The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The King of Hell is savage!

Who would have thought that Leng Jun Yu would be more horrifying than the rumours say?

His boundless martial arts was unbelievable. He used his hand as a weapon and managed to take down all his brothers.

Ba Hu knew he had underestimated Prince Rui. At this rate, he was only going to die. Therefore, he quickly took this opportunity to hold Le Yao Yao hostage.

He could tell from the way Leng Jun Yu looked at the eunuch that the eunuch was special to him. Now that he had a trump card, he no longer had to be afraid!

So, Ba Hu’s fearful heart slowly began to relax.

As for Leng Jun Yu, he finally stopped. But it was because he had just killed the last assassin around him.

His palm moved as quick as lightning, and with one strike, the assassin only had time to groan before collapsing.

The assassin’s eyes were widely open; it looked like he died unwillingly.

Ba Hu’s mouth twitched. The brothers he had brought along with him were all massacred by Leng Jun Yu. From his pupils, horror could been seen.

When he looked at the field of corpses, he noticed that all of them were killed differently.

One of them had a palm that went through his heart; another had his head split open with brain juices overflowing; another had his neck snapped…

Even for someone like Ba Hu, who viewed human lives as grass, this was too much. He was trembling from both fear and anger! Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 13”

The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Held hostage!

All the other assassins instantly started to snicker. The way they were sneering at them made Le Yao Yao’s blood boil.

Your mother is the one who isn’t a man or woman! Your whole family is un-man un-woman!

Le Yao Yao was raging so hard that her tiny face was turning bright red. Both of her fists were tightly clenched and she looked like she wanted to go and beat those bullies up.

Leng Jun Yu didn’t appear to care, but Le Yao Yao knew that deep down the King of Hell was furious. And, there was going to be a huge consequence.

No one could read Leng Jun Yu’s expression because his expression was like looking into a deep pool. Yet, the aura that he was emitting felt like it was from eighteen levels of hell. It was almost cannibalistic.

He didn’t speak a word, but his actions said it all.

Le Yao Yao had led a simple life. She had never witnessed any violent scenes aside from those on TV.

Now, she was actually experiencing everything in live format. She finally got to see a true fighter.

In her mind, she recalled what Xiao Mu Zi had once told her.

-Prince Rui’s skills are unbelievable. God nor devil wouldn’t be able to predict his moves. He is relentless and savage. He is untamed and monstrous. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 12”