Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4       Tong Fu Inn

“We’ve finally arrived!” Xuan Luo said loudly as he looked at the entrance wall of Du Cheng. They went through quite a lot to get here. Now that they have arrived, he was almost speechless.

“I’m tired to death! We’re finally here!” Bai Tian commented next to him.

Ling Hu Jiu looked up at the word “Du Cheng” and looked lost in thought. From her eyes, there appeared to be a little bit hope, but more so, sadness. She hid it quite well though. Xuan Luo and Bai Tian did not seem to notice.

As they entered the city, Xuan Luo was amazed by the flourishing sight. It was already late at night, yet there were so many people everywhere. Noises could be heard from all around, and people were roaming around the streets like it was daytime. It did not feel like night at all.

As they walked along the lit path, the group curiously looked at both sides of the road.

Xuan Luo has never been to Du Cheng. He honestly doesn’t know where this path will lead him. But Dong Fang Yu mentioned that her friend opened a small store here. Thus, Xuan Luo decided to find the store.

Underneath the lanterns, the streets looked extremely ancient. The busy crowd made the mood extremely exciting.

They walked and stopped. Xuan Luo and Bai Tian were extremely curious with everything. They acted like children; although, they were still considered children. They’ve never seen anything like this before. The furthest they have ever gone was the woods near Qian Deng Zhen.

Looking straight ahead, they saw a big sign that said “Tong Fu Inn”.

Xuan Luo was surprised. He did not expect to find their destination so easily. It was just around the public square.

Thinking back to what Dong Fang Yu said…”a small store”… Xuan Luo was shocked. If “Tong Fu Inn” was considered a small store, then there must be no big stores in Du Cheng!

Xuan Luo laughed at himself. Clearly, he lacked experience.

Xuan Luo and Bai Tian walked to the entrance of the Inn. A waiter loudly welcomed them. “Ke guan, are you stopping for snack or looking for a stay?”

The man had a crooked back and a long towel around his shoulder. He approached Xuan Luo with a smile on his face.

Xuan Luo wasn’t sure how to respond to the waiter. He decided to politely ask, “Da ge, is boss Zhang here?”

The waiter was caught off guard. But he smiled and responded, “Xiao xiong di, please wait!”

Although Xuan Luo was only thirteen, he was seven che tall. His body looked fit and strong. Based on his physique, no one would be able to tell his actual age. However, from his face, we could still see that he was young and fresh.

“Zhang zhang gui, someone is looking for you!” The waiter called out.

It was late at night. There weren’t many guests in the Inn. Most had already finished eating and gone on their way. Hence, only a handful were still drinking tea and conversing amongst themselves.

Hearing the waiter, the Inn keeper stopped what he was doing at the counter. He headed outside and asked, “Xiao xiong di, you’re looking for me?” He smiled.

Xuan Luo was very polite. He bowed slightly and said, “Dong Fang jie jie told me to come here. She said if I have any issues, I can come to you.”

The Inn keeper immediately welcomed Xuan Luo in. He told the waiter to prepare a room for him and his friend.

Xuan Luo didn’t realized Dong Fang Yu’s words would be so useful. He didn’t think much of it, and went inside with Bai Tian.

Ling Hu Jiu was shocked. Based on the Inn’s decor, a regular person would not be able to afford to stay here.

As she was about to follow Xuan Luo into the Inn, a different waiter stopped her. “You little beggar. Leave now ! Don’t you dare affect our business!”

It was not really the waiter’s fault. Ling Hu Jiu’s clothes were all torn. Her face had mud on it, and her hair was as messy as a stack of hay. She looked no different than a street beggar.

“Xuan Luo ge! Bai Tian ge! Tell him to let me in!” Ling Hu Jiu hollered. But sadly, Xuan Luo and Bai Tian were already inside. They could not hear her.

“Stop yelling. Zhang gui is busy dealing with his guests. How would they know a beggar like you?” The waiter looked at Ling Hu Jiu with disgust. “Get out!”

The Inn keeper led Xuan Luo and Bai Tian to a private room and prepared a few dishes. He looked at Xuan Luo and asked, “Does Dong Fang xiao jie have any orders for me?”

Xuan Luo couldn’t think. His mind was spinning; Dong Fang Yu is that powerful?

But he quickly composed himself.

“Zhang gui, no need to be so courteous. I just happened to come by Du Cheng. I want to know more about the different Clans. You don’t have to treat me like an important guest!”

“Haha. Have your meal first. The room has already been prepared for you. You can head there to rest afterwards.” The Inn keeper smiled. Dong Fang Yu was definitely his boss. But he was a little puzzled to see these two lads in front of him.

Outside the Inn, Ling Hu Jiu was a bit depressed. She was also a human. Why is it that Xuan Luo and Bai Tian could go in, but she couldn’t?

Sitting on one side, she pouted. Her face showed her misery. Someone was watching the door, and she couldn’t slip in…

She sighed. “Why is there such a big difference?”

Since she couldn’t go in, she must think of another solution!


The Inn keeper’s warm welcome made Xuan Luo and Bai Tian felt very sorry (due to inconvenience). But that cannot be helped. Dong Fang Yu was the boss of this place. The moment Xuan Luo mentioned her name, the Inn keeper was anxious; he definitely had to treat her guests well.

After their stomachs were full, realization suddenly struck  Xuan Luo and Bai Tian and they looked at each other. The same question popped into their eyes.

“Where is Ling Hu Jiu mei zi?”

They both asked the same question.

But then they envisioned Ling Hu Jiu and her attire. She looked like a beggar. Thinking back, she must have been stopped.

Bai Tian loudly chuckled. He could imagine Ling Hu Jiu’s sunken face.

Along their way to Du Cheng, Ling Hu Jiu was very quick witted. She would torment Bai Tian occasionally. Thus, Bai Tian felt great as he imagined Ling Hu Jiu’s grumpy expression.

Xuan Luo doesn’t care. Ling Hu Jie was too whiny. And the things she said were ridiculous. Just because he saved her, she expected him to take responsibility of her. What the heck. Things like that were not supposed to happen so fast?


On the streets, Ling Hu Jiu was happy and at ease. Although she couldn’t get inside with Xuan Luo and Bai Tian, she felt awesome.

“Ahh.. So full!” She rubbed her stomach and yawned.

“Catch that beggar! How dare she steals from me!?!” A young man pointed his finger at Ling Hu Jiu and roared.

Seeing the situation, Ling Hu Jiu ran. If she doesn’t run now, then when?

Amongst the people, a black figure speedily flashed by. It was Ling Hu Jiu…

“Haha. You want to capture me? You’re still too soft!” Ling Hu Jiu escaped and giggled.

At this moment, she felt someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around immediately, but was almost scared to death.

“Hi!” Ling Hu Jiu waved to the man behind her. Then, she ran.


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