Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 6.

To my dear readers,

This chapter was very easy to translate at the beginning, but near the end, it was very confusing… =___=. Nonetheless, I hope you like it. I really enjoyed the battle scenes while I read it in Chinese. However, I’m not sure if I translated well enough for you guys to experience the same emotions. *sigh*

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Here is the Chinese Version of this chapter.

Chapter 6       The Sky Battle

“Umm..da ge, I have nothing to do with this girl. If you have a problem with her, go ahead and talk to her about it.” Xuan Luo rushed.

Immediately after, Xuan Luo ran away. Who knows what Ling Hu Jiu is going to do next?

Bai Tian had already experienced/seen Ling Hu Jiu’s “gong fu”. Thus, before the man could even say a word, he had already silently disappeared through the crowd.

Now, only Ling Hu Jiu and the man remained. Ling Hu Jiu didn’t know what to say to the man. But through her eyes, she showed her annoyance.

“Go back with me!” The man stated. Looking at Ling Hu Jiu, his eyes displayed love and a tiny bit of guilt.

“My business is none of your business! Go back and tell lao tou that I don’t want to go back. And I’m not willing to go back!” Ling Hu Jiu was frustrated. She turned around and ran; disappearing in the crowd.

The man looked at Ling Hu Jiu, speechless. Then, he silently left.


Actually, Xuan Luo didn’t go too far. Although Ling Hu Jiu caused a lot of trouble, he knew deep down she had a good heart. Not to mention, the man came from nowhere. He would never leave her alone with a random stranger.

Thus, he watched from afar; in case any unexpected thing occurred.

When Ling Hu Jiu escaped without a scratch, Xuan Luo felt like he could put down the rock in his heart (meaning he can let it go, and not worry).

But from a distance, he noticed that Ling Hu Jiu’s facial expression reflected sadness. He didn’t know the reason, but he could sense it.

Her sad departure made Xuan Luo felt a tiny bit of sourness. He didn’t know where that feeling came from though.

From the stone bridge, he saw her looking faraway. Once in awhile, a boat would go through it, and laughter could be heard.

But the anguish remained on her face.

Xuan Luo secretly went up the stone bridge and stood beside Ling Hu Jiu. Silently, he watched the lake with her.

“What’s wrong? Are you sad?” Xuan Luo whispered into Ling Hu Jiu’s ear.

Hearing his voice, Ling Hu Jiu instantaneously looked angry. All the sadness disappeared like a puff of smoke. She yelled at Xuan Luo, “Xuan Luo, you sure ran away quickly! What? Am I really this dislikeable?”

Ling Hu Jiu had both her hands on her waist. The way she yelled at him reminded him of someone much older. If he didn’t know she was only ten years old, he would have thought it was a woman in her thirties with a childlike face.

Seeing Ling Hu Jiu act like this, Xuan Luo felt much better. This was the true Ling Hu Jiu!

“Eh..where you are planning to go now?” Xuan Luo was going to Wu Dang to learn Martial Arts. Therefore, in the next couple of years, he will be spending it in Wu Dang mountain. He wanted to fulfill his dream. Ever since Guan Shan Jue got hurt, Xuan Luo had felt very useless. He knew he lacked ability, thus it pushed him even more.

Jiang hu was not as easy and simple as he thought it was though.

Ling Hu Jiu didn’t reply. She looked up at the sky; deeply in thought.

“Do you see that?” All of a sudden, Ling Hu Jiu pointed to the sky.

Looking up into the air, there were two figures that had appeared.

“Humpt! This time you won’t escape, Shuang Han!” A rough outburst transmitted through the air.

“Haha! We’ll see whether you have the ability!” The other voice sounded weak in comparison.

As they got closer, Xuan Luo could see that one man was wearing blue and the other, white. The two were battling. But they were still quite far away, Xuan Luo could only see an outline of them.

Underneath the Sun, their weapons reflected light. The whole sky became the focus point.  Everyone was talking about it.

“Come, look! What is it?” People passing by heard the noise and are pointing to the sky.

“What’s going on? Everyone, come look!” More people began to gather. Everyone is looking up at the sky.

“Let’s go a bit closer” Xuan Luo whispered to Ling Hu Jiu. He has never see anything like this. Therefore, he wanted to take a closer look and see what was really going on.

Without a thought, Xuan Luo grabbed Ling Hu Jiu’s hand and ran towards the battle area.

Ling Hu Jiu did not know how to react, but she blushed.

Feng Sao Mei Hua!” Once again, the rough voice echoed. The man in the blue took out the saber from his back and waved it in the air a couple of times.

Shuang Han did a backward flip and avoided the hit. From his arm, a shiny concealed weapon shot out and flew towards Zhang Ri. Zhang Ri reacted quickly and got out of the way.

*Clang* The man in the blue skillfully blocked the weapon with his saber.

“You’re worthy to be called Shuang Han (sorry, this is really hard to translate). You’re able to quickly react and still attack! But that’s what makes it fun. Haha. Take this! Shi Zi Yao Tou!” An image of a lion came out of the saber and headed for Shuang Han.

“I’ll show you who’s stronger! Mi hun biao!” At this moment, a dozen or so beam of golden lights charged at Zhang Ri. But the golden lights were blurry; only a purple haze could be seen.

*Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang*

The sound of the weapons were loud and crisp.

Tai Ji Jian Wu” The man in blue conducted a dance with his saber, and it was fast approaching Shuang Han. The dance from the saber created jian qi; it sounded like wind, making swooshing sounds.

As Xuan Luo watched this battle, he could feel blood pumping throughout his body. Subconsciously, his fists were clenched.

“Haha. Zhang Ri. I didn’t expect you to have practiced Tai Ji Jian Wu. Not bad! But to keep me, until you mastered your Tai Ji Jian Wu, don’t even count on it!” Shuang Han loudly snickered. Then, out of nowhere, a couple more concealed weapons popped out.

All of a sudden, the man in blue’s body rapidly fell down. And the man in white, Shuang Han, had totally disappeared!

“Despicable! Shuang Han! Only assholes would use these dirty tricks!” As he fell, the man in blue loudly shrieked.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Ri was striked by one of Shuang Han’s concealed weapons. That was the reason why he lost his balance and fell from the sky.

Seeing the situation, Xuan Luo ran towards the location of where the man fell…



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  1. Thank you, btw eventhough its hard to translate a kungfu style, i think you should try to explain exactly what they talk about in those sword style, dont change the transliterate version of those shi zhi yu tao, mie bun hao or tai ji juan, might be a better way is explain or give the translated version.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! You’re always trying to help me improve. ❤ . Umm, the reason why I wrote "something like a lion shaking its head" is because that's the literal translation. But it sounds so odd in English… even the Tai Ji Jian Wu.. Tai Ji means Tai Chi.. Jian means sword…and Wu means Dance.. so it would be Tai Chi Sword Dance (I'll try to change the glossary and take away the "something" 😛 ) Thanks.

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