Unveil: A voice messaging dating app


To celebrate breaking 500000 views on my blog, I decided to try something new. I downloaded my first ever dating app!! I found out about this app through Lisa. It is called Unveil and I think the concept is very interesting.

Basically, everyone’s pictures start off as blurry. The only way you can see what the person looks like is if you send voice messages back and forth. The more you talk, the more gets unveil.

The reason why I like this is because:

  1. It is less shallow. You are not messaging a person based on what they look like (since you can’t see what they look like). Instead, you are messaging them based on their content from their voice intro.
  2. Voices convey a lot more emotions compared to text. It feels much more personal.

Anyways, this is how you start.

  1. You download the app.
  2. You add your name and your birthday (only your age will show) and your gender.
  3. You state your gender preference.
  4. You record a voice intro.
  5. You can browse and listen to others’ intros. If you swipe, you go to the next person. If you want to respond to a person, you just click the microphone at the corner. The maximum length is 2 minutes.

My voice intro was actually very shitty but it was actually what I was thinking; hence I didn’t change it. This is what I said, “Hi, my name is Grace and I like inspirational things….and singing. *awkward 2 secs pause* What about you? *another awkward pause* I wanted to try this out because it seems like a very cool concept… and…we’ll see. *pause for one more sec*. That’s it.” [end]

I thought about changing it and making it sound more attractive. Or perhaps singing to “trap” some guys. But ultimately, I decided to leave it because I’d rather the person like me for my less-perfect version. I want to be real and not edit my thoughts.

Anyhow, one person did message me. We’ll call him S for stranger. The first message S sent me was, “Hey Grace. You said you like inspirational things. What’s your biggest inspiration and why?”

When I first heard this response, I thought, wow, this sounds like an interview! I gave my answer nonetheless. I also asked questions about him. But he didn’t respond until the next day.

Since he made me wait one day, I thought to myself, “Oh? Fine. You wanna take your time? I’ll take my time too. You can wait a day for my response.” Haha.

I replied back the next day. (No more details because it’s too much work).

This time, he took two days to reply.

Honestly, I thought about making him wait two days, but I didn’t want to play games. So, I replied back a day later.

It has been three or four days, and he hasn’t responded.

Despite being ignored, during the three voice messages we exchanged, we actually had a very good conversation. There was effort and thought involved, and it felt genuine. It was much more meaningful compared to those, “Hey. What’s up.” messages.

Overall, I think this is a good idea for those who are looking for something more than a hook-up. Haha. It actually takes a lot more effort than you would think.

However, since it is a dating application, I would like to kindly remind you not to invest too much emotions. Most likely, regardless of gender, the person you’re talking to is also chatting with many others.

You can’t blame them though. If you’re effective, you wouldn’t only talk to one person and put all your eggs in one basket. You would diversify and keep your options open so you have lots to choose from. As a result, the chances that someone will suddenly stop talking to you is quite high. Please do not get too upset if that happens.

In addition, since dating apps require almost no effort, most of the time, people are not very serious. (It takes more effort to go to the washroom than to swipe a hundred times on your phone.)

Remember, people do not value what comes easily. So unless you’re looking to hook-up, don’t make yourself too available and/or too easy.

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider meeting up with anyone over an app unless he has consistently spoken/messaged me for more than two weeks. If you can’t even last two weeks, forget it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Perhaps I will try other dating apps and blog about them in the future. 😛

Note: This is a really new app so not many people know about it or uses it. I only heard about it through Lisa.


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

20 thoughts on “Unveil: A voice messaging dating app”

  1. This app is interesting because for guys, looks are probably 80% of why they are attracted to you. Thus, if the guy is not patient enough to decode the photo by talking to you, would it be more difficult to find a guy who likes you? Not every guy starts liking a girl by liking the way her voice sounds lol. Something to think about.

    1. That is true!! If the guy doesn’t have enough patience to decode, then it is unfortunate. I guess it’s better for those who care more about personality than looks?!

      1. Guys only care about your personality after they like how you look. Lol. Visual attraction is sooooo important for our male series, Grace!

  2. And when I say “attracted to you”, I mean initially. Once the guy actually meets and gets to know you in person, attraction is based on more factors, but for a dating app, I can see why this app is not trending yet.. How long has it been out for?

    1. Thanks, Karen!! I worked my ass off for those views. Sigh. Hehe you are much more consistent than me though. Blogging daily is amazing. *sings the song I created for you* 😘😘😘

    1. Thanks for reading, Etvo!! ❤ . Yeah, but most of my male friends think it's lame because they say they're too shallow. -_- They want to know what the girl looks like before talking to them. *sigh*

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