The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 11

Hehe. Leng Jun Yu is so manly. 😉

Chapter 11: Don’t worry, I’m here.

Le Yao Yao obviously had no clue what had happened previously. All she knew was that her current situation was anything but reassuring.

If they were to fight, she would be doomed. She didn’t even have the strength to kill a chicken. So based on her analysis, she would be dead.

Yet, the man beside her was being so rampant with his words.

Although she was aware of how dangerous he was, there was a Chinese saying “double fists is no match for four hands”.

There were over a dozen people against the two of them. Each of their opponents had a sharp weapon.

Yup, she was definitely going to be sliced into pieces.

Le Yao Yao thought about the bloody mess ahead of her, and imagined herself to be sliced in eight pieces. Now, she was shaking uncontrollably. She felt like a yellow dying leaf that was being blown off the tree as the fierce wind ruthlessly spun her.

Leng Jun Yu seemed to sense Le Yao Yao’s fear. His eyes flashed and he spoke without thinking.

“Don’t worry. I’m here!”

His voice was still icy cold, but you could tell by the tone that he meant well. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 11”


The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The wrath of the King of Hell

There was a faint earthy aroma coming from him. He smelt like ambergris.

Le Yao Yao lightly took a sniff, the scent was making her a little high and her heart started to beat rapidly.

She was currently being held by this man. She had lived for eighteen years, but she had never came in such close contact with any male before. Being wrapped in this man’s embrace was unleashing a very unfamiliar emotion within her.

Wasn’t this guy going to tear her into pieces? How come he chose to save her?

What a confusing person to understand…

As Le Yao Yao thought to herself, a murderous voice entered her ears.

“Leng Jun Yu! Today, I am going to avenge for my 180 brothers! You murderer!”

The leader of the pack roared to the sky. His eyes looked deadly. The bow in his hand had already been replaced by a double edged sword, and that sword was directly pointing at Leng Jun Yu.

He looked like he was on the brink of insanity. It was extremely nerve wrecking.

Leng Jun Yu coldly grunted as he looked at the assassins with disgust. “Huh!? You want revenge? Based on your abilities!?” Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 10”