What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast. Featuring Me!

Hey readers!

I’m back with another post! This time, I’m featured in my friend Kyle’s podcast!

WHAT KIND OF ASIAN ARE YOU? PODCAST is a podcast featuring conversations with Diaspora Asians (third culture kids) about their life, stories and experiences.

Through conversations, Kyle looks to explore Diaspora Asians’ views on culture, identity, family, and more. His inspiration for the podcast comes from his observation of the lack of representation of Diaspora Asians in the media and his desire to help highlight, amplify, and validate Asian voices worldwide.

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In the podcast, I talk about my conflicting experience growing up with Chinese values as well as western values. I also talk about my childhood, my parents, my autoimmune disorder, my blogging journey, as well as how I got into the translation community.

Last but not least, I talk about my struggles and my purpose.

If this is the type of content you enjoy, do give Kyle a follow. You can follow him on his instagram. So far, I’ve listened to all his episodes and they are very interesting. I feel like we can learn a lot through people’s stories and experiences.

By the way, I don’t actually have a blogging career. Lol. But my blog has led to many opportunities and I wouldn’t have been doing my current job if it weren’t for the fact that I wanted more readers to go and read my content. Haha.

For those who are thinking of doing your own thing (whether it’s a side hustle or main hustle), I have 3 tips for you:

  1. Be consistent and have a schedule. If you want people to follow you, you have to post REGULARLY so they will actually check out your stuff. Most people who succeed in their fields have been hustling for years.
  2. Have quality content. Don’t just create/do something and try to get viral fast. Quick fame usually doesn’t last. You want followers who actually like your content (& ideally would pay lol)
  3. Try to collaborate with people. Think of it as free advertisement. Your guests’ fan bases may also become yours! Speaking of which, I wrote a post about fans a long time ago. Creators need fans in order to survive.

Note: I had to record with my laptop, but because my laptop has problems, it wouldn’t stop dinging. As a result, Kyle tried to edit most of the dings out, so the audio may seem really choppy/fast paced during some parts. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy nonetheless!


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

7 thoughts on “What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast. Featuring Me!”

      1. I’m Chinese + Portuguese, but the latter is kinda muddled and hard to discern because my ancestors from that side don’t even know what they truly are, lol. Thanks for coming over, I really appreciate it!

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