Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 42.

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人 means person/people. So 女人 means woman. Now, you know how to write woman in Chinese. Write it five times so you will remember. 女人 女人 女人 女人 女人 (Chinese is almost all memorization, so practice makes perfect!!!!)

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Chapter 42

There is a saying that goes, “When you are placed in a field of danger, you will fight to live.” Lin Shan never thought she would ever be in this type of situation.

What Lian Feng said was true. In order for her to live freely, the best solution was to get rid of Song Luo once and for all. But the question was: How is it possible to trick others into thinking that Song Luo has died?

Just as the two of them were at wits’ end, Lin Shan thought of a person.

If there was one person that could help them, it would be Song Luo’s older brother, Lin Feng.

Song Lin Feng’s identity was not merely Song Residence’s eldest son. He was also the son in law of Yang Sui, one of the greatest general of this dynasty.

One of Yang Sui’s biggest regrets was that he didn’t have a son. Fortunately, his daughter Yang Bi Yuan found a good man.

Song Lin Feng was righteous and versatile. Yang Sui was extremely pleased with him and treated Lin Feng as if he were his son. He had assigned tens of thousands of troops under Lin Feng.

As long as Lin Feng was willing to help, making Song Luo disappear would be a much easier task.

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