Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 44.

To my dear readers,

I’m so sorry. I have been so demotivated lately. I was having a semi mental breakdown and it has been very tough for me to keep going. I spoke to Amery and he was like, “Grace. You can do it. Just translate one line at a time.” I know it sounds ridiculous, but I wanted to cry when he said that.

Anyhow, the word I am teaching today is 我. 我 means I. In Chinese, “I, me, myself” is all the same. We use 我. Since this word is a bit more complicated, I’m only teaching one word today. Write it 5 times! 我 我 我 我 我. If you want to type it, download a Chinese pinyin keyboard and type in “wo”.

As for 女人 (woman), type in “nv ren”. It’s supposed to be nu with two dots at the top, but you will be able to get the same word with nv. 男人 (man) is “nan ren”. Try it!!

Chapter 44

After Lin Shan’s parents left, Lin Shan worked very hard to recuperate for three days straight. She had to be prepared to deal with Du Hao at any moment. From morning until night, she would think of many combat plans. After all, she had to be prepared in case Du Hao unleashed a sudden attack!

Oddly enough, Du Hao seemed to have vanished. There was totally no movement from his side. Instead, there was another person driving Lin Shan nuts; that person was the clueless Du Ming Yue.

Du Ming Yue’s love life experience was truly a tragedy.

Before she was three years old, her goal was to marry her father one day. However, she later found out that the Emperor wasn’t someone she could marry. Therefore, she decided to fall for her eldest brother, Du Ye.

She relied on Du Ye for everything; and whenever she got in trouble, he would back her up. This crush lasted until she was twelve. One day, her mother ruthlessly told her that she could never marry her brother.

Poor Du Ming Yue was broken hearted. Hence, she turned to the servant that served Du Ye. That relationship only lasted for three months. The servant had a mental breakdown and personally transferred to another department to become an eunuch.

Afterwards, Du Ming Yue found out eunuchs were not marriageable either. This was a severe blow to her, and she decided to stop falling in love.

But the year she turned sixteen, Du Ming Yue met Song Lin Feng, the eldest master from the Song family, and fell in love. Finally, she had met a suitable/normal match! Being the bashful teenager she was, it took her awhile to summon up the courage to confess. In the end, she gave her father a note, indicating her love interest.

Yet, she was one step too late. Song Lin Feng had married Yang Bi Yuan, and she somehow ended up with the second brother, Song Luo.

Instead of getting her ideal handsome manly man, she was now left with a feminine weakling. Du Ming Yue threw a fit and prepared a rope to commit suicide, but the Emperor’s words were final. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 44.”