Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 47.

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Chapter 47

Just as Lin Shan and Yang Yu Er both fell into the waters, at the Crown Prince’s residence, Du Hao was having a serious chat with Gu Zuo.

“Your subordinate has discovered that the slip of paper is a from a special type of paper that is only produced from the Palace. Therefore, most likely, it was sent from someone here.” Gu Zuo stated.

It was someone from the Palace? Du Hao narrowed his eyes: “What about the flying dagger?”

“The flying dagger is an ordinary item. It is not created from the Palace. However, if a person can thrust such an ordinary item straight into the tree, he must have very strong abilities. I’m afraid he is not an ordinary person.”

Ordinary person? If he was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t dare to be so unbridled in front of my eyes. Du Hao coolly laughed.

At this moment, he suddenly heard someone screaming from faraway.

“Let’s go take a look.” Du Hao said to Gu Zuo. The two of them left the Study one after another, and followed the sounds of the screaming towards the back garden.

It was currently the peak of the midsummer. The lotus pond from the back garden was filled with large pieces of lotus leaves. By the time Du Hao and Gu Zuo arrived, the lotus pond had already been surrounded by quite a number of servant girls. All of them rushed to one side the moment they saw Du Hao; their faces showed signs of fear.

Du Hao looked at the lotus pond and saw Yang Yu Er fluttering like a duck. He couldn’t help but crinkled his brows. Then, he looked at Gu Zuo: “You, go in.”

Poor Gu Zuo was stunned: “Your Highness, I… I do not know how to swim….”

“Are you implying that I should go in instead?” Du Hao narrowed his eyes. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 47.”