Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.

To my dear readers,

This chapter is very sad. (But don’t worry, we all know Lian Feng isn’t really dead..:P. He will come back eventually…but before then, lots of crazy things will happen).

Chapter 65

Currently, Du Hao was panicking inside Ming Yue Palace. The Imperial physician was taking Lin Shan’s pulse.

“Your Highness, please do not worry. Prince Consort fainted from shock, but he is alright. As long as he takes his medication and rest, he will wake up fine.” Then, the Imperial physician left the room with Xiao Lu to boil the medicine.

Du Hao went over to the bedside and saw Lin Shan’s pale face. Her eyes were tightly shut and her lips had no colour to it. His heart ached. At that moment, he was jealous. He was envious of Lian Feng’s past, his encounters, and even the fact he fell down into the river valley.

If I was the person who fell, would you be this upset?

He couldn’t help but stroke Lin Shan’s face with his fingers. Bitterness lingered around his heart.

At this moment, Lin Shan suddenly opened her eyes and calmly gazed at Du Hao.

“Lian Feng?” She whimpered. Her voice was light.

Du Hao didn’t shake his head, instead he grasped Lin Shan’s hand. Yet, she rejected him as she flung his hand away.

“You’re not Lian Feng…” Lin Shan started talking to herself, “Lian Feng went to get the antidote. He’s not back yet. The sky is already dark. What if he got lost? He has to go such a long way. He must be starving. I’m going to go prepare some food for him to eat.” Then, Lin Shan tried getting up from the bed as she swayed.

Her every sentence stabbed into him like needles. Du Hao held in the pain as he pressed Lin Shan down: “You just woke up. Don’t get up.”

“Don’t stop me. I need to peel some walnuts. Lian Feng likes to eat walnuts. He likes the little ones. He likes it when I peel it for him….”

It was as if Lin Shan had gone into her whole little world. Regardless of how Du Hao tried to stop her, she insisted on getting out of bed. She started overturning trunks and boxes for walnuts.

Huh? Where are the walnuts? Xiao Lu must have ate it all. I’m going to lecture her…”

“Song Luo, stop. Luo Luo!” Du Hao anxiously stopped Lin Shan from looking for Xiao Lu, “Don’t be like this. You’re still half asleep. Sleep a bit more, okay? Be good….”

“I am awake. Stop blocking me! I’m going to wait for Lian Feng by the Palace gate. He isn’t back yet. I bet he wants me to wait for him by the gate. He’ll come back if I wait for him. I’m going…” Lin Shan’s voice became lighter and lighter. Finally, she broke down in tears. “You… stop blocking me… stop blocking me…I’m begging you….I’m begging you…” She couldn’t pretend any longer as she nearly fell down onto the ground.

Du Hao tightly hugged her. He could feel her hopelessness from her tears. Every sound was ripping his heart apart. The woman he loved was crying for another man, yet the only thing he could do was to hold her close.

Lin Shan cried for a very long time. Her thoughts were an utter mess and her eyes looked lost. She sobbed as she scolded: “Lian Feng! On March 5th, I entered the Palace. You came to pick me up and threw me onto the horse. On March 18th, you couldn’t tell the difference between wine and aphrodisiac. I had to knock you out with a stick. Did you wanted to become a father? On March 20th, you got punished through beating; yet you said you were fine. If I didn’t help you apply medication, were you planning to die from pain?

On May 7th, you left me with a shitty horse. It wouldn’t listen to me and it looked down on me. Just like you! On June 15th, you secretly changed my clothes while I was unconscious. You pervert! You ate my tofu and then you ran. You thought I didn’t know? On July 6th, you took my jade pendant and said it was dowry… on September 16th, you promised me you will get the antidote. You said you will take me away once you get back. It has been 5 days, but you’re still not back yet. Are you a man? How can you not keep your word? Give me back my dowry…. give it back…..”

Lin Shan continued to weep and wail until she was so exhausted that she couldn’t speak anymore. Eventually, she passed out.

When the last sobbing sound disappeared, Du Hao breathed a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes. At that moment, he seemed to understand. Perhaps this woman had made the right choice…


By the time Lin Shan woke up,  Du Hao was gone.

Since they failed to get the antidote, the Emperor’s illness became more severe. As the Crown Prince, Du Hao had to constantly monitor his father’s condition as well as handle the Imperial Court. He had no choice but to leave Lin Shan for the time being.

“Master, you are awake?” Xiao Lu carried the medicine into the room. She noticed Lin Shan sitting straight on the bed. Xiao Lu was happy and quickly rushed towards her. However, the moment she got up close, she stopped.

Xiao Lu had never seen her Master looked like this before. Lin Shan’s eyes looked empty and hopeless. It was as if her spirit had been taken out of her. She was the total opposite of the usual lively Lin Shan. Xiao Lu was horrified as her hands started to tremble. She carefully called: “Master? Master? Master….”

After calling five or six times, Lin Shan finally had a reaction. She slowly turned towards her with an expressionless face.

That look caused Xiao Lu’s eyes to turn red. She could accept it if Lin Shan cried and screamed; even if Lin Shan said she wanted to die. But seeing her Master turn into a living corpse was too much. Xiao Lu’s heart ached and tears spilled out. She quickly rubbed her eyes with her sleeves as she presented the medicine to Lin Shan.

“Master, drink the medicine first.”

Lin Shan didn’t take the bowl of medicine from Xiao Lu. Her eyes fixedly stared at the thick substance in front of her.

Xiao Lu was afraid Lin Shan was turning insane so she quickly pressed: “Master? Master! Drink the medicine! Come on… drink it and it will all be fine….”

Xiao Lu pushed the thick medicine in front of Lin Shan and the sharp stench instantly went up her nose. Lin Shan lifted her head up and asked: “What type of medicine is this?”

Xiao Lu didn’t expect Lin Shan to react this way and immediately said: “This is what Sun Physician prescribed you. He said as long you drink it, you will be cured.”

Cured? Lin Shan pondered over the word. Then, she abruptly raised her head and said: “I’m not ill. I am not drinking it.”

Xiao Lu knew Lin Shan had suffered through shock and hadn’t recovered. Therefore, she was freaking out as she consoled: “Master, your servant knows the medication is bitter. But good medicine tastes bitter. Just drink it and sleep. When you get up, everything will be ok. Please drink it….”

“I’m not drinking it!” Lin Shan exclaimed as she furiously shook her head, “I don’t want to sleep either. I’m leaving the Palace.” Lin Shan was firm and decisive. She seemed very clear headed.

Xiao Lu was astonished. She looked at Lin Shan and saw that her spirit had returned. Lin Shan’s eyes revealed determination and certainty. She grabbed onto Xiao Lu’s hand and declared: “Xiao Lu, let’s leave the Palace to find Lian Feng!”

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19 thoughts on “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 65.”

  1. This was supposed to be heartbreaking but… I was laughing so hard! She just went ahead and mentioned the things that went on between her and Lian Feng. I chuckled when she even mentioned the other changed her clothes; Du Hao must have been so indignant. I’m glad, though, because he at last understood “she made the right choice”. And she didn’t even mention how the other guy has seen and held her naked body when she was bathing, or that they’ve ALMOST had premarital sex for that matter… He may not be the worst guy ever, but he needs to understand that deep love is not something you can just steal for yourself, and it cannot be forced.

    I’m glad this girl didn’t stay depressed forever though. I’m happy she chose to look for him herself rather than wait for others, who probably aren’t looking for him earnestly anyway, to do it. That’s our MC!

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