Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 36.

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Chapter 36     The cave

Xuan Luo was in a daze as he followed the direction of the stream. Suddenly, he seemed to spot something. There seemed to be something behind the vine from the cliff. He was curious and immediately hurried towards it. However, due to his injuries, he was slow. Very slow…

Once Xuan Luo got closer, he could see that there was a cave behind the vine. From the cave, out came a breeze of cold wind. It was chilly; Xuan Luo couldn’t help but shiver.

For some odd reason, his mind could feel that something was inside; it was calling him to go in. Xuan Luo didn’t know how to describe the feeling.

Xuan Luo pushed the vine aside and dragged his beaten body inside.

Although the cave was dim, there was still some hint of sunlight; a person with average vision could still see clearly.

Xuan Luo fixedly looked inside, and everything looked out of this world.

The silence of the cave was shattered by the water dripping down from a rock; the rhythm was very steady and sharp -it was beautiful.

Once inside, Xuan Luo finally experienced the frigidness of a cave. Although it was the height of summer, from inside the cave, the blistering heat couldn’t be felt at all.

All of a sudden, Xuan Luo felt pain everywhere and could no longer endure it. He lost consciousness. At this moment, the water dripping from the rock dripped onto Xuan Luo’s cheek; and Xuan Luo’s body was absorbing it.


After a long time, Xuan Luo opened his eyes once again. However, this time, his body felt particularly relaxed; all the pain from before had vanished.

Xuan Luo felt very puzzled by the change. How was it possible that all the scars from the wolves were gone?

But being puzzled was one thing, at least things were looking on a brighter side. Thus, Xuan Luo did not try to investigate. His body had healed and now he was starting to look up and down at the cave.

There were also a lot of vines inside the cave. However, they weren’t as thick as the ones from the outside. Every so often, drops of water from a rock would fall onto his cheek. Xuan Luo was curious and decided to look up; all he saw was a droplet that was slowly forming.

Xuan Luo used the corner of his mouth to try to get a taste of the droplet. It was slightly sweet, and after swallowing it, he felt a warm current running through his entire body. It felt great. Earlier, while he was unconscious, he didn’t feel anything nearly as strong as this. Currently, Xuan Luo could truly feel it.

Xuan Luo thought to himself, could this water be the reason why my scars have all healed?

But thinking on a deeper level, this thought seemed a bit ridiculous. Even if Hua Tuo* came back to life, he wouldn’t be able to connect all his broken bones back together while not inflicting any pain upon him; as well as giving him a warm relaxing current to run through his body.

But what Xuan Luo didn’t know was that there were many living things in the world that were phenomenal.

Xuan Luo didn’t expect something so bizarre to happen within the cave. However, since he was all better, he didn’t care anymore. He only wanted to find Bai Tian.

Since this water had the ability to heal, how could Xuan Luo not think of Bai Tian? Falling from such a high area…even if he was not dead, he would definitely be in a critical condition.

Xuan Luo started to panic. He hopes Bai Tian wasn’t dead or in a critical condition. If he was in a critical condition, at least the water droplets could help him. But if he was dead, then he had no face to face Bai Tian’s family.

Xuan Luo got up and rushed towards the entrance of the cave. Originally, he meant to find Bai Tian immediately. But as time went by, the pain was too much for him and his mind no longer functioned properly. Somehow, he ended up in this cave.

Xuan Luo was curious about the droplets from the cave. How come it had the ability to heal? Originally, he was in a critical condition. Yet, within a short amount of time, most of his wounds had already healed. He wanted to find out. However, the walls within the cave were slippery. Although he had regained most of his strength, he didn’t have enough strength to climb onto the top of the cave to find out where the water source came from. After all, currently, Xuan Luo couldn’t fly yet. Hence, he gave up and walked out of the cave.

After he left the cave, he followed the directions of the stream. Old people have often told him that where there is water, there is a place; where there is a place, there is a family.

Xuan Luo was still praying that Bai Tian was well. He wanted to share the xin fa with Bai Tian. Plus, Bai Tian mainly fell off the cliff because of him. Xuan Luo felt guilty and responsible.

“Bai Tian, please be alright!” Xuan Luo’s steps became faster and faster. Within a short distance, he saw smoke. Xuan Luo’s heart felt a thump.


