Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 41.

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Sorry for the delay. I’m not feeling too well again, so I have to take my time. Plus, the Chinese sentence structure is giving me a headache. Please forgive me if some of my sentences sound backwards at times.

The novel is going to start getting more serious, but it’s still good. Despite Lin Shan’s wish, she’s going to end up back in the Palace in a few chapters (stay tuned). Du Hao and Lin Shan are going to have some intimate scenes as well. & what’s going to happen with Du Ming Yue?? 😉

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Chapter 41

Lin Shan was silently yelling on the inside, but she didn’t dare to shout at Lian Feng. Although Lian Feng and Du Hao had different temperaments, they were still twins. When they were angry, both of them possessed an aura where no one dared to get near.

What’s there to be done? Apparently, when a man’s erection gets interrupted, his body could be in a disarray…if Lian Feng isn’t careful, perhaps he could practice the “Sunflower treasury*” without castrating!

Thinking of this, Lin Shan became more and more afraid of talking to Lian Feng. All she did was quicken her steps in order to catch up with him.

As for Lian Feng, he was indeed sexually frustrated. Any healthy man in his place would be upset if he had to stop midway. Also, Lian Feng was worried if he got near her again, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Therefore, he avoided any contact with Lin Shan and kept walking ahead.

After awhile, Lian Feng felt his logic slowly returning back to his body. Thus, he decided to slow down to wait for Lin Shan.

However, since Lian Feng was so much taller and bigger than Lin Shan, she was pretty much running and hopping in order to keep up with him. Lin Shan didn’t expect Lian Feng to suddenly stop like an emergency brake, and she crashed straight into him.

Nothing good can result from a tiny woman bumping into a strong man who had practiced martial arts for twenty years. Lin Shan felt as if she had crashed into a wall; her world spun and she saw stars. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 41.”