Guess who is featured in an interesting podcast!? (me)

To my dear readers,

Last week, my ex neighbour Jack picked me up and we recorded an interesting podcast with his friend and co-host Gavin in his “studio” (his room). Haha.

I haven’t seen Jack since 2002. He was 9 at the time.

It’s crazy how time flew by and we recently reconnected through facebook because he was trying to promote his podcast. Ahahahahaha.

Anyhow, the podcast is super interesting so you should listen.

Here’s briefly what we talked about:

  • Gavin talked about procrastination and we talked about strategies that could/should help those who procrastinate a lot.
  • I mentioned how badly I procrastinate on my translations but I give myself a set deadline.
  • Jack is the ultimate procrastinator.
  • Gavin is the responsible one and usually avoids doing things last minute.
  • Jack talked about yellow fever and how it bugs him that so many Caucasian guys are stealing all the Asian girls.
  • I then asked Jack why he thinks this is the case. We go into a lot of details.
  • We talked about confidence and self improvement.
  • I gave an example of a date I personally had.
  • We also talked about the video in which a HK woman was slapping her boyfriend in public. She made him get on his knees… it was so pathetic.
  • We had a huge discussion why the guy actually took that from her.
  • We talked about mindset, and how much it could change a person. You have to believe you are capable. You have to have vision and see further than your current circumstances.
  • Jack and I both changed a lot from our childhood. He used to be extremely wimpy and I used to be extremely afraid of social interactions. We talked about how we overcame our past.
  • We talked about Asian values, pressures, and cultural differences.
  • We talked about how it seems like most Asian guys have a harder time dealing with rejection (and the causes/results of it).
  • We talked about the friendzone.
  • They asked me for tips and what I find attractive in a guy.
  • I talked about Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

Basically, that’s the brief summary. You have to listen to it if you really want the juicy details. It is over an hour long, so I understand if you do not have the patience to go through the whole thing. But we shared a lot of insight and wisdom!!!

You can listen to the episode here:

Thanks for having me, Jack & Gavin! It was a very interesting experience. Please check them out!

If you tend to be on the road a lot, you can listen to it while you’re driving or commuting. They are also on itunes . It is free to listen!! 😉

By the way, in the podcast, I made a minor mistake. I meant to say 100 instead of 10 (in Cantonese).


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I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

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