“Miss, could you tell me where I am?” Xuan Luo had followed the stream here. He had no idea where he was. Thus, he politely asked the woman in front of him.

The woman was very kind. She smiled at Xuan Luo and warmly responded, “This is Xia Luo village. Xiao xiong di, are you passing by?”**

Xuan Luo vaguely remembered Xia Luo village. He knew that there was still quite a big distance between Qian Deng Zhen and Xia Luo village. He had heard adults mentioning about the village before. However, the villagers from these two places basically did not care or meddle in each other’s businesses. After all, they each had their water and land. They did not care too much for materialistic things.

“Miss, I am from Qian Deng Zhen. My friend and I have been separated while we were in the mountainous woods. I noticed your smoke and came here.” Xuan Luo honestly replied, “I am wondering if you have seen a boy around this height and looks like this. He is around my age.”

Since he had arrived at a place, Xuan Luo really wanted to sit down and rest. But right now was not the time. He didsn’t even know if Bai Tian was still alive. How could he act so carefree?” “Young lad, I am unsure. Perhaps you should ask other people, maybe they have seen him.” The woman was apologetic as she responded with a smile.

“Thanks, Miss…” Before Xuan Luo could finish talking, his stomach made two growling noises. Xuan Luo tried to cover his stomach as he turned around to leave.

“Young lad, it’s already noon. I see you’re by yourself, why don’t you eat here before you go?!” The middle aged woman laughed as she heard Xuan Luo’s growling stomach. She suggested because she noticed Xuan Luo’s awkward expression.

“That would be too much trouble…” Xuan Luo stared back blankly and mildly rejected.

“No trouble. You need strength to find your friend. In your current state, you’re going to faint before you find your friend! We don’t have much selection here, please don’t mind.”

Xuan Luo decided that what the woman said made sense. Therefore, he followed the woman inside. The people from the village were simple, generous, and honest. Xuan Luo couldn’t help but think of his villagers back home. Weren’t they all simple, generous and kind?

The woman’s home was right next to the stream. The house was entirely made out of wood, and the colour was very pleasing to the eye. “Here, eat…” The woman placed a bowl of rice in front of Xuan Luo. Xuan Luo thanked the woman and swallowed everything in one gulp***

For the past few days, all Xuan Luo and Bai Tian ate were the wild fruits they had found in the mountains. His stomach had long lost its taste. Now that there was rice, it seemed extra delicious.

“Mom, I’m back!” A rough voice could be heard from the door. Hearing this, the woman placed another bowl onto the table.

“Hu Zi, you’re back. You must be tired today, please come eat…”  Hu Zi did not seem to notice Xuan Luo’s presence as he focused on eating his rice. However, actually, Hu Zi did notice. The reason why he didn’t react was because he knew his mother was very kind hearted. Oftentimes, she would invite lost strangers into the house for a meal and chat with them.

Hu Zi’s father passed away at a very young age. In this household, it was only the woman and Hu Zi. On a regular day, Hu Zi would do some farming while his mother would stay home alone; bored out of her mind.

“Mother, a young lad was found floating along the stream today. His condition is very serious. Right now he’s at the old man’s place. I wonder if he woke up yet.” On the table, Hu Zi suddenly brought up an incident.

“Really? Is the child okay? How is he now?” Since the woman was so kind hearted, she reacted as if it was a close relative of hers.

“Not sure. But old man frowned a lot. It doesn’t look good!” Hu Zi sighed.

Hearing this, the first thought that came to Xuan Luo was that it must be Bai Tian. He immediately puts down his bowl and anxiously asked, “Da ge, where is this guy now?” Hu Zi and the woman were a bit stunned by Xuan Luo’s big reaction; although they quickly snapped out of it.

“Hu Zi, the boy might be this young lad’s friend. After you finish your meal, please take him to see old man!”

“Thank you, Miss…” Xuan Luo was ten thousand times thankful****


*Apparently, he’s a famous doctor at the end of Han Dynasty
**Isn’t it obvious he is passing by? Clearly he didn’t mean to come here intentionally? :S
***an idiom. He didn’t actually swallow everything in one gulp. It just meant he ate like a savage lol
**** What’s with Chinese and ten thousand.. For your information, back then, when subjects bowed down to the King, they always say, “King, ten thousand years, ten thousand years old!” (They basically have to say that every time they greet a King. So lame. Fortunately, it sounds less ridiculous in Chinese)


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