Zui Wu Dao. Part 2 -Chapter 7.

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This chapter only took me about two hours to translate! (yay!) My speed has improved. Hehe. But recently I have been very busy with some personal issues. As a result, I don’t have time to sit on the computer and just focus on translating. HOWEVER, I am going to set aside some more time this month to translate more chapters. I know I am super slow and I need to hurry up.

Anyhow, this chapter was interesting..but near the end I was like, “What the heck?” Haha, you’ll find out why. :p   But trust me, it gets a lot better once Xuan Luo actually arrives at Wu Dang.

Here is the Chinese version

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Chapter 7                   Zhang Ri

Xuan Luo and Ling Hu Jiu ran towards where the man fell. Shortly, they arrived.

But what they saw was a big surprise. A big hole was smashed onto the ground; and within the hole lied the man in blue.

Xuan Luo was astounded. The man fell from such a high place, yet only his clothes looked damaged.

But at this moment, the man hasn’t moved at all. Although, in Xuan Luo’s opinion, he didn’t look too hurt.

Xuan Luo ran towards the hole and heard a booming voice coming out from the hole.

“Shuang Han, I’m not done with you!”

Although the man in the blue currently seemed paralyzed, the strength of his voice indicated that he was fine. The man did not say anything else. Hence, Xuan Luo had no choice but to wait patiently. As for Ling Hu Jiu, she lost patience and made an excuse to leave.

Xuan Luo waited for a very long time before the man climbed out from the hole. When Xuan Luo saw him, he awkwardly asked, “Da ge, are you alright?”

Zhang Ri was not expecting to see Xuan Luo. The moment he got out of the hole, he saw Xuan Luo sitting by the side; watching him. Immediately, he made a very exaggerated move and asked, “What do you want to do to me?”

As he spoke, Zhang Ri had both his hands covering his chest, and he was slightly backing his body. It was rather hilarious.

“Da ge, are you from a Clan?” Xuan Luo asked sincerely. Zhang Ri looked like someone who would know something about the Clans. More importantly, Zhang Ri might be from a Clan!

“What? You don’t know?”  Zhang Ri stared at Xuan Luo in disbelief. Although, he was aware that most boys around Xuan Luo’s age have a Wuxia dream. Back then, he also felt the same. Thus, he already knew Xuan Luo wanted to find a master.

“I honestly don’t know.”

Looking at Xuan Luo’s innocent face, it did not seem to fit his seven che built. Zhang Ri laughed and elaborated, “Every Clan has their own fighting styles and weapons. For us at Wu Dang, we mainly focus on fist spells and sword spells.”

The moment Xuan Luo heard that Zhang Ri was from Wu Dang, he was thrilled. He loudly squealed, “YOU’RE FROM WU DANG!?”

Although Zhang Ri was an open guy, he almost had a heart attack from Xuan Luo’s sudden outburst. Helplessly, he winced, “Aren’t you a little bit TOO excited?”

Xuan Luo was almost hysterical. Originally, he thought he would have to go through more twists and turns before finding Wu Dang. But now, this was going to be so much easier. That’s why he was so ecstatic.

Since Zhang Ri was so willing to talk to him, this goes to show that Zhang Ri was not difficult to get along with. Therefore, if he asked Zhang Ri to take him to Wu Dang, Zhang Ri would most likely be okay with it.

Xuan Luo chuckled to himself. Then, with a little bit of hesitation, he asked, “I want to go to Wu Dang to learn Martial Arts, but I don’t know how…”

Zhang Ri grinned. “Don’t worry about it. I happen to be going back to Wu Dang. We can go together!”

Xuan Luo was super happy. This was easier than he thought.

But Zhang Ri added, “But the evaluation is not easy. You better be prepared!”

Xuan Luo nodded and firmly said, “No problem. I believe in myself!”

“Okay then. Let’s go enjoy life. I am starving. Let’s go eat!” Zhang Ri got up and dragged Xuan Luo alongside with him.

Along the way, Zhang Ri did most of the talking. Once in awhile, Xuan Luo would ask questions about the man in white.

The man in white turned out to be Shuang Han. He was part of the Tang Men Clan. He was actually a good friend of Zhang Ri. They would often fight and battle. They were quite happy with their relationship. Shuang Han was actually very skilled and a well known figure in Tang Men. But for some strange reason, he left the Clan and became a loner wandering in jiang hu. Zhang Ri wasn’t sure what happened; hence he went down the mountain to find out his whereabouts.

Fortunately, Shuang Han had no intentions of killing Zhang Ri. If he did, Zhang Ri would not have only been temporarily paralyzed. He would have been poisoned by the weapon and died.

Xuan Luo did not understand. While Zhang Ri and Shuang Han were battling, it seemed like both of them were very angry at each other. Based on their tone of voice, they did not sound like friends at all. Thus, he boldly asked, “Honestly, while you guys were fighting, I thought you were very distanced from him…”

“Don’t worry about that. That’s between me and him. Even if you try to intervene, there’s no use. Come on, let’s go and eat here!” Zhang Ri pointed to the Tong Fu Inn, and proudly walked inside.


The waiter from the Inn recognized Xuan Luo and passionately served them. His actions caused Zhang Ri to be a little envious. While they were eating, the waiter kept trying to converse with Xuan Luo.

But there was a reason why the staffs from Tong Fu Inn treated Xuan Luo so well. Xuan Luo didn’t know how to explain it to Zhang Ri; as a result, he didn’t say anything.

After eating, Xuan Luo wanted to tell Bai Tian his great news. But oddly enough, Bai Tian was not in the Inn. He had no idea where Bai Tian was. Xuan Luo had no choice but to wait inside.


It was night time and Bai Tian was still nowhere to be seen. Xuan Luo sat in front of the window and looked up into the sky. He softly whispered, “Bai Tian, where are you?!”

Logically, by now, Bai Tian should have been back already. But Bai Tian’s room looked exactly the same. Nothing has been moved.

The more he thought about it, the more restless Xuan Luo became. He was so worried that he couldn’t sleep the entire night. The night felt awfully long.

Once in awhile, he would think back to his first encounter with Bai Tian. Ever since he had arrived in Qian Deng Zhen, Bai Tian has been his only friend. He really hoped Bai Tian was okay. If they were fighting on a battlefield, he would let Bai Tian watch his back because he trusted him so much.


“Xuan Luo, let’s go! I’m going to return to Wu Dang today. Let’s go together. But I don’t know if you can pass the evaluation! Haha!” Zhang Ri teased Xuan Luo. He can see that Xuan Luo has dark circles under his eyes. Deep inside, he assumed Xuan Luo was too excited that he couldn’t sleep.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Xuan Luo sighed. Thinking on a deeper level, Bai Tian can kind of fight. In addition, he gave Bai Tian his fist spell book from Master Li. Therefore, Bai Tian should be okay.

Xuan Luo was not too worried now. He followed Zhang Ri and together they headed for Wu Dang…

(Seriously? He just left Bai Tian like that? I guess in the past, you can’t contact the guy..but I would have waited…)


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    1. Giving up a friend?! Do you mean Lian Feng leaving Lin Shan? Don’t worry, he is right outside and will rush back in. He was worried he couldn’t control himself so he ran. 😂😂

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