Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 – Chapter 5.

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Chapter 5       Trouble Maker

Tong Fu Inn’s accommodations were very good. That night, Xuan Luo slept very well.

In the morning, the waiter came to wake them up. It wasn’t his job, but zhang gui told him that he had to treat the guests extra well.

Gong zi, did you sleep well last night?” The Inn keeper asked Xuan Luo.

“Yes. Thank you, zhang gui! There’s something I want to ask you though.” Xuan Luo finally decided to bring it up, after thinking thoroughly about it.

“What is it, gong zi?” Zhang zhang gui politely asked. (Normally, calling someone “gong zi” is a sign of respect)

Xuan Luo was used to this treatment by now.

“If I want to get into one of the six big Clans, what is the process?” Xuan Luo questioned. Leaving his hometown, his main purpose was to find a good Clan to follow.

The Inn keeper pondered for awhile. “I am aware of the six big Clans, but I’m unsure of how they recruit students.”

“I see. Can you tell me all that you know?”

“All I know is that Wu Dang is the closest to us. Exit from the West doors and go through a couple of mountains. You will then arrive at Wu Dang’s mountain border. But the path is quite far, and the roads are all mountainous. A carriage will not be able to go through.”

Xuan Luo looked down and was deep in thought. Master Li had mentioned that Wu Dang had superior gong fa. In addition, it was relatively close to Du Cheng. Thus, he decided to hesitate no more. Wu Dang it was.

“May I ask you for the exact directions?” Xuan Luo respectfully asked.

“I’m afraid I cannot help you with this. A commoner like myself would not know where Wu Dang is. But once in awhile, I’ve heard that some people from Wu Dang would come down from the mountain. I’ve never seen it for myself though.” The Inn keeper felt slightly awkward, as he was unable to respond to Xuan Luo’s questions.

“Thank you so much, zhang gui!”


Du Cheng’s morning was very different from its night. At night, it was filled with glamorous lights. In the morning, it was surrounded by merchants.

“Bai Tian. We have to figure out how to get to Wu Dang on our own. There’s no other solution.” Xuan Luo cannot think of any other way. Zhang gui seemed to be clueless. Originally, he thought he would figure out how to get to Wu Dang when he arrived at Du Cheng. But it didn’t go as smoothly as he thought it would.

“Just go with the flow. We cannot tell what’s going to happen.” Bai Tian said lightly. He was not worried at all.

“Hey, look! Isn’t that Ling Hu Jiu?” Suddenly, Bai Tian pointed straight ahead. A group of beggars have surrounded Ling Hu Jiu. They couldn’t tell what happened though.

“I think so. Let’s go take a look!” Xuan Luo decided.


Ling Hu Jiu was on a remote street. She was standing in the middle; surrounded by a group of beggars. It looked like there was a sort of misunderstanding.

As Xuan Luo and Bai Tian approached, Ling Hu Jiu was grabbed by a young boy and pressed against the wall. The boy was around ten or so. Compared to Xuan Luo, he definitely looked much younger.

The shove caused Ling Hu Jiu to turn red.

“What are you guys doing?” Xuan Luo loudly yelled. Seeing Ling Hu Jiu in this situation, he felt a little heartache. Her face was flushed. It was an indication that her breathing was not so smooth.

Hearing Xuan Luo, the boy released Ling Hu Jiu. He turned to look at him, but his eyes showed no fear. He had a *I don’t give a f@$% face and said, “This is my territory. Who the hell are you? Get out of my sight!”

Xuan Luo grinned. He was surprised a child so young had guts to say such aggressive words to him. “Young boy, you cannot be so aggressive.”

Seeing Xuan Luo, Ling Hu Jiu was delighted. She ran straight for Xuan Luo and acted all sassy. “Xuan Luo ge, how could you leave me alone like this? Poor me! They are picking on me!”

As she spoke, her eyes sparkled.

“Ha. You’re part of her crew?” The young boy had already made his assumption since Xuan Luo and Ling Hu Jiu looked close.

Xuan Luo stayed in silence. Seeing this, the boy said, “She caused me to lose quite a lot of money. Since you’re here, you can help her pay. If not…”

The boy was not going to back off.

“What did she do to you guys?” Xuan Luo suspiciously asked.

“Ask her yourself. Regardless, I’m not letting you go!” As he spoke, the circle became tighter; as if they were afraid Xuan Luo would escape.

Xuan Luo looked at Ling Hu Jiu. Why does he cause problems for himself? Sigh. How come this girl is so insensible? He faked a smile and asked, “What happened…”

Ling Hu Jiu looked troubled. She stared at Xuan Luo and whispered, “They stole something and I loudly shouted. That’s why…”

The boy was furious. “You dare to say one more word!”

The boy no longer cared about Xuan Luo and was about to throw a punch at Ling Hu Jiu.

Seeing the situation, Xuan Luo used one hand to push against the boy’s head. “Hello!? You think I don’t exist? Okay. How about this. You guys deal with your issues. I am not going to take part…”

Xuan Luo backd off. He had already experienced Ling Hu Jiu’s bizarreness on their way to Du Cheng. He decided that it was best not to get involved.

“No….Xuan Luo ge…” Ling Hu Jiu grabbed onto his clothes, pleading.

Bai Tian watched from aside and laughed. “Xuan Luo! It seems like this girl really wants to hold onto you! Haha. Continue. This is a good show!”

Xuan Luo was too righteous. He took out a couple of copper coins and threw it at the boy. “Take this and let this be the end…”

Then, he ran for it. He was annoyed. Why does he mix himself in dirty water? (*idiom)

“Wait for me!! Xuan Luo ge..” Seeing the opportunity, Ling Hu Jiu hurried off as well.

By the time the boy reacted, they have already gone far…


“Xuan Luo ge, you’re so bad!” Ling Hu Jiu giggled as she looked at Xuan Luo.

“Eh…” Xuan Luo was speechless. Ling Hu Jiu was truly too much.


“Stay right there!’ Behind Ling Hu Jiu, a man called out.

Xuan Luo totally did not expect this. He looked at Ling Hu Jiu. She innocently looked back, tongue tied. It was obvious that Ling Hu Jiu had something to do with this man.

“WHAT DID YOU REALLY DO!?” Xuan Luo was so outraged that he could no longer hold back.

Seeing Xuan Luo so angry, Ling Hu Jiu finally told the truth.


Although Xuan Luo said this, he did have some good feelings towards Ling Hu Jiu. Ling Hu Jiu was super lively and energetic. Being with her brought him happiness from within….although they’ve only spent two days together…

But Ling Hu Jiu was too much of a trouble maker. Who knows what she’s going to do next!? Xuan Luo was honestly exasperated…


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