Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 28.

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Anyhow, this chapter wasn’t too hard but it was really confusing to read in Chinese. I had to modify some stuff again. I think the author had typos, so I had to change some wordings or it wouldn’t make sense.

This is the chapter in Chinese

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Chapter 28     Zhan Feng Hua

“Wu Di shi di actually lost. Wow, I guess Zi Yang Palace has more potential than I thought!” A man looked at Xuan Yuan Duan Ai with admiration.

That man was Zhan Feng Hua. He was one of the top disciples from Chun Yang Palace. He practiced Wu Dang’s second best nei gong xin fa, liang yi gong.

Wu Dang had a total of three sets of nei gong xin fa. The most basic one was hu xin gong, then liang yi gong came in second, and lastly, the best was chun yang wu ji gong. Those who practiced the chun yang wu ji gong would directly become Zhang Men’s disciples. Those under Zhang Men were all well known figures. An example would be Zhang Ri; he definitely represented as one of Zhang Men’s greatest disciples.

Zhan Feng Hua could have originally practiced Wu Dang’s best xin fa. However, he had already practiced liang yi gong for a long period of time. As a result, he did not want to give up everything he had and start over. Thus, although he had the talent to go beyond, he chose to continue practicing liang yi gong and remained within Chun Yang Palace.

Many disciples couldn’t understand why Zhan Feng Hua would give up such a great opportunity, but he laughed it off.

Since Xuan Yuan Duan Ai won, Xuan Luo was extremely emotional. Although this was only the first round, it was an awesome start; perhaps a good start will lead to a good ending. Currently, all the disciples from Zi Yang Palace were looking at Xuan Yuan Duan Ai like he was a God.

“Xuan Yuan shi xiong is unbelievable! He can even beat the people from Chun Yang Palace. Amazing! I must practice and work harder on my style!” A disciple exclaimed.

“Ha. Wu Di shi xiong wasn’t at his best, that’s all! You guys from Zi Yang Palace will always be below us!” Another disciple instantly refuted.



Xuan Yuan Duan Ai stood on the stage and looked coldly at Wu Di. “You may get off now.”

Wu Di did not want to accept his defeat. He looked at Xuan Yuan Duan Ai, his eyes filled with hatred.

“Wu Di shi di, get off! I’ll take your place!” Zhan Feng Hua leaped onto the stage.

Wu Dang’s gong fa was not better than its sword spells, fist spells, and palm spells. It was just that their nei li was pure energy. That was mainly the reason why most would agree Chun Yang Palace was more powerful than Zi Yang Palace.

“You are no match for me.” Zhan Feng Hua pointed at Xuan Yuan Duan Ai. He looked at Xuan Yuan Duan Ai with disdain. Basically, everyone from Chun Yang Palace looked down at people from Zi Yang Palace.

“Haha. No match for you? We’ll see about that. Wasn’t Wu Di a good example?” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai callously laughed.

“Well then, let me show you what I’m capable of!” Zhan Feng Hua didn’t want to waste any more time. He took out his sword and immediately powered up with nei li.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai frowned. Under these circumstances, how could he give up? After the single elimination battle, they still had the group battle; no matter what, he should at least use up some of his opponent’s powers so he could help increase his teammates’ chances later on.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai split his single sword into two swords once again. Since he had already shown off the ability earlier, he no longer had a reason to hide it.

The double sword was his killer move. Since it was his “killer move”, he had to use it to show off his true potential.

Zhan Feng Hua was definitely ready. But he knew, in a single elimination battle, he should use his powers very sparingly; or else he would not be able to take on the next opponent.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai knew Chun Yang Palace relied on their nei li. Without it, they were nothing. If his opponent used up most of his nei li, it would take awhile for him to be able to restore his powers again.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s double sword clashed against Zhan Feng Hua’s single sword.

Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s movements were skillful. His two swords were like an extension of his arms; they moved like two slippery snakes. As he fought against Zhan Feng Hua, his heart had two purposes (I guess, multitasking? One heart two purpose).

Seeing this, Zhan Feng Hua solemnly yelled out, “Tiny beads of pearl, express your brilliance!” (It’s a spell. In Wuxia, they usually yell out their spells to activate it. If you’re confused, imagine Harry Potter lol).

Zhan Feng Hua’s sword broke away from his hand and flew towards Xuan Yuan Duan Ai.

For inexperienced disciples, they might have thought Zhan Feng Hua lost control of his sword, but Xuan Yuan Duan Ai knew he was in trouble. The sword speedily headed towards him, making it nearly impossible to track its motion.

A clang sound could be heard. Xuan Yuan Duan Ai used his double sword to block the hit like a cross 十. But the force of the sword was way too intense, and with the nei li involved, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai couldn’t hold his stance. He was being pushed back by many steps. Right now, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was at the edge of the stage.

At that moment, Zhan Feng Hua moved. He used his body spell and accelerated on Xuan Yuan Duan Ai.

Zhan Feng Hua raised his right hand and his sword hovered in the air. Then he flipped the sword backwards, and the handle of the sword pushed against Xuan Yuan Duan Ai’s chest.

Just like that, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was pushed off the stage.

Everything happened so quickly.

Then, Zhan Feng Hua’s sword flew back into its rightful place (behind his back).

*Cough cough* Xuan Yuan Duan Ai was off the stage, coughing out blood.

“Duan Ai xiong!” Xuan Luo was very concerned. Spitting blood cannot be a good sign; at least, not in his opinion.

Tang Chen quickly went to hold onto Xuan Yuan Duan Ai. “Are you alright?”

“Tang shi xiong, I tried my best…” Xuan Yuan Duan Ai felt bad as he looked at Tang Chen.

“Don’t worry about it! You have already used your killer move. Let me handle the rest!” Tang Chen consoled.

Tang Chen leaped onto the stage. But facing Zhan Feng Hua, could Tang Chen really win with his fists?

Xuan Luo tried to help Xuan Yuan Duan Ai up to take care of him.

However, Xuan Yuan Duan Ai waved his hand, implying he was alright. He only wanted to focus on the stage.


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