The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Being squished

The eunuch’s five facial features looked like they were delicately craved. His big curious eyes were the most attractive features; it took up one fourth of his oval face.

Leng Jun Yu had never seen such huge, vivid eyes before. “His” eyes were watery and reflected the waves of sunlight. They looked as innocent as an immortal. At the same time, there were a hint of mischievousness in them. At this moment, these pair of lovely eyes were staring straight at him; they were emitting a pleasant shock that their owner could not conceal.

“His” thoughts could all be seen through his pupils. And right now, Leng Jun Yu could tell how much “he” was admiring him. Leng Jun Yu couldn’t help but feel pleased with himself.

Leng Jun Yu had never felt this way before. This eunuch was sure…interesting!

“Who are you?” Leng Jun Yu spoke up.

It was clearly April, but his icy voice made it feel like there was a sudden blizzard. Le Yao Yao trembled and was foolishly awakened.

Eh, he is hot but his voice can freeze someone to death!

Also, after Le Yao Yao snapped out of it, she realized the man in front of her was the legendary ruthless Prince Rui!

Before Le Yao Yao had set her foot in here, she had already been exposed to the merciless stories of Prince Rui. Therefore, after the shock, she only felt fear. She was so scared that she didn’t dare to reply.

After a slight tremble, Le Yao Yao decided to imitate the actions and language of the eunuchs she had seen on television before. She respectfully greeted Leng Jun Yu.

“To respond to Prince Rui, your servant’s name is Xiao Yao Zi.” Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 5”