Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 42.

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人 means person/people. So 女人 means woman. Now, you know how to write woman in Chinese. Write it five times so you will remember. 女人 女人 女人 女人 女人 (Chinese is almost all memorization, so practice makes perfect!!!!)

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Chapter 42

There is a saying that goes, “When you are placed in a field of danger, you will fight to live.” Lin Shan never thought she would ever be in this type of situation.

What Lian Feng said was true. In order for her to live freely, the best solution was to get rid of Song Luo once and for all. But the question was: How is it possible to trick others into thinking that Song Luo has died?

Just as the two of them were at wits’ end, Lin Shan thought of a person.

If there was one person that could help them, it would be Song Luo’s older brother, Lin Feng.

Song Lin Feng’s identity was not merely Song Residence’s eldest son. He was also the son in law of Yang Sui, one of the greatest general of this dynasty.

One of Yang Sui’s biggest regrets was that he didn’t have a son. Fortunately, his daughter Yang Bi Yuan found a good man.

Song Lin Feng was righteous and versatile. Yang Sui was extremely pleased with him and treated Lin Feng as if he were his son. He had assigned tens of thousands of troops under Lin Feng.

As long as Lin Feng was willing to help, making Song Luo disappear would be a much easier task.

In order for Lin Shan to resume her female identity as soon as possible, the two of them quickly returned back to soldier station. Once Lin Shan had settled down, Lian Feng headed back to the Capital in the middle of the night to find Lin Feng.


Currently, Song Lin Feng was worrying over his sister’s disappearance.

Thinking back, everyone was panicking when the Emperor ordered Lin Shan to marry the Princess. At the time, he was away on a business trip and couldn’t make it back to deal with the emergency.

Fortunately, his sister was sharp and somewhat lucky; she actually managed to live in the Palace for a couple of months without exposing herself.

However, ultimately, fire cannot be wrapped with paper. Eventually, Lin Shan will be exposed. Therefore, Lin Feng had secret plans to bring Lin Shan out of the Palace; but he never expected Lin Shan to be kidnapped during this crucial moment.

Now, not only was he worried about her safety, he was even more concerned that her cover had been blown.

The secret agents from the Palace were very well informed. If they were to discover something along the process of locating her, the consequences would be inconceivable. In order to minimize the chances of that happening, Lin Feng assembled some troops using locating Song Luo as the excuse. In reality, he was hoping to find Lin Shan before the secret agents does.

By now, nearly a month had gone by and his people have practically flipped the Capital upside down. Yet, there were still no news of Song Luo. His parents were ill from excessive worrying, and there were also no definite results from the Palace. Lin Feng was so desperate that he was on the verge of going to a fortune teller.

Just as it seemed like he had to resort to a fortune teller, his saviour arrived. Lin Feng immediately recognized the dagger that Lian Feng held in his hands. The dagger was something his sister had stolen the night she was injured.

Looks like that punk didn’t get eaten by wolves. Lin Feng sighed a breath of relief. However, his guard was still up.

“What is Lian Superior trying to say? I’m kind of confused.” Lin Feng pretended to be foolish.

Seeing Song Lin Feng’s reaction, Lian Feng wasn’t worried: “I can understand Song brother’s doubt. Allow me to show you something.” Then, he took out a letter.

The moment Song Lin Feng read the letter, his face was stiff. On the letter, it looked as if a crab had written on it; the words were all slanted and crooked. “Big brother. If you’re going to watch me die, then I’m going to tell sister in law that the make-up you bought her from Jiang Nan was actually the make-up I told Xiao Lu to buy from a street corner!”  Beside the letter, was a very ugly drawing of a tortoise.

“What do you think? This is her own handwriting.” Lian Feng asked.

Song Lin Feng’s mouth twitched: “…umm.. next time, tell her to draw better.”

“Actually, that was her third attempt….”

The two men looked at each other and sighed in unison.


While Lian Feng and Lin Feng were coming up with a plan, Lin Shan was freaking out at the soldier station.

She knew Lian Feng had gone to find her brother for help. But it had been two days and she hadn’t heard any news. Did he encounter some difficulties? Or perhaps, something bad??

Regardless of the era you’re from, it always feels long if you’re the person waiting. Plus, her ankle was injured. It was inconvenient for her to leave her tent. Thus, waiting was becoming more and more difficult to bear.

So, Lin Shan took a bunch of paper and started drawing tortoises in her tent…from morning until night. The newly deputy general Yang Xin was shocked and scared.

Ai ya! Could Lian Superior’s lover be a witch? Why was she drawing so many charms/symbols? Could the camp be haunted? Yang Xin was deathly afraid of ghosts and demons. Thus, he ordered the soldiers to light up many bonfires around the station. The dark campsite was now as bright as the day.

Drawing tortoises actually helped Lin Shan calm down. She hung her writing brush and climbed into bed.

He’ll probably be back after I wake up tomorrow, Lin Shan thought groggily. As she fell into a deep sleep, she had a dream.

In her dream, she was brought back to the hot spring incident. It was about to get hot and steamy when suddenly, Lian Feng’s face changed. He picked her up and threw her into the spring.

The sound of an object being thrown into the water could be heard, and Lin Shan was choking and coughing. She was surrounded by water, and it was very hot water, as if she was being burned…

Finally, she couldn’t help it anymore and she yelled, “Ah!”

Lin Shan sat up from the bed and the moment she opened her eyes, she saw flames shooting through the sky. There were all types of noises coming through her ears, and one of it was a person screaming at the top of his lungs: “Oh no! Everything has caught on fire!”

Poor Yang Xin. He wanted many bonfires because he thought it would strengthen his courage. He didn’t realize that the mountainous wind would be so strong. The fire caught onto one tent and quickly spread onto the others. In less than the time it took to burn an incense, all the tents have caught on fire.

Lin Shan originally thought she was dreaming. Now, she realized the heat wasn’t coming from the hot spring, but a real fire! She had never encountered something like this before, she was bewildered.

Lin Shan tried to hurried out of the tent with her sprained ankle, but the moment she lifted open the cloth, the fire violently surged up. The tent couldn’t handle it and started collapsing on her.

She managed to get out, but due to her injured ankle, she fell down.

The tent next to hers collapsed onto the tent she just ran out from. She was now surrounded by fire and she couldn’t move an inch. The air was getting thinner, and smoke kept getting into her throat; causing her to cough nonstop.

Right now, the tongue of the fire danced around her and the sound of death was approaching closer. Lin Shan was gradually losing consciousness.

“Lian Feng…. where are you? Lian Feng…..” She continuously cried out his name. She was not going to be able to hold on for much longer.

Right before Lin Shan’s eyes closed, she saw a figure coming out from the fire. Was it Lian Feng? Was he here to save her?

Then, she totally lost consciousness.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.LS can’t draw. So funny , both the LF shaking tehir heads. I have learnt a Chinese word today. Yay.

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  3. Hi gchan7127!!!!Thank you for this chapter! You know what, I tried to write that female Chinese character, and I did it! Hehehe! I know Chinese now, yay! Actually, I’m like Lin Shang, I have terrible writing or penmanship because I’m very lazy at writing. I will wait for my classmate to finish their notes and I just photocopy it. 🙂

    1. Yay!! I am so proud of you, Elephant Dreams!! Hehe, now you know how to read and write “female” and “woman”! Lol!! 女 and 女人! I am going to teach you how to write “male” and “man” in the next chapter! 😉

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