Zui Wu Dao. Vol 2 -Chapter 39.

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This chapter in Chinese

Chapter 39     Shen Tui Men

But honestly, this man’s reaction time was many times better than Xuan Luo’s. As Xuan Luo was swiftly approaching with his tai chi steps, the man had already made a move.

Although Xuan Luo was fast, the man’s reaction was dashing. Within a blink of an eye, the man had already pulled out his blade; ready for combat.

Seeing Hu Zi and thinking about Hu Zi’s dead mother, Xuan Luo had decided the death sentence for the man early on. His current abilities may be weaker than the man; however, he still had his hidden card -nei li.

Although Xuan Luo did not purposely practice nei li while he was working with Tian Yu Zi, his nei li still increased while he was in the process of practicing the tai chi fist. The nei li in his core continued to quietly increase even when he didn’t focus on it.

Xuan Luo had already achieved the border of ‘success’. He only had a thin layer to break through, and he shall get there. Once he breaks through this layer, he will see a huge boost in his strength.

There were four levels in total: small success, junior, success, and peak. Each level was very difficult to achieve. The higher up you go, the more difficult it gets. Practicing will no longer be enough to go through the level. The secret to the top required one to seek, comprehend, and feel.

Xuan Luo rushed full on; directly aiming his punch at the man; not holding back the slightest bit.

However, the man had a weapon in his hand. Since Xuan Luo was about to fight him emptyhandedly, his mind was running. First of all, he must somehow avoid clashing straight into the blade. Next, he must somehow overtake him and hand him to Hu Zi. He wanted Hu Zi to personally crush the man.

As Xuan Luo released his fist, he did not purposely control his nei li. He allowed it to naturally swim through his veins and arrived onto his fist.


The blade managed to block the first strike. But Xuan Luo’s fist consisted of nei li, and it landed on the blade.

Actually, Xuan Luo was lucky. Xuan Luo would have been stabbed, but he managed to quickly twirl and avoided the sharp edge of the blade. His fist also changed direction.

However, his wrist was unfortunately cut.


The man’s blade vibrated due to Xuan Luo’s forceful punch. It was as if there was a magnet around it. The man’s hand shook and the blade fell onto the ground.

As the blade fell, it was like a replay from before; on the blade, there were many cracked lines. Then, it was fell into pieces.

The man was shocked. He was surprised he couldn’t hold the blade steady. In addition, he didn’t think Xuan Luo’s punch would shatter the entire blade.*

But the man didn’t see Xuan Luo’s wound. There was a thick cut on Xuan Luo’s wrist. The skin had been flipped open; fresh blood was dripping down from it.

The man didn’t notice this though. His face still showed his stunned expression. How could someone as young as Xuan Luo possess such strength? He never thought it was possible. Now he knew regardless of what he did, it would be useless.

Seeing Xuan Luo, big drops of sweat started dripping down from the man’s forehead.

The man wasn’t alone. Behind him were a bunch of subordinates. Seeing their boss’s expression, they knew Xuan Luo meant trouble. In their minds, their boss’s fighting skills were one of the best. If their boss cannot handle Xuan Luo, then they definitely could not do anything.

Xuan Luo approached the man, step by step. The aura encircling his body was frightening. His steps were slow, but each step caused the man a body leaping sensation.

“This da ge**…you…you…” The man was truly afraid. He knew even if his brother were to come, he still wouldn’t have much of an advantage.

“I am Shen Tui Men’s second dang jia. Xiao xiong di, please be a bigger person and forgive me. I was wrong…can you…” The man was stuttering and his voice couldn’t hide any of his fear.

Shen Tui Men? Xuan Luo didn’t expect it to be Shen Tui Men again. During his quest to Du Cheng, he recalled dealing with Shang Hua and Hu Han from Shen Tui Men. His memory was still fresh. He remembered Hu Han hurting his Stepfather. He also remembered how Shang Hua wanted to take his fist technique book because he thought it was a good one -that greedy bastard.

If Dong Fang Yu had not came by, Xuan Luo would definitely have been beaten by Shang Hua. At the time, Xuan Luo had just started learning the basics of Martial Arts informally. Back then, he only fought carelessly. Although Master Li gave him the fist technique book, and he had amazing memory plus talent, he was still no match for Shang Hua.

At that time, Xuan Luo had decided that after he was skilled in Martial Arts, the first person he would go after was Shang Hua.

Thus, hearing that this man say he was from Shen Tui Men surprised him. He was taken aback and stood still while he thought of what he should do.

The man thought Xuan Luo was afraid of Shen Tui Men, and felt a sense of relief. His confidence started to increase from within again, and his face no longer looked so stress. However, his thought was clearly wrong…

Xuan Luo looked at the man and continued walking towards him again. However, there was no change in his expression. The frustration and anger was actually more intense.

During these past two years, Xuan Luo’s mental state had actually improved a lot at Wu Dang. He basically didn’t have that particular nightmare anymore, and he had almost forgotten about it. However, right now….everything was coming back.

Xuan Luo didn’t care about anything else and directly punched the man in the stomach. This punch only consisted of his brute strength; no nei li was involved.

The man’s eyes widened and jaw dropped. He didn’t think Xuan Luo would be this fast.*** But waiting for him was not only this punch. Within tai chi fist, there was ‘swiftness amongst the slowness, as well as ‘slowness hides within the swiftness’. But at this moment, it was only swiftness. It was so fast that the normal eyes could not view it clearly.

Within a couple of breaths, the man had already been beaten beyond recognition. Xuan Luo loudly roared and released his last punch. The man was now unconscious.

Although the man had been beaten beyond recognition, Xuan Luo did not feel the slightest pity for him. He glanced around at his surroundings and said, “You guys… go tell Shang Hua I am looking for him. Tell him to wash his neck and prepare for me****… and yes, also tell Hu Han….”

At that moment, everything was covered in silence. Originally, the villagers were the ones so scared that they couldn’t utter a word. Now, the silent ones were Shen Tui Men…

Xuan Luo grabbed the man’s collar as if he was a dog, and threw him directly in front of Hu Zi.

“Hu Zi ge, I give him to you…” Although Xuan Luo said it very quietly, Hu Zi heard his words clearly.

Hu Zi grabbed one of the shattered pieces of the blade and using only his right hand, he directly stabbed the man in the neck. His face looked sinister and his eyes were scarlet. Blood spurted up a couple metres, and the blood splattered all over Hu Zi and Xuan Luo’s faces.

Then, Hu Zi fainted…

“If you guys want to stay alive, leave before I change my mind…” Xuan Luo coldly told the rest of the subordinates.

*He did it earlier…what’s the difference? Unless his blade is heavier and stronger than the broadsword….

**Da ge literally means “older brother” (It is respectful to call someone ‘brother’ even if they’re not related to you by blood). However, clearly, Xuan Luo is way younger than him. The only reason why the man is calling him “da ge” is because he thinks giving Xuan Luo a more respectful title will help his situation.

***Okay, this man is clearly not very smart. How many times is he going to be surprised by Xuan Luo? USE YOUR BRAIN! (sorry, I couldn’t hide my frustrations)

**** Why wash his neck?? I know it’s an expression but it still doesn’t make sense to me…lol


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  1. Before you cut an animal usually, as an South east Asian we wash the neck. For Hygienic reason so i think Chinese would do the same as they.

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