Reality vs the Internet

Reality vs real life

Today, I had a sudden urge to blog about a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time. I want to write about people who compare their lives with the lives of the people they have on facebook/instagram/twitter/other social media. It’s actually quite common, I think.

The reason this issue bothers me is because people actually take it too seriously. I know for a fact, some people are envious or jealous of certain lifestyles people portray online. Sometimes, it seems like everyone has a better life than us. There are people who look so hot, who look so rich, who look so successful, who look so happy, and etc. However, you must understand that people only show you what they want you to see. For example, someone can post up a picture of a house they newly bought. You, the viewer, is probably like, “Wow. Blah blah blah bought a house! He/she must be doing so well”. (or something along those lines). BUT GUESS WHAT? It’s not always true!! You don’t see them struggling to pay the bills. For all you know, they probably can’t even afford it. A lot of the times, people buy things they cannot afford.

In addition, girls can be super manipulative. I’m not saying only girls are, and guys aren’t, but it is more common for girls to do this. Girls like to take pictures of things and write a quote or a line that can imply a lot of things. For example, a girl might take a picture of a drink and write something like, “You always know the right things to say.” But then, there won’t be a picture of the person. And now, for people who care, they might assume or wonder:

1. Who is _____ referring to? Is she dating someone?
2. _______ is seeing someone.
3. _______ is very happy.

Can you believe it? We make all these assumptions based on a picture of a drink and a sentence someone can just make up. I’m not saying everyone is like that, but facebook/instagram/twitter/social media is full of shit (please excuse my language).

However, I still love using social media because I like feeling connected to people, and I really do enjoy looking at the nice pictures on instagram. I truly respect and admire those who take the time to post up such nice pictures/motivational things for viewers. HOWEVER, it is very easy for one to get caught up and become obsessive over what they see online. For example, some people might hate themselves because they do not feel like they are “pretty” or “beautiful” enough. Some people might just want to look like the girls/guys they see online. It is important to remember though, a lot of the times, what you are seeing online is nothing like what their life is like in real life.

For example, a morning selfie. There are those who take morning selfies and they look gorgeous as hell. But you know what? That is NOT a morning selfie (at least, not to me). If I want to look that good, that will be a 30 minutes selfie. First, I have to pick a nice outfit. Then, I have to put make up on. After that, I have to find good lighting/angle and then take about 30 selfies (because I have to pick the best one, you know?). After that, I will have to go through all the filters to find the one that enhances my beauty the most. It is not until I finish all that before I can actually post the “morning selfie”. But because I spent so much time and work on this selfie, now I want people to praise me. I want people to “like” my picture and follow me. If I do not get the follows and likes, I’ll be sad. You see the problem?!?! That is why I don’t post many pictures of myself on instagram. It is not because I don’t want to look pretty and get likes/follows, but it makes me so superficial and I know I would constantly be craving for attention. Again, I’m not saying this applies to everyone. However, there is definitely some type of influence.

In conclusion, I just want you all to become more aware and not compare yourself or your life too much to those you see online. People can hide all the bad stuff they don’t want you to see. Most of the time, people are not as happy and glamorous as you think they are. Everyone has problems, they just don’t want to show you.

P.S. If you want, you can follow me on instagram @grace7127. But just to warn you, I post mainly words.


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

10 thoughts on “Reality vs the Internet”

  1. Two sentences I love about this post that made me laugh and I quote: “facebook/instagram/twitter/social media is full of shit (please excuse my language).” and “you can follow me on instagram @grace7127. But just to warn you, I post mainly words.”

    Hahaha ❤

    1. LOLLL thanks, Karen!! I try to be funny. 😛 Hahaha. It actually takes me a long time to write a blog post. How do you blog so often? You’re amazing, my dear. ❤ you.

  2. I saw your comment on A Journey With You and thought I would pop in to check you out too.

    I see a lot of blessing and a lot of curse in technology of all kinds. It is so cool when Alexander Graham Bell talks on a telephone from coast to coast for the very first time. He brings the eastern coast and the west coast together in real time! What a day!!! Up until that time, you could send a telegraph and have it interpreted after several minutes. If you wanted to send a message from coast to coast before that, you would have to hire the Pony Express, and still it took a couple of days or more for a message to cross the continent. However, at that same time, if you wanted to talk to your next door neighbor, you had to go knock on the door and see them face to face.

    After Bell’s first phone call, you could just call your next door neighbor and talk on the phone.

    This is the perfect picture of the blessing and the curse in juxtaposition. The east and west coasts brought together while next door neighbors begin drifting apart. Hmmm…

    As you can see, you and me are communicating now, but you don’t know me, nor I you. And, in fact, I use a pseudonym to hide my identity. It’s not like I am hiding from the FBI or anything, I just choose to be anonymous on line so that when I talk about the good things I do for the homeless in my town, I am not bragging and puffing up myself before others. (It’s a Jesus thing… (Matt. 6:3))

    I try to “be real” with people, but secret at the same time. That is a weird thing, but the internet allows it. (Actually, I am sure I can be discovered if someone really wants to take the time, but I hope I am not really that interesting…..) Anyway, it is related to the dynamic you talk about in your post. People are not being honest, or they are not being authentic, or they are only telling part of the truth etc…. They are only showing you what they WANT you to see, and that is almost never the ugly parts, the shameful parts, the vulnerable parts etc.

    I think it is important to take note of that. But honestly, I would not really want you to share too much. It is not actually safe to do on the internet. We must manage what we share carefully. But we should be wise in knowing that a lot of stuff people share is not only fake, but flaky too. We do not need to be threatened by the picture of themselves they present; we merely need to feel confident that they are no better than us on the one hand, and they are not telling the whole truth on the other….

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

    1. Hi Agent X! Thank you for your long and thoughtful comment! Wow. Yeah, it’s true. I believe a lot of people just show others what they want them to see. In a way, it’s like showing off.

      I do agree that technology is both a blessing and a curse. It makes connecting and communicating much easier, but it can also ruin people’s lives (social media).

      And thanks for worrying about me. Haha. I do share a lot on my blog, but I wouldn’t actually share my personal fb account or anything.

      For twitter and instagram, I share mainly motivational things & not much about my private life. I do want to help and inspire others..& that’s why I blog. Thanks, Agent X!

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