Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.

To my dear readers,

This chapter is very sad. (But don’t worry, we all know Lian Feng isn’t really dead..:P. He will come back eventually…but before then, lots of crazy things will happen).

Chapter 65

Currently, Du Hao was panicking inside Ming Yue Palace. The Imperial physician was taking Lin Shan’s pulse.

“Your Highness, please do not worry. Prince Consort fainted from shock, but he is alright. As long as he takes his medication and rest, he will wake up fine.” Then, the Imperial physician left the room with Xiao Lu to boil the medicine.

Du Hao went over to the bedside and saw Lin Shan’s pale face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her lips had no colour to it. His heart ached. At that moment, he was jealous. He was envious of Lian Feng’s past, his encounters, and even the fact he fell down into the river valley.

If I was the person who fell, would you be this upset?

He couldn’t help but stroke Lin Shan’s face with his fingers. Bitterness lingered around his heart.

At this moment, Lin Shan suddenly opened her eyes and calmly gazed at Du Hao.

“Lian Feng?” She whimpered. Her voice was light.

Du Hao didn’t shake his head, instead he grasped Lin Shan’s hand. Yet, she rejected him as she flung his hand away.

“You’re not Lian Feng…” Lin Shan started talking to herself, “Lian Feng went to get the antidote. He’s not back yet. The sky is already dark. What if he got lost? He has to go such a long way. He must be starving. I’m going to go prepare some food for him to eat.” Then, Lin Shan tried getting up from the bed as she swayed.

Her every sentence stabbed into him like needles. Du Hao held in the pain as he pressed Lin Shan down: “You just woke up. Don’t get up.”

“Don’t stop me. I need to peel some walnuts. Lian Feng likes to eat walnuts. He likes the little ones. He likes it when I peel it for him….”

It was as if Lin Shan had gone into her whole little world. Regardless of how Du Hao tried to stop her, she insisted on getting out of bed. She started overturning trunks and boxes for walnuts.

Huh? Where are the walnuts? Xiao Lu must have ate it all. I’m going to lecture her…”

“Song Luo, stop. Luo Luo!” Du Hao anxiously stopped Lin Shan from looking for Xiao Lu, “Don’t be like this. You’re still half asleep. Sleep a bit more, okay? Be good….”

“I am awake. Stop blocking me! I’m going to wait for Lian Feng by the Palace gate. He isn’t back yet. I bet he wants me to wait for him by the gate. He’ll come back if I wait for him. I’m going…” Lin Shan’s voice became lighter and lighter. Finally, she broke down in tears. “You… stop blocking me… stop blocking me…I’m begging you….I’m begging you…” She couldn’t pretend any longer as she nearly fell down onto the ground. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.”