Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 45.

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Chapter 45

Lin Shan watched Du Hao stopped in front of a room. He pushed the door opened, and Lin Shan was welcomed by the warmth of a heater. The warmth embraced her frozen body and Lin Shan’s will to survive suddenly erupted.

Before Du Hao could say a word, she had already slipped into the room and huddled right beside the heater. Lin Shan heavenly sighed.

Mother! It’s freezing! Freezing, I tell you! What type of messed up weather is this? It’s supposed to be raining but it felt like I was being slapped by ice instead. It was trying to take my life!

As Lin Shan silently fumed, the room lit up. Du Hao came over and rudely threw a cloth on her head.

Lin Shan couldn’t see a thing and clumsily took the cloth off her head, only to see Du Hao changing in front of her without a care.

Du Hao looked like he was about to go to bed. He only had a black rope draped on his body. Once he took it off, his tan skin was exposed; along with all his scars.

Although Lin Shan had seen Du Hao change before, she still felt awkward. Lin Shan quickly pulled off her headband and covered her face with the cloth to dry her hair. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 45.”