Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 56.

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Chapter 56

“It was obvious. Firstly, the knife the old man had was not sharp enough. Even if he wanted to, it wouldn’t be able to cut through a major artery. Therefore, he clearly didn’t plan to end your life. Secondly, they had dried meat hanging from above. Those two elders would not be able to bite through it. They have no teeth.

In addition, they have children’s shoes inside their house; so I have no doubt that there are children living with them. Based on my observations, I could tell they weren’t lying.”

After Lian Feng explained himself, Lin Shan couldn’t help but felt a great sense of pride in her man. While she was slow and senseless, Lian Feng had already noticed so many clues on his own. Could he be the legendary “skillful king”*? He was too adorable! At that moment, Lin Shan felt like she was floating.

Now that they have an idea of where to go, they could ignore a lot of other paths and focus on their targetted direction. In order to maximize their efforts of finding the Princess, Lian Feng decided to disband his group. He wanted his subordinates to contact others around the black forest to form small teams as they all head towards the same direction. As for him and Lin Shan, they will be the first to go in for the search with the help of Wu Ying.

Based on the old couple’s descriptions, Du Ming Yue left two to three days ago. However, since the terrain of the black forest was unusual and it was filled with numerous plants, Du Ming Yue most likely wouldn’t be too far off.

As expected, Lian Feng and Lin Shan found some clues after searching for a day. One of the clues was a torn piece of yellow fabric. The material obviously came from the Palace. Lin Shan was positive that Du Ming Yue was nearby.

But by the third day, they had less than a day remaining from the ten days they were initially given. If they could not find Du Ming Yue by noon tomorrow, they will have to retreat from the forest and report back to the Palace. Time was getting tight, and the hope that Lin Shan had was diminishing. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 56.”