touching enough. Thank you so much for your continuous support. ❤

Secondly, this chapter was very hard to translate. It took me forever. (I swear, I say this for almost every chapter). It’s like reading a Chinese drama!! I hope you like it nonetheless.

Chapter 59

Lin Shan sighed. Nowadays, it was difficult to be a Crown Prince. There was a wolf at the front and a tiger at the back. It will be tough for Du Hao to become the Emperor. He must go through lots of adversity. From the looks of it, it looked like Du Hao and Du Ye were about to fight!?

Daddy Emperor, your sons are going to fight. Speak up!

Unexpectedly, the Emperor actually opened his mouth: “Let them come in….”

“Yes! Your servant obeys!” Finally, someone with the most power spoke up. The eunuch slowly got up from the ground and stretched his throat as he shouted: “The Emperor has allowed the Superiors to come in. You may enter!”

“Enter…enter…enter…” The echo lingered through the corridor. Immediately, a bunch of Imperial counsellors dressed in government attire came in. Lin Shan roughly counted and realized there were at least ten of them. From the group, many of them were very highly ranked in the Imperial court; especially the leader of the group, Liu Superior. Liu Superior was appointed by the late Emperor and his position was deeply respected amongst all counsellors.

The moment the counsellors arrived, they got down onto their knees.

“Emperor!”The old Liu De Quan knelt down. His expression was grave. ” We have an abnormal meteorological phenomenon. Our country is suffering. I have just received the news that some of our provinces have experienced drought for months. Not a single grain was reaped. The big river is causing disasters. Our people cannot live. In addition, there are Japanese pirates glaring at us like a tiger watching its prey. At this rate, our country will fall apart. Your subordinate would like to earnestly request the Emperor to promptly confer a new Monarch during this desperate times!” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 59.”

Can you preserve the culture once the language is lost?

Chinese stages

This week’s topic was inspired by Diu podcast. As I was listening, it really caused me to think a lot.

When Jack brought up the question, “Can you preserve the culture once the language is lost?” I was astonished. I’ve never thought about it.

There were a number of questions running through my head. For instance: Have I preserved my culture? What do I even do? What are my beliefs?

Then, I realized aside from teaching my kids how to speak Cantonese/Mandarin and read Chinese, I have nothing else I plan to carry down to my future generation (if I were to have kids in the future).

I mean, I personally don’t follow traditions unless I am forced to. The only time I pray and put incenses up for my ancestors is when I’m in China.

I’ve done things such as leaping over fire, praying and bowing in different directions of the house, as well as burning fake money to my dead ancestors.

Yet, I have no intentions of carrying on these traditions. To me, I do it out of respect for my elders and relatives. But if I were to have kids, am I going to teach them or do these kinda stuff?? The answer is no.

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How to read Chinese


To my dear readers,

One of my readers asked me if I could teach him how to read Chinese. The problem is, there are thousands of characters and Chinese is not something you can sound out. Therefore, the only way you can really learn is by rote memorization.

You must develop the vocabulary either by writing it out until you remember it or looking at it enough until you recognize it. 

Therefore, I cannot really teach you Chinese. However, I could try to teach you guys the grammar of Chinese. It is easier and it is useful to some extent.

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Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 3.

To my dear readers,

I really like this chapter, but some parts were very awkward to translate because it sounds very strange or sexual in English (it sounds normal in Chinese though). Anyhow, I hope you like it!

Here is the Chinese version of this chapter.

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Chapter 3                   Ling Hu Jiu

What Xuan Luo said thoroughly angered the man. How dare he, a mere child, say that to him in such a harsh tone? Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 3.”

Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 2

To my dear readers,

I have translated Chapter 2 for you guys! I am trying to minimize the 3rd person usage. They keep doing that in the book, but it sounds ridiculous in English. I hope it flows better now. This chapter took me a very long time to translate, but I think the fight scene is worth it! I hope you guys like it.

This is the Chinese version

Please check out my post on BUILDING CONFIDENCE. I believe having some self-confidence is very important! I want you guys to feel good about yourselves (I will promote one of my posts each time I upload a chapter, haha)

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Chapter 2       Anger

The early morning sky had already began to turn pale. Xuan Luo had remained on the roof the entire night. When he got up, he realized his clothes were covered in dew. Smiling, he directly jumped off the roof, landing steadily on the ground.

There was no one in the room. Judging from the time, he knew that Guan Shan Jue must have gone to the restaurant. The year he was eight, he fainted outside his house. Guan Shan Jue, showing kindness, took care of him for a few days until he woke up.

But when he woke up, it was as if he lost all his memory. He could only recall his name, nothing else. Guan Shan Jue was speechless. Since he had no child of his own, he decided to raise him as his child. It had been five years since he became his stepfather.   Continue reading “Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 2”

富二代 showing off

arrogant rich dog owner

A couple days ago, my friend shared this article on facebook, and I was disgusted by the actions of those 富二代s. “富二代” literally means “the wealthy second generation”. Those who are 富二代s are born into rich families, and usually has never worked a day in their lives.

In the article, there are many photos of the 富二代s showing off their possessions (be it money, cars, expensive brand names, and/or women).

While I normally don’t have a problem with people showing off, they have gone too far.

In the article, there is a picture of a woman who is surrounded in a pile of money and SHE IS HOLDING A LIGHTER RIGHT NEXT TO THE MONEY. Are you kidding me?! SHE IS POSING TOO.

